Aquatope of White Sand Episode 12: Temporary Farewell

We reached the halfway point folks. When the journey resumes around here depends on something important.

Karin announces her plan

Let’s not go into great detail as most of the episode is about the bittersweet end of Gama Gama so let’s instead highlight key points. First up was several of the younger employees announcing or considering applying for a job at Tingaara Aquarium. The most notable one being Kukuru herself, who was approached by the big cheese himself. Looks like all she did that one night was check out the Tingaara building. So the big guy was impressed with her running the ship and her knowledge of marine life thus offering a job there after graduating high school.

Kukuru and Fuuka at nightAfter the farewell party Kukuru clearly forced herself to encourage Fuuka to take the movie role. Fuuka thought “if that will make her happy” while clearly showing doubt.

Kukuru sees vision of her doppelganger againThe next day as Fuuka was set to leave grandma thanked her for being like a loving sister to Kukuru. When she said Kukuru mentioned imagining having an older sister grandma had a solemn look. Later Kukuru helped moving Gama Gama she felt the emptiness without her aqua buddies there. They were all moved to Tingaara. Suddenly she had another vision. This time of her familiar doppelganger who seemed to give her a loving farewell. Later as Kukuru told Fuuka and grandma about it granny confirmed the vision was most likely that or her unborn twin sister. Interesting time to bring it up there granny.

Fuuka comforts KukuruAs Fuuka got ready to board the plane Kukuru still pushed herself to wish her luck. Fuuka, knowing what it’s like for one’s dream to end couldn’t contain her worry any longer and rushed back to Kukuru, having a hunch she waited for her to leave to let out all the bottled up sadness. She was right. Fuuka promised to be “nee-chan” and swore to one day return. She also told Kukuru she wouldn’t take the movie offer. She would find a new dream to strive for. Kukuru said she’d take the offer to work at Tingaara and promised to become stronger to make everyone she cared for, including her vision sister, proud. Good stuff.

So back to what I referred to at the start. Unless Fuuka returns next episode I won’t cover more Aquatope till then. See, the only reason I stuck around was their relationship. While most of the side-characters are cool they weren’t why I picked this show up. Besides, I have no interest in discussing Kukuru’s initial hardships at Tingaara nor her bickering with Chiyu. We’ll see what happens once the 2nd half begins.

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14 Responses to Aquatope of White Sand Episode 12: Temporary Farewell

  1. monsta666 says:

    Yes I would like Fuuka to return ASAP as the coupling between her and Kukuru was awesome. Unlike you I can handle some separation. What do they say? Absence makes the heart grow fonder? So a bit of time away will make us (and and girls) appreciate each other more. Making it a win for all!

    Saying that if the wait is extended for too long then my knickers would be in a twist especially if Chiyu acts like a mega cow to Kukuru. I feel a timeskip is the best way for them to get together fast. The timeskip could also have the benefit of turning Chiyu into a more mature and dare I say it; likeablel character? Let us see what happens and hope for the best…

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  2. Nick says:

    Good end to the first half. Honestly felt like a final ep for the show entirely. Would’ve been a pretty opening ending but I don’t think I’d mind that.

    I’m sure they’ll meet up again. I’d be surprised if this really was goodbye for them.

    It’ll be a big change for Kukuru going to a new aquarium and having to learn how they operate things. I’m sure she’ll have her fair share of tough days ahead of her.

    Totally didn’t think about Chiyu being there, but now that you’ve mentioned it I’m sure she’ll show up and their fight will resume.

    All in all, I really liked this ep. Felt like a nice conclusion to the first half and a preview of what’s to come. Dreams may have ended, but new ones are about to start.

    Looking forward to what happens next!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Too many open ended conclusions over the years. Need a definitive one here.

      Yup. Kukuru will surely have some difficulty adjusting along with dealing with Chiyu.

      I’ll wait for Fuuka to return before resuming coverage.

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  3. skydragonx8 says:

    It was a beautiful end to the first half, I definitely cried a lot because I really fell in love with Gama Gama myself and the many characters in Okinawa and I loved the journey we took in this first half and I really wanted to see them succeed!

    Fuuka and Kukuru’s relatioship was the heart of everything ofc and ahhhhh I just loved it so much!!! They cared for each other and were there for each other to the very end!!! Please don’t separate them for too long please!!!

    Overall a good first half and I definitely am looking forward to seeing Kukuru’s post Gama Gama journey, but please don’t separate our favorite couple for too long please!!!

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  4. yurimylove says:

    sad but heart-warming airport farewell.

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  5. Fate says:

    She will definitely be in episode 14, not so sure about next episode.

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  6. chikorita157 says:

    It’s not too surprising to see Fuuka not do the movie offer given how much Kukuru is going through. The scene when she left the departure gate and hug Kukuru was a nice moment. Still, it’s obvious that Fuuka is going to come back and not put on the bus. Otherwise, she wouldn’t make that promise. It’s obvious she has to go back home to finish school and graduate since she is the same age as Kukuru, probably sooner than you think. I think someone pointed out that Fuuka’s name was on the name roll in the PV I believe.

    Still, I dread Chiyu, she come off too much as a Karen, but we’ll see if she redeems herself or act the same way.

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  7. Ioni says:

    The original title is “白い砂のアクアトープ , The two girls met in the ruins of damaged dream” so it’ill be weird if Fuuka doesn’t return.

    Also, P.A Works chose the yuri author Ren Sakuragi (Anemone is in Heat) to draw the manga adaptation, the first volume cover is clearly yuristyle, and we all know that aquariums are one of the yuriest location.


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