“Cotton Guardian Force – Saturn Tribute” Collector’s Edition Announced

Of all the recent Shoot-em Up games that caught my attention the one I unsurprisingly ended up enjoying most was the Cotton Reboot, which I reviewed HERE. 2021 is the 30th anniversary of the Cotton series. To commemorate this occasion three more Cotton games were recently made available on the PS Store and Nintendo eShop. Those being Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang and Guardian Force – Saturn Tribute. All three games are sold separately in the aforementioned stores but for readers who want to own a physical release that includes all three games in one package can do so in the upcoming Cotton Guardian Force – Saturn Tribute via Strictly Limited Games  in either standalone copies or the Collector’s Edition starting October 17th, 2021. Let us take a quick look at what is included in the CE.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Collector's Edition

As the name implies this collection features enhanced Sega Saturn ports of three games.

Cotton Boomerang & Cotton 2: Take on the mantle of Cotton or her rival Appli in Cotton Boomerang and Cotton 2, and fight through increasingly difficult stages in the dream-like world to retrieve the missing “Bluewater Willow” candy to Pumpkin Kingdom. Team up with your companions, Silk the fairy and Needle the hat, to fight against monsters and go on a challenging adventure. 

Think of Cotton Boomerang as “Cotton 2 EX Edition” with more content and remixed stages.

Guardian Force rounds out this tribute collection as a Shoot ’em Up known for its mix of innovative gunplay and movement.
While at first glance it seems like the odd one out in this collection, it’s part Success’ legacy that’s lead by the Cotton Series and definitely adds to their tribute to the Saturn.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Collector’s Edition contains:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4

  • Collector’s Edition Box with magnetic latch

  • Colourful Game Manual

  • Hardcover Art Book (A5)

  • Reversible Large Poster (A2)

  • 3x Arcade Flyers (A5)

  • All 3 Original Soundtracks

  • Exclusive Yunomi Cup

  • Cotton Tea Cup Figure

  • 10x Character Cards

  • Guardian Force Enamel Pin

  • 3x Marquee Stickers

  • Large sticker set

Currently the physical and Collector’s Edition are priced in Euros (CE goes for 69.99) over at the Strictly Limited Games page. Pre-orders open on October 17th, 2021 with an expected February 2022 shipping date. There are 2500 copies of the CE in stock. The interested can Bookmark the SLG page HERE to keep track of the pre-order day.

Besides Cotton Reboot and the Saturn Tribute games there are a few more game announcements planned to celebrate the 30th anniversary very soon. Stay tuned.

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