Selection Project Episode 3: Idoly Pride 2

One of my homies saw the connection between this show and Idly Pride so we can safely say this is a sequel of sorts except instead of some dude we have a weirdo panda mascot, which is better.

I could spam this entire post with Ao looking sexy in her tank tops but I’ll show restraint.

After the villa owner Sunny and girls introduced themselves they’re given their first assignment. They’d be split into three groups based on cards picked: Dancing, singing and band instruments.

Since most of the episode was about Suzune and Rena we’ll focus on them. Worry not as it looks like the other seven will get to show their stuff next time. Back to Suzune and Rena, basically Suzune wanted to get along but Rena’s a token “serious” character, seeing everyone as backstabbing raivarus and not worth getting chummy with, especially Suzune. Even when paired up with her and the assignment was to work together or risk elimination Rena still didn’t want to play ball making things difficult for her partner.

The goal for each group was to get a minimum of 100000 “Yell Points”, aka votes to qualify for the next round. To the shock of many despite not being in sync at all Team SuzuRen were already halfway there. There was a reason for that.

As mentioned in the last two episodes I mainly focused on the girls who caught my interest so I didn’t realize, despite the similarities, that Rena was Akari’s imouto until it’s brought up this episode. Upon learning this Suzune approached Rena to talk about it. Long flashback short Rena was proud of her Akari who despite being busy took time to cuddle her. However, in present day it looked like she’s frustrated because she’s getting “sympathy points” due to being the late Akari’s sister. What actually frustrated her was being unable to support Akari better when she’s alive. She knew very little about her struggles and couldn’t do anything to help. She wanted to win the Selection Project in hopes of being on top would help her finally understand Akari. Suzune in her part talked about how Akari saved her life with her passion and especially singing. Seeing how serious she was Rena down somewhat. The one condition she had for this team to work was for Suzune to always see her as her raivaru.

To test their power they scheduled a rial performance days before the deadline. Despite hardly seen practicing together their shared goal of achieving greatness through their love of Akari was enough to wow everyone with an excellent show. So good was it they already reached the 100000 Yell quota.

As for the other groups they’re far from safe. Weirdo Panda brought up a 1st round curse. Never in the history of the Selection Project Finals has every girl qualified to the 2nd round. The pressure was on. Looking forward to it.

I’m still bitter over the loss of SeiZu so as good as this episode was I’m more excited for the next one.

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12 Responses to Selection Project Episode 3: Idoly Pride 2

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Haven’t watched Idoly Pride, but it seems that people are making those comparisons.

    Suzune and Rena is an interesting pairing. While the OP and Rena’s reaction to seeing Suzune implies Suzune and Rena. Still, it’s interesting how Suzune manage to defrost Rena a little, mostly because of Akari. Of course, Suzune has that plot armor, hopefully so she will most likely make it to the end. Will be interesting if Rena and Suzune face each other in the final round, but we’ll see.

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  2. CJ Apple says:

    The poster on G*** A**** shows Rena x Suzune so we possibly go the rivals to girlfriends/lovers way.

    Really feels like Idoly Pride. Is it the same studio?

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  3. skydragonx8 says:

    I enjoyed the third episode, I am glad we got Rena’s past and why she is cold towards Suzune, we learn she is Akari’s little sister.

    Also Suzune and Rena have a connection which is Akari, Suzune idolized Akari and she is the reason for being an idol and is what kept her going in her treatments and such while Rena is Akari’s little sister and she wanted to support Akari when she was still alive.

    Also their duet was absolutely beautiful! I love the song so much though they were so close to high fiving but Rena ended up not doing it, but I am sure they will get along just fine in the near future!

    Also I do love that SuzuRena is being set up but I do still miss SeiZu.

    Good episode with great music, I can’t wait to see the next episode and see the other groups’ songs but I for sure don’t want to see anyone get eliminated but we shall see

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  4. cirno9fan says:

    Still being very enjoyable.
    Hmm….we’re a quarter through, but we still know so little about the other characters, and this is an anime original, getting rid of that much of the cast this early on seems very unlikely.
    Am sad that they completely sidestepped the legal loli type 😦 I’m not against a normal loli at all, but would have been so much better to have someone like a Broko. Oh well…

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  5. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    That song Suzume and Reina performed was earworm, can’t wait for the full version.

    Panda guy is clearly enjoying his job hamming it up , I like him a lot already!

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  6. CJ Apple says:

    Ao is a(nother) anime girl example why I love (dark skinned/tanned) tomboys (in anime) so much.


  7. Symphogal says:

    I said this too before the show is way too much like Idoly Prido both the main character is having medical issues and a famous sister that passed away. I guess since both shows are both published by Kadokawa there is no issue. But there isn’t much of a distinction here. But I am starting to see a differentiation since it is similar to an American idol or X factor sequence which is very fun, different and something we’ve never seen in idol shows. So I am loving it so far!

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  8. K says:

    I was a bit worried that Rena and Suzune weren’t gonna gel well but they blew past this round with flying colours. They did Akari proud with that performance.

    A curse where not everyone survives the first round, eh? Looks like Team Dance and Team Instruments will have to battle to see who survives this…or, you know, cause a history-making moment by breaking this curse. That would be the best outcome.

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  9. yurimylove says:

    haha that’ll teach her to high 5 a sworn rival


  10. Nick says:

    Even after letting this sit for a few days, I’m still not really sure how I feel about this show being so similar to Idoly Pride. I liked Idoly Pride and it was an enjoyable show to watch, and really there is nothing wrong with Selection Project, but man they’re playing this way too close to Idoly Pride. I don’t want to say lack of imagination, but couldn’t they come up with something a little more… original?

    Whatever the case, decent third ep.

    I really liked the performance, that was excellent. CG was on point!

    A bit of a long shot but if they threw a real curve ball and cut most of the cast out that would definitely shake things up, but I think these girls will be breaking this so call curse and all moving on to the next round.

    We’ll see how this plays out. Hopefully they have some surprises in store along the way, something to make things a little more interesting.


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