Aquatope of White Sand Episode 14: First Challenge

Fuuka being back slightly raised back my investment. Being forced to wait for some of the new characters to POSSIBLY become likable is a drag though.

Fuuka next door

As confirmed in the OP Fuuka’s Kukuru’s neighbor. She revealed it’s a surprise for Kukuru. She talked it over with grandpa and he helped give her a good word with Tingaara, thus she got a job. Kukuru’s kinda jelly when Fuuka told her she was given the job of attendant but it served as motivation to improve herself so one day she’d get moved there too and far away from the Assistant Director.

Speaking of that guy he had her work on setting up the aquarium tour. Naturally he provided no assistance whatsoever.

Fuuka studying for Chiyu's testMeanwhile to prove herself Chiyu had Fuuka take a test, memorize all the penguins’ names, mannerisms and relationships. As part of setting up the tour Kukuru wanted the guests to check out the penguins so she asked Chiyu to allow it. She refused. In her defense she believed it wasn’t safe for guests to interact with the penguins yet.

Kukuru glad Akari's enthusiasticAkari, one of the good coworkers, helped Kukuru practice giving tours. To Kukuru’s surprise Akari revealed she initially had no interest in aquariums and only applied there because it’s near her home. Thanks to Kukuru’s great tour she grew to like it more. She was very pleased with Akari’s enthusiasm.

Marina thumbs upThe second cool coworker, Marina, agreed to help sway Chiyu into giving Kukuru permission to include the penguin den in the tour. We also learned her Spanish sounding name wasn’t just because of her skin color. She spoke Japanese, English and Spanish. The latter two most likely a few phrases.

As for Eiji he’s still alright. He’s one of those “If you don’t annoy me we’re cool” kinda people though his metaphors and similes could use work. He did say he liked interacting with sea creatures more than people.

Kukuru and Akari giving a tourThanks to Kukuru’s help Fuuka passed the test. This along with Marina’s support was enough to convince Chiyu. The good news was Kukuru and Akari gave a family of four a great tour. The bad news was they were their only customers. The Assistant Director blamed Kukuru for not doing a better job promoting it.

Fuuka tells Kukuru why she came backAfter the ED we joined our heroines cooking. Kukuru said Fuuka inspired her to work harder and was grateful she’s there as her presence at Tingaara made it more tolerable. Kukuru said something like that earlier in the episode. Fuuka looked like she wanted to say something earlier but now it’s time. She revealed the main reason she came back was because of her. Progress!

This is why I have no problem with Fuuka being back already. Otherwise it would have been another episode of Kukuru trying to do her best but the same coworkers annoying her. Fuuka being there makes it more bearable for her.  Plus as mentioned before the main reason I’m watching the show is for their relationship. One thing I wonder is why have us believe for a moment Fuuka may not be back in the 2nd half? Only reason I can think of was because she left at the end of the 1st half.

Aquatoope 2nd Half Cover

Now that she’s back they replaced the old cover without her with this one.

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20 Responses to Aquatope of White Sand Episode 14: First Challenge

  1. CJ Apple says:

    Why don´t they live together in one appartement?

    They are/act like a married couple.

    Maybe it will happen sooner or later.

    Now I know again why penguins are my favorite animals.

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  2. monsta666 says:

    “One thing I wonder is why have us believe for a moment Fuuka may not be back in the 2nd half? ” – OG-Man

    They may have done it to keep the fan base sweating. Creators probably knew how popular the Kuhuru and Fuuka combo is and wanted to make us feel nervous. Got to admit, it did sorta work! 😛

    This episode was largely refreshing as all the doom and gloom that came with the closure of Gama Gama coupled with Kuhuru’s rough initiation started to wear me down. The introduction of Fuuka brought Kuhuru’s mojo back but more than it left me more upbeat and hopeful about the girl’s future. Suddenly the path to work doesn’t seem quite so daunting…

    Manager was an ass as usual but hey there is always some element of bs that comes with the job. I just hope next time Kuhuru will get more success and she will graduate from plankton to penguin! Let’s hope for some Kuhuru growth but more than that her relationship with Fuuka goes to the next level!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Probably. I know some who weren’t pleased by it.

      Precisely why I’m glad Fuuka’s back already.

      Yeah. Patiently waiting for Kukuru to shine in her current role so she can stick it to the jerk.

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  3. Ioni says:

    Nice episode, but with one problem :
    Where is Choko gama-gama’s bow tied penguin ?
    shouldn’t he have been transferred to Tingara ?

