Magia Record Episode 20: Uwaguca Crisis

The co-captains of Team Iroha and Team Meduka teamed up to free their brainwashed comrades. Easier said than done.

Sana and Felicia to the rescue

Their first battle went horribly. Fortunately IroYachi/YachiRoha’s baby girls arrived to help everyone make a tactical retreat.

Felicia upset at YachiyoFelicia hyped up her badass moms and it was a touching reunion but the mood changed when Yachiyo said she’d do everything to protect her babies, even at the cost of her life. Felicia was like “Damn it mom I don’t want anymore loved ones sacrificing their lives!”. Yachiyo stood her ground because bluntness and Felicia stormed off. Hopefully she’ll recover next episode.

Map of the castleAfter that Sana remembered Mifuyu’s letter to Yachiyo. It contained a map of Meguca Land along with a walkie-talkie origami bird. Yachiyo of course didn’t accept Mifuyu’s change of heart but she wanted to prove she changed by visiting someone she thought could have the answer to free Mami and Tsuruno.

Mitama acting toughThat person was Mitama. Over at her office Momoko asked her if she was sure Loli Dictator’s plan would save magical girls and she was like “I dunno. Probably?”. Obviously that wasn’t good enough. That’s when Mifuyu showed up asking “What about magical girls fused with Uwasa? Is there a way to free them?” Mitama held her neutral ground. Growing more agitated Momoko was like “Cut the neutral crap already!”. When Mitama pushed back saying “You don’t know a thing about me” Momoko was like “You’re right. I don’t. I don’t know anything about any of my homies because I’m afraid to find out what happens”. Mitama admitted she’s the same.

Mitama saw thingsMitama always wanted to become a magical girl who fought for truth, justice and donuts for everyone but when it became clear she wasn’t strong enough to fight Witches she settled on purifying Soul Gems. She’s like “The shit I saw yo. So much dark nasty shit. Some girls had it so bad my power wasn’t enough to purify them and all I could do was watch. Other times I was forced to freeze my heart because it was so painful to watch.

Momoko X MitamaMomoko was like “I’m sorry for being rough on you. I didn’t know. So, wanna be my girlfriend? I’ll help carry all your luggage”. She accepted and even gave our heroines the key to freeing Mami and Tsuruno. They had to sync up with them. HOWEVER, to truly free them the girl linking with them had to have a picture perfect visualization of their personality. If they got it wrong the results would be disastrous.


Oh and as another perk of dating Momoko she offered to put her sanity on the line by trying to purify Doppel Kaede.

Yachiyo vs Uwasa TsurunoRound 2. This time our heroines came prepared and knew how to approach their “glitched” homies. Everything seemed to go according to plan as they pinned down both girls. Yachiyo and Sayaka would link up with their respective homies. They both had an image of Tsuruno and Mami being cool and in control badasses. At least that’s how Yachiyo saw Tsuruno. Dunno if Sayaka knew what Meduka did about Mami.

Messed up TsurunoOh yeah. Yachiyo was WAY OFF. Sent shivers down my spine.

Good stuff as always. If I’m not mistaken the next episode will be the end of the 2nd cour and the final cour will resume near the end of 2021. Thus no G-View yet.

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9 Responses to Magia Record Episode 20: Uwaguca Crisis

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Once Yachiyo said “I know her best”, I just knew things were going on a bad path. Actually, once Felicia had her fight, that’s when it became obvious things were going bad.

    One more episode and then we get to wait for the next season….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Animation this ep was way better, such a joy to watch

    Seeing Tsuruno sprawled to the ground then rising up bloodied and bent was so creepy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. chikorita157 says:

    It seems that Yachiyo can’t break her habits, but hopefully Felicia will come back again. But it seems that Touka really going to the extremes to make her goals.

    Not too surprising to see Mifiyu going against the Magius. Of course, it’s interesting to learn more about Mitama. Yep, Momoko and Mitama are going to make a good pairing.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. K says:

    Yachiyo’s very willing to sacrifice herself to ensure her family’s safety. Felicia doesn’t like that, she wants everyone to make it out alive. In this world, however, a high survivability is non-existent. Heck, you could argue that Felicia’s absence could be detrimental to Yachiyo’s survival. In short, I hope she comes back soon.

    Gee, Mitama sure had a rough time. All the pain and suffering of various magical girls would have crushed her a long time ago if she didn’t shut her emotions down during her operations. Luckily for her, Momoko’s there to be her pillar of support now, so it’ll make her life better, if only a little. As a reward, it looks like Kaede’s comeback is gonna happen sooner rather than later(hopefully).

    Mifuyu’s really trying her best to show Yachiyo that her heel-face turn is real. I think she still needs more convincing.

    Well Yachiyo, from the looks of Tsuruno’s mangled body after that Connect, it seems like you don’t know her as well as you thought. This is so not good…Nice battling though.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. skydragonx8 says:

    I really loved seeing both Team Madoka and Team Iroha working together, I live for that!!! Also Mitama and Momoko!!! AHHHHH!!! YES YES YES!!!

    Finally that ending OMG!!! I wonder how this is gonna go with one more episode in this season and then the long wait (well 3 more months or so) for the last season.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    Mitama’s reveal was interesting and I’m so happy it led to Mitama x Momoko yuri pairing.

    Liked by 1 person

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