Pride of Orange Episode 2: Filming Time

When we last left our heroines they agreed to continue the Dream Monkeys hockey trials. Let’s see how their second lesson went.

We first followed Riko and Naomi. To sum up their relationship they played ice hockey from a young age. Naomi was more interested in becoming an ice skater but she wasn’t good at spin jumps. Later on we would learn Riko’s dad was a retired hockey player who currently coached at a college in Tokyo. Naomi liked playing hockey again but she wasn’t as enthusiastic about playing again as Riko. She wondered why Riko kept pushing for her to play too. Simple, she wanted to play with her again. When affection wasn’t enough Riko bribed her. First pair confirmed. Riko’s the semi-genki and Naomi the shy grouch.

Back to our main quartet as Manaka read up in preparation for the next hockey class, the next new lesson would be on speed, she remembered a Tokyo TV show film crew (two guys actually) were coming to record the family inn (I mistook Grandma being Mami’s but she’s actually Manaka and Ayaka’s) as part of a program about Kinugawa charms and specialties.

Naturally Mami and Kaoruko wanted in on the action as the four helped the guys in a Kinugawa tour montage. They asked the our if they could help again the next day but they had hockey practice. The guys thought it’d be cool so they called Coach Yoko to request permission to film the lessons for that week.

Suffice to say she accepted in a heartbeat. She’s so good.

After a brief biography of the Dream Monkeys legacy along with Coach Yoko hogging the spotlight for a bit (She did have her serious moments such as her dream of increasing the popularity of ice hockey in Japan, specifically to one day sell out the stadium) we got the exact same da-, I mean warmup stretches.

Most of the training was the same as last time with the new addition, as Manaka predicted, being a speed test. The girls had to skate from one goal post to the other as fast as they could. During the training we got small glimpses of Riko and Naomi’s skills. As mentioned earlier Riko’s dad was a retired player. It’s also revealed he used to be play for the Dream Monkeys men’s division.

Coach Yoko was so elated from all the good luck that came her way she confidently welcomed any misfortune because she’s like “Nothing can stop us!”

Throughout the episode everyone was pumped for the next lesson…except Mami who kept looking concerned. Near the end Manaka would get a call from Mami revealing she’d soon transfer schools. Oh and we briefly saw Yu again. Looks like she’s set to leave her old team too.

Some drama awaits next episode. Looking forward to it.

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7 Responses to Pride of Orange Episode 2: Filming Time

  1. skydragonx8 says:

    I enjoyed the episode, it was definitely cute seeing the girls in a kimono and helping out at the inn! Also Manaka is reminding me more and more of another orange haired leader from a different series (turns and looks at Chika) lol.

    Riko and Naomi’s relationship is cute and right now for sure they are my favorite pair. Definitely like their past together and how Riko wants to continue playing hockey again but ofc with Naomi!

    Coach Yoko is funny, I love how she instantly jumped on the offer and went all out on the dress up and make even though she really didn’t have to lol.

    As for the ending I am sure Manaka and co will figure something out with Mami and very interested with where Yu is and why she is leaving her team.

    Overall an enjoyable episode and I can’t wait for next week

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  2. Little Viktoria says:

    I want to steal Naomi ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cirno9fan says:

    Mami was no surprise, because the website and twitter account gave it away last week. I won’t say the details though. If anyone wants to know, they can just look at the site themselves.

    During the hockey segments, I can’t tell who is who…hopefully that gets easier as it goes on.

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    Yoko is being very sus with tthe look she has on her face. It’s obvious that she still wants her idol sports dream become a reality and Riko and Naomi seems very suspicious about it. I guess it’s only a matter of time until they find out eventually.

    Still, I wonder why Mami is moving away. I guess we’ll see soon.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    i see Coach Yoko is an ojou-sama at heart.


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