Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 6: Dancing Princess

Last time we learned Chisato’s drive to excel but there’s more to it than she let on.

Kanon morning stretch

Before we get to her let’s go over what the others were up to. Sunny Passion invited them to practice. Keke’s heart was up for it but her body couldn’t keep up.

Summer Sunny PassionLater the pros showed them the stage they’d all perform at. Their school helped them set it up. Being from an island with a small population Sunny Passion became heroines of sorts motivated to represent their island home. Their words had an effect on Kanon.

Kanon and Yuna YogaLater as Kanon meditated Yuna surprised her and joined in. Kanon talked about Sunny Passion’s motivation to represent their island making her wonder if aspiring for a greater goal would boost her drive. She also somewhat envied Yuna and Mao for getting the support of their school while she had to jump through flaming hoops to get her team approved. Kanon said you didn’t need a grand motivation to become a school idol. Just wanting to perform was more than enough. Kanon thought about Chisato and her leaving the team to focus on her dance competition. Yuna had a hunch there’s more to Chisato leaving than the competition.

More Sumire and Keke comedyNot much to add to Keke and Sumire’s bickering. Viewers who loved their antics last episode got more of it here. Very nice. The only new thing we learned was Sumire’s a good cook, much to Keke’s shock. At least she had an edge over her in technology.

Kanon and Chisato phone callThat night the girls got a great view of the moon. Kanon wanted to send a photo to Chisato but she beat her to it. She called to check in on her. Both had something important they wanted to tell each other but were like “After the tournament/show”. Kanon couldn’t hold it in and asked Yuna a favor.

Preview of Ren's cute sideAs readers can tell Ren practiced ballet.

Now we can focus on Chisato. Her head wasn’t entirely into dance practice since leaving the group. To her surprise she got someone to talk about it in Ren. During their conversations we got a preview of Ren’s soft side we’ll surely see more of once she joins the team later on or perhaps as soon as the next episode. At one point Chisato bumped into her backpack and Ren got a peek at the document we got a glimpse of last time. It wasn’t a withdrawal from the competition like I thought but a class transfer. Ren denied having seen it the first time but couldn’t get it out of her mind. In their second meeting she cutely tried to learn more about it but didn’t dare ask until Chisato finally had her.

Young Kanon protects ChisatoThe gist of it was Chisato did want to become a dancer so she could be as good at something as Kanon was at singing. That’s only half of it. Back in the day Chisato used to be really shy and got bullied, both passively and directly. Kanon was the one who protected her. From that day Chisato swore to become strong so she could not only help Kanon but to stand by her side as an equal. She revealed the reason she didn’t officially join the team was because she didn’t deem herself worthy. Not unless she won the competition. So determined was she that if she lost she considered transferring schools. Until then she’d become strong by herself without relying on Kanon.

In short it was all for Kanon.

Kanon came to support ChisatoBefore the start of the competition Kanon surprised Chisato. She had a feeling something was wrong and asked Yuna to help her return to the mainland for a bit. Sweet emotional moment short Chisato realized she’d already been of great help to Kanon all this time. It was Chisato’s determination to grow strong that pushed Kanon to get better at singing. Chisato thought she’s weak for relying on Kanon’s support even before the competition but Kanon was like “Your support pushed me forward all this time. We got each other’s back”.

Chisato joined the teamThus after the competition Chisato sent the letter to the director to transfer from dance class to music class (I think) to help her contribute to her team.

Potential Liella logoNot sure if this will be the future Liella logo but looks nice.

Great stuff as always. Next time looks like Sumire will run for president against Ren.

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20 Responses to Love Live! Superstar!! Episode 6: Dancing Princess

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    Kanon just happened to choose the spot with a mural of lilies to call Chisato… ^^

    I’m guessing that since it’s Love Live, Ren is going to have many opportunities to join the tangle of ships, and I assume that every girl somewhat wants the Canon/Kanon ending just because… but I have to say that I really love Kanon x Chisato and Sumire x Keke. I can so imagine Sumire and Keke’s skirmishes turning into a passionate kissing session ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Should have expected you to notice that small detail. Sasuga.

      Personally getting tired of shipping girls who argue with each other all the time but it is what it is.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Little Viktoria says:

        Haha ^^ Well, I always prefer tenderness over bickering, but here it’s starting to look somewhat less like rivalry and more like they want to impress each other… or maybe Sumire just wanted Keke to have a really nice meal ^^ She even told everyone that they cooked it together. It’s a bit like a wife telling her wife “aww, you’re being so silly again, let me do it for you”.

        Besides, rivalry and initial dislike gave us Riko’s love for Kanna ^^

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nick says:

    Keke and Sumire are such a chaotic couple. Love watching their antics.

    Great to see Chisato get some love this week. She’s a good girl.

    Ren looks like she might be softening up to school idols. Although I’m sure she’ll still put up some resistance before finally joining them.

    Fantastic performance at the end. Super bright too.

    Excited for the next ep!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. skydragonx8 says:

    Another great episode!

    Super happy Chii-chan got her time to shine and I am so happy she won and is now with the group!!! The new song is absolutely catchy and I love it!!! Also lol Keke and Sumire being the baka duo again is just great and makes me laugh so much! Also Ren slowly opening up is nice for sure, next episode is definitely gonna be her time to shine!

    Excited for the next ep!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. tbiscut74 says:

    Another good episode!

    Ren showing her cute side is a treat.

    Looking forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mauron says:

    I have to join the crowd thinking Sumire x Keke is a Galaxy-class starship. Not always a fan of enemies/rivals/dislikers turned lovers, but a certain amount of disagreement works like a charm, almost as much as the serious girl with her baka genki girlfriend.

    Some might ask how Kanon made a previously overnight-by-boat journey in just a few hours, but obviously the answer is she has super speed and carried Chisato back bridal-style.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice to learn more about Chisato’s past. Still, it’s not too surprising how she wants to prove her dancing abilities before she joined. Still, I find it funny how Ren becomes worried about Chisato. I am wondering if she is finally defrosting. It’s only a matter of time until she joins them, I guess.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. K says:

    It’s quite admirable to see the lengths Chisato was willing to go to prove she was worthy of Kanon’s friendship. However, she didn’t realize that her determination to improve herself was what kept Kanon going. A burden she was not. I honestly think that she would’ve lost that competition if Kanon hadn’t said what she did.

    It was nice seeing Ren’s softer side and how she awkwardly tried to talk to Chisato was funny.

    Sumire and Keke’s antics were funny. Also, Sumire seemed supportive of Keke even if she didn’t really show it, I think.

    Yuna’s right, you don’t need grand motivations to be a School Idol. I would add that you don’t even need to compete in Love Live, like what happened in Nijigasaki.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. opaco1234 says:

    Well, is a tradiction to Love Live that the leader had two girls she is more bonded and at last one need to be her childhood friend

    Liked by 2 people

  9. yurimylove says:

    It’s a great episode! Has loli flashback, comedy, romantic phone call, and hand-holding. Also the animation is incredibly smooth and consistent, amazing quality.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Sister Princess was meant to be about lesbian sisters.


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