Magia Record Episode 19: Storming Meguca Land

Things ramped up even more than the last episode if that’s possible.

Kuroe haunted by her past

The good news was Kuroe didn’t have to sacrifice herself as she held her own against Magius security. The bad news was the Doppel power messing with her head. Kuroe mentioned how her weakness brought her suffering before. Maybe we’ll get a bigger picture soon.

Cool magical girlI assume the magical girls shown during the battle in Meguca Land were 1-3 Star pulls from the mobile game. I liked this design the most.

Mifuyu confronted by Doppel TsurunoSana and Felicia were able to convince Mifuyu to help them leave Magius, showing her there can be a second chance. She wanted to at least get Tsuruno out of there too before joining. She first tried to reason with Loli Dictator but no go. Nemu had her own goal so she couldn’t do much. Tsuruno sadly became a Magius puppet so she’d need an extra hard whacking but Mifuyu wasn’t ready. She’s beaten and transported somewhere else where the fan favorite nihilist for reasons I don’t care to know threw her a Grief Seed out of pity as she just wanted to see the chaos unfold. She felt indifferent toward other meguca.

Yachiyo meets up with Team MadokaWe knew this would happen sooner or later. Yachiyo made her own path to the castle when she ran into Team Meduka. Sayaka recognized her from their encounter in the first cour. Yachiyo caught them up to speed on the situation and they told her about their mission to rescue Mami, knowing full well they’d have to fight her. While hitching a ride on a train Yachiyo called her wife but low batteries cut their time short.

Homura worried about MadokaAs they drove closer they talked about the impending approach of Walpurgisnacht. Meduka hoped there would be a magical girl strong enough to bring change and avert disaster. However, Homura, recalling the all too familiar past experience, was understandably worried yet still hoped this time could be different.

Iroha and KyoukoAs that was happening Iroha ran into Kyouko. As usual Kyouko tried to act like a lone wolf and said she followed her own path but seeing how determined Iroha was to get to the Magius heads on her own Kyouko once again couldn’t leave her alone and lent a hand.

Iroha's sync weapon with KyoukoIroha was also remembered that becoming strong didn’t mean not relying on anyone. Her sync weapon with Kyouko was rad. She tried to trick the Wings of Magius into opening the front gate for Yachiyo and Team Meduka but the lieutenant wasn’t easily fooled. Thanks to Kyouko she just blasted it.

Iroha and Kyouko high fiveNoice.

Iroha and Yachiyo together again

IroYachi/YachiRoha are so precious this simple hug made my heart flutter. So the leaders of Team Iroha and most of Team Meduka were ready to storm the castle but the Magius had a surprise for them. Two brainwashed comrades.

Pumped for next time.

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11 Responses to Magia Record Episode 19: Storming Meguca Land

  1. Gregory Tyler McKenna says:

    Did you see the after-credits?

    The subs I watched didn’t seem to translate the last line from them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chikorita157 says:

    Yep, it’s nice to see that Mifuyu is finally starting to see the light. Obviously, Touka is not going to be happy to see one of the top Magius members to betray them. I guess it’s up to Iroha and Yachiyo to save Tsuruno along with Mami now that Madoka and her friends are there to help.

    Still, nice to see Kyoko eating something. I guess it won’t be Kyoko when she is not seen in screen eating some food.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. skydragonx8 says:

    Definitely was a crazy episode this week

    Seeing Iroha hug Yachiyo made me happy! Also yay Kyoko is together with the band again! It is up to Iroha and Team Madoka now to save the day! Excited!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Animation-wise this ep took a downturn (the time stop sequence especially), but I’m hoping it’s just so they can save all the good stuff for the climax.

    Things really are ramping up now that the OG met with Iroha and Yachiyo!

    Also I like Alina because she’s a Jojo lmao

    Liked by 1 person

  5. K says:

    What a cool raid this was!

    Mifuyu was able to move forward if only a little and she gets an A for effort for trying to save Tsuruno all by herself. Don’t give up!

    Yachiyo hanging with the OG team was pretty nice.

    Kyouko acts as if these things don’t concern her but her actions prove otherwise, something we all know too well. Her and Iroha’s combined attack was very cool and the perfect weapon to destroy an impenetrable gate. Their high-five was cute.

    So, Madoka and Iroha finally meet and their teams now stand united to save their friends. I wish them good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    Love the tsundere high five and Iroha x Yachiyo hug.

    Liked by 1 person

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