Kageki Shoujo Episode 12: Sources of Passion

An interesting semifinal episode.

Ayako and BoyDon’t worry. There’s a good reason I’m showing this.

So it was Ayako’s turn to try out for the role of Juliet. Like last time she had little confidence in herself despite her hidden talent. Also like last time she had a solid reason besides lacking confidence. In a flashback we met her and a guy she had a crush on. Again don’t worry. She hoped to use her family pastries to win brownie points with him.

Asuka YanoHowever, it turned out he had his eyes on a girl most guys liked and semi-jelly girls wondered what the big deal was about her, Asuka Yano. The interesting part was who Asuka stared at while Ayako’s group gossiped about her. Later Asuka rejected the guy and Ayako hoped this was her chance but alas she got shot down…or as sad kids today like to say, “friendzoned”.

Sawa Motivates AyakoBack in the present before their turn came up Ayako told Best Girl Sawa to not get too upset if she ended up not doing a good job. She’s about to tell the others the same but Sawa’s like “No need for that.” Ayako’s like “But I have no experience with love. I never had a boyfriend nor has any guy called me cute before”. Sawa countered “I never hated anyone before either but I’ll still give it my all to earn the role of Tybalt. All you have to do is remember your training. So chin up cutie pie! You got this!” Again Best Girl showing she didn’t need a backstory to improve her character because she’s already awesome.

Anyway the most important takeaway from their conversation wasn’t just Sawa’s encouraging words but Ayako recalling someone calling her cute before. It wasn’t until her turn to audition came up when she remembered.

Ayako with AsukaIt’s about fucking time we got one of these. This is a frickin’ Stage Girls anime. There had to have been AT LEAST ONE. Ai’s currently at “maybe” but Asuka definitely wanted Ayako’s taco and that’s exactly what motivated her to put on an excellent performance at the audition. Her biggest fan, that passionate teacher, couldn’t have been happier.

Black Swan SawaGuess the closest we got to hints of a Best Girl backstory was her being a prima ballerina and she played the Black Swan. Wonder if she had a yuri illusion too? Her Tybalt was obviously fantastic, motivated by her #1 giant raivaru.

Speaking of said giant…

Sarasa overheard a deep conversationI originally planned on typing a very long paragraph rant but instead I’ll keep it simple. This has “Have to, not want to” written all over it. If the Sarasa and Boy thing was irrelevant to me before, after the conversation Sarasa overheard between him and big bro it’s even less so. Let me put it this way, I’m not a fan of relationships based on dated traditions. I’m sure there will be defenders or sympathizers but as far as I’m concerned any kind of spark between them is long gone and I couldn’t give less Fs anymore.

Back in the present it’s Sarasa’s turn at bat for the role of Tybalt and there’s a surprise Romeo taking the stage, Phantom-Sensei himself.

First half was good, second was blah. I assume the next episode is the anime season finale so that will determine whether this show gets a G-View or Quickie.

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14 Responses to Kageki Shoujo Episode 12: Sources of Passion

  1. opaco1234 says:

    Yes, Ayako had experience with lilies, i feel story since is based on shoujo topics they hold a bunch of moderns theme since those girls could easily check about girl loves.
    Also, Sarasa part proof of how weak is that relationship based in obligation instead of chemistry

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  2. Mauron says:

    Ayako had two girls crushing on her in flashback days, but one went as far as asking her out.

    So Sarasa overheard guy and creepy talking, including about how creepy would help guy if he dated her. She decides to do him a favor, and starts the “totally actually a relationship.”

    btw, creepy is creepy.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully like Kaoru there’s a chance Ayako may see Asuka again someday.

      Yeah. It sucks.

      I admittedly thought Big Bro wasn’t too bad at first but as the show went on he got worse. Now he sucks too.

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  3. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    This episode solidified it, Ayako is my best girl, you go girl! Love your performance

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  4. drinkie1 says:

    I will admit i was surprised to find out that EMIYA-Sensei was going to play Romeo perhaps he wants to show off a bit i’m still waiting for Ai to confess to Sarasa and awaken her true feelings

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  5. Well, I feel like there’s a golden rule there has to be at least one gay girl in a shoujo show such as this, though I hadn’t expected Aya to be one half of a potential ship. I’m still holding on to the hope of Ai being officially gay as well, even if it’s not with Sarasa. Though tbh, they have more chemistry than Sarasa could ever have with her ‘boyfriend’, and she’s known her less time.

    It’s clear now more than ever that Sarasa is dating dude out of obligation and not love and honestly I don’t think he really loves her either. As I said before, this is a case of they did it just because it seemed like the natural thing to do, not because they truly wanted to.

    Also yeah, I was giving big bro a pass before too and thought he was just a little overbearing but meant well. But he’s honestly too creepy with his actions towards Sarasa now, so no more passes for him.

    Sawa really is the best girl for sure. She’s out there giving everyone pep talks lol. Her Tybalt was amazing too.

    I’m excited to see Sarasa’s Tybalt next week. I’m also going to hope for some breadcrumbs of her and Ai, though I won’t allow myself to expect anything.

    I really hope Aya will get to see Asuka again and answer her feelings properly this time. If we could get at least one canon yuri couple, I think we’d all be satisfied.

    Guess we’ll see how it goes next week. Looking forward to it.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Fingers crossed for an Ayako X Asuka reunion.

      Exactly. Not ONCE on the show did it feel like Sarasa and Boy had any spark or chemistry for that matter. Friends or siblings, sure but future spouses, pffft.

      Now Sarasa X Ai? It would be a crime if it didn’t happen even in the manga though we of course are talking about the anime.

      Sawa is love.

      Looking forward to Sarasa’s Tybalt. Very intrigued to see how far she’s come.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    Sarasa’s Tybalt will be original and great, because she’ll be channeling her newly awakened feelings for “Julia” (as personified by Ai). Well… an otaku can hope right ^_^;

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