Winter Wolves and Hanako Games 2021 Games

There are not many new yuri VNs and titles I am aware of coming this Fall that I have not already mentioned. If so I’ll add them to another post. This one will focus on Winter Wolves games (Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel and Volleyball Heaven among others) and a Hanako Games (A Little Lily Princess and Black Closet among others) title.

First up is their latest available game, At Your Feet. It is a yuri story about a lovely woman of Latin-American descent who openly loves women. As the name implies though there is one catch, she LOVES women’s feet.

Learn more and if interested purchase the game on Steam. and (18+ Warning). Also available on Winter Wolves’ Homepage.

PS: Thank you for creating the perfect woman in Victoria.

Next is a Winter 2021-early 2022 Title, Summer in Trigue. The story of a woman working a lame job who only had one comfort, her relationship with her girlfriend. However, one day she found the woman she loved in an unexpected predicament. Furious she went on a planned couples’ vacation alone to the island of Trigue, only to find herself under the guidance of several gorgeous ladies. Problem was whether any of them could be trusted. Plus what about her “ex”?

Currently there is only a Steam page for the interested to add the game to their Wishlists but expect an page as the release date approaches.

Third is a Kickstarter title, Love Notes. Set in the same world as Love Bites with cameo appearances but they are different stories so no knowledge of playing the previous game is required.

Like Love Bites, Love Notes’ two protagonists, Rachel and Jesse, are bisexual, meaning they can romance either one of four love interests, two guys and two gals. There is a third female love interest as a stretch goal.

Plot Summary: Waking up in an abandoned building, you have no memory of what transpired the night before. Adding to this mystery, you find your band is in shambles as most members split or leave.

Set in the same world as Love Bites, Love Notes lets you play as Rachel or Jesse, two musicians of the band Spectral Howl.

As time passes, they’ll start to feel strange, their bodies changing into something different after their night of amnesia. Long teeth, unnatural thirst, and a sluggishness during the day. Someone did this to them. But who, and why?

Try to put the band together again and at same time, solve the mystery of what happened that night, and who are they are changing into.

The interested can learn more about Love Notes by visiting the KS page HERE and possibly help fund the game.

On to the aforementioned Hanako Games title now available for purchase. It’s one I promoted before, Cute Bite.

For a vampire’s loyal servant, a human kept alive beyond a natural lifespan by the power and magic of vampire blood, life is a matter of simple obedience… until misfortune befalls the vampire lord. To preserve your existence, you must awaken a new vampire mistress and re-establish the blood bond.

Unfortunately, during those long years asleep in a coffin, your vampire mistress shrank to child-size form! She has no memories, no magic, and a tendency to bite anything she can lay her hands on. In this condition, she won’t be able to perform the blood bond!

Can you help her to regain her full power before your time runs out?

Your choices will shape the vampire’s personality and determine the future that you share… if you live that long.

  • Stat-raising gameplay. Balance the vampire’s schedule to train skills and earn gold.
  • Hunt targets to feed on in RPG minigame
  • Unlock advanced jobs and activities as skills increase
  • Interact with characters to learn their backstories
  • Uncover the secrets of the vampire’s origins
  • Restore your mistress to her adult form
  • Over twenty different endings to collect

The interested can purchase the game on Steam.

That is all for now.

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