Aquatope of White Sand Episode 10: Seeking Magical Assistance

Kind of a Kai episode but not exactly. This won’t be a long post.

Kukuru asking Fortuneteller for help

The Gama Gama Aquarium closure deadline was approaching and Kukuru got desperate. She asked sexy fortuneteller for help who said it’s a bad idea to rush things, instead look for a reliable alternative. That’s when she remembered all the magical illusions she and a few others experienced. She suggested marketing the magic of the aquarium but Karin rightfully pointed out how unreliable it was as only a few experienced it.

Fuuka at a crossroadFuuka meanwhile had her own dilemma. As expected her idol stuff came up again. Last time Ruka called her. We learned the reason for the call was to inform her an up and coming producer wanted her to star in a movie. Basically they wanted her to come back despite her quitting. Throughout the episode Fuuka didn’t give a “yes” or “no” answer. Because of that everyone assumed it’s a done deal since she’s supposed to stay till the end of Summer Break. However, Fuuka herself didn’t know what to do next. She compared herself to Kukuru who fought hard to protect her dream while she accomplished quite a bit already yet didn’t find the answer she’s looking for. There’s still plenty of show to go so hopefully it’ll be a favorable answer for us.

Young Kukuru and KaiAs for Kai he noticed Kukuru’s suffering but couldn’t find the right time to comfort her. Even when he popped up at the right time to help Kukuru test the aquarium’s magic, only for said test to fail, did he not make a move. As expected the magic happened naturally as Kai discovered the second time he tested it by himself. The aquarium told him the obvious but he instead chose to wait a little longer. Probably after Fuuka left, or so he most likely hoped deep down.

Dramatic in the middle episode. Two more to go before the halftime.

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10 Responses to Aquatope of White Sand Episode 10: Seeking Magical Assistance

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Quite a somber episode. I wonder why Kukuru acted strangely after Fuuka revealed about what happened. I don’t think Fuuka will take the role, but I wondered why Kukuru acts strangely after she revealed this. It felt as if she became a bit distant from her.

    Still, I wonder why Kai hid that illusion, even if he experienced it. My guess is that he doesn’t want to upset her given her emotional state, but this only adds more questions on what will happen next.

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  2. Somebody says:

    I really enjoyed the first 6 episodes of this show but these past 4 have been getting progressively worse for me. It’s not just about how they have been pushing Kai so hard since the beach episode although it does play a role. It’s like they had to force themselves to stretch this show out to hit that 24 episode mark. I feel like they have been dragging their feet to get to whatever big twist is going to happen on episode 12. In the meantime it’s just stagnant with nothing happening. I really should of known better then watching more PA works but I decided from the start I would stick it out to at least episode 12. Hopefully something major happens and I can enjoy the show again.


  3. skydragonx8 says:

    Definitely a more calmer episode with a bit of feels to it, Kukuru and Fuuka having their first real problem in their friendship definitely had me going noooooo lol but yeah definitely really interesting to see that Fuuka is still split between her dream and what she has experienced in Okinawa as she still has those lingering feelings. Poor Kukuru, she really is doing her best, I really want her to succeed in saving Gama Gama

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  4. Nick says:

    I thought this would be a Kai ep too, but he was kinda not really there for the whole ep. Oh well.

    The drama continues as Kukuru tries to find a way to keep the aquarium open. I think the illusion thing was a good idea, but for it to actually happen the person is usually alone, at least most of the time they are. It’s not something that can be forced so really her plan wasn’t ever going to work as intended. Time is running out there, I wonder what last ditch effort Kukuru will come up with?

    I mentioned it in my live tweets, but Kukuru should take up boxing if the aquarium thing doesn’t work out. She’s always pounding Kai’s hands and looks to be pretty good at it.

    Wonder what will happen with Fuuka, if she’ll go back or if she’s staying. Tough call for her but I’m sure she’ll make the right choice.

    You put it nicely, sexy fortuneteller is sexy indeed.

    Almost half way through this now!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Kai is a background character in Kukuru’s story at this point.

      Hope our heroines patch things up. It may take a miracle to save Gama Gama at this rate.

      You know me and sexy older women between their late 30’s and mid 60’s.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    I learned today that you should offer fish to little girls when they’re upset.

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