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  4. skydragonx8 says:

    I am absolutely so happy Fuuka is back and here to stay (there was no way they were gonna keep Fuuka out of the story for long!)

    I am also happy with Fuuka back we got back the upbeat Kukuru! She is gonna do her absolute best because of Fuuka!!! Also ahhhhh Fuuka is back also because of Kukuru!!! They are just so adorable!!! Just live together already you two lovebirds!!!

    Also I am so happy Fuuka passed the test and made Chiyu eat her words! Hoping Kukuru will get her time to shine as well and make the dang assistant manager eat his words, GO KUKURU!!!

    Also I love that they updated the key visual to bring back Fuuka and Rikyako made a tweet about it saying welcome back Fuuka!

    Overall I am just super happy Fuuka is back and is with Kukuru again, and I can’t wait for more!!!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Precisely. Her sooner than expected return is much appreciated though we know in the anime she’s gone for a long time.

      Yup. That was a very nice touch.

      I’m sure she’ll shut him up eventually.

      Same here. It’s better that way.

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  5. AirMasterHoney says:

    “One thing I wonder is why have us believe for a moment Fuuka may not be back in the 2nd half?”
    My guess would to help put us in Kukuru’s mindset. Have her be beaten down and then relieved to see Fuuka which results in the audience feel the same way.

    I’m fine with Fuuka coming back quickly, though I get the criticism of it. I think that had there been a mid season break then both sides would be pleased since then we would have been able to somewhat feel the 1 year timeskip and time Fuuka and Kukuru spent apart.

    This is what Xena Warrior Princess did between season 3 and 4 (yeah western live action, but still lesbians so close enough to yuri). Without spoiling (though I will say similar), an issue that is raised in the season 3 finale is resolved only a few episodes later in season 4. So binging the series makes it seem like it was wrapped up pretty fast, but when the show was originally airing there was gap of 5 months before season 4 started resulting in the issue lingering with the audience.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yeah. In the anime timeline the two didn’t reunite until after they both graduated high school while in real life their reunion took place in the next episode after Fuuka left. It is what it is. no big deal.

      Maybe postpone the 2nd half till Winter could have satisfied the people who thought their reunion was too soon.

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  6. chikorita157 says:

    I guess this is the reason Fuuka was missing from the poster. Fuuka really wants to make her return a surprise, although it’s obvious that she will return sooner. Still, it’s nice to see Kukuru’s reaction to seeing Fuuka being her neighbor, which is priceless and cute too.

    Still, it’s nice to see Fuuka ace the quiz. Not too surprising since she took care of penguins before. At least Fuuka is making Kukuru’s job tolerable despite her manager being an a-hole. Also, Marina at least is an enjoyable character in the sea of employees who are unlikable, besides the Gama Gama clique and Akari maybe.

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  7. yurimylove says:

    Very happy to see Fuuka re-enter Kukuru’s life as colleague and neighbour!
    I’m just as annoyed by the jerk bosses and coworkers as the next audience, but I’m fine with the writers including them in the story, because how else would we get some semi-realistic adult workplace settings in anime (since most anime are either school-based or in fantasy/isekai realms). Many workplaces in real life are not all sunshines, except maybe some small companies have all good people if one’s lucky enough to work there.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’m not against those coworkers being there at all because as you said there are jerks in real workplaces too. Doesn’t mean they aren’t annoying because we know they’re supposed to be.

      The important thing is Fuuka’s back and Kukuru feels more relieved with her there.

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  8. O. H. X-90 says:

    Kukuru has done a good marketing job, but man, that Assistant Director is a jackass!

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  9. Nick says:

    Too bad they weren’t living together. That last scene they were like a married couple cooking dinner together.

    I’m the opposite of you here, I’m just now warming up to Fuuka being back. I still enjoy seeing her here, but removing her from key visuals and making it look like she wasn’t coming back at all was a slightly strange move. I mean we all knew she was coming back at some point, no need to make it some big mystery.

    Good to see Kukuru making some progress in her new position. Still not the easiest place to be for her, but she’s making the most of it. Good girl!

    The back half of this show is proving to be very good, I’m really enjoying this new chapter for everyone.

    Looking forward to what’s in store next!

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  10. opaco1234 says:

    So, i think Kukuru bigger development this part will be abble to work with animals again while Fuuka make the penguin her biggest ally.

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