Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Episode 7: Among the Huumanns

This felt like a continuation of the last episode. More side-characters getting the spotlight.

We joined Lucoa meeting up with Fafnir. He had a favor to ask. He wanted to write and publish a doujinshi for an upcoming exhibition. The reasons were two-fold. First was he wanted to write a story so good it would become his treasure. Think Smaug but less greedy or dangerous in the human world. Plus it was a suggestion by his boy Bobby. The second reason was why he needed Lucoa’s help. His felt his first story didn’t sell because there were no pictures so he switched over to manga. She agreed but had some issues when he told her what the story’s about.

As we can see it’s how casual viewers see her relationship with Shouta the shota. This drawing after he had her pull off some crazy poses. She took it well. On the bright side Fafnir appreciated her help in his own way. When Bobby said he’d participate in the exhibition too Lucoa also wanted in on the action. Her pitch?

A book of her cosplay photos, aka a collector’s item for people of culture. Meanwhile Fafnir’s manga sold as well as one would expect. Shouta the Shota got a sneak peek at both titles. His reaction was also expected.

While Parts A and C focused on side-characters Part B was a Tohru segment. She eagerly awaited Miss Kobayashi’s awakening as always. She panicked from oversleeping but it’s a day off so no worries. She then asked Tohru about her sleeping habits. As viewers were treated to some cute tail expression action she basically said only during the Winter season. Other than that she rarely slept. Were she to fall asleep it would be so deep only a catastrophe could wake her. Kanna and Ilulu meanwhile slept whenever they wanted. They often slept close to Miss Kobayashi because they yearned for parental bliss they didn’t receive from their own parents. Tohru was ready to spend the day with her beloved but she preferred sleeping in, much to her disappointment.

She decided to go shopping and ran into Elma. After their usual banter they discussed sleeping schedules. Elma adapted the human tradition of sleeping at night but didn’t understand why they did so. Meanwhile Tohru was bored but claimed to enjoy the boredom because it meant not fighting all the time. The tone of her voice clearly said otherwise but she obviously wouldn’t admit it to Elma.

Later that night Tohru looked on as most people were asleep. Part of her liked the peaceful sight but another felt lonely. Luckily Miss Kobayashi woke up from sleeping most of the day. They continued their discussion on human sleeping habits. The simplest to accept explanation for Tohru was the reason people slept at night was it being agreed upon long ago. For health reasons people need sleep. Tohru wondered if adapting to sleeping at night was part of adapting to human life. She’s rewarded for sleeping so for now it’s alright.

Once again the main event had starred the best favorite couple of the show. So the kids had a newspaper group assignment where they had to do research on a topic. Our heroines’ group went with investigating a ghost sighting. Kanna thought it would be related to the ancient Iomante bear sacrifice ritual (that was thankfully abolished). Anyway Kanna wanted in and Riko, who was afraid of ghosts, begrudgingly joined too for her sweetie.

Cute selfie.

En route to the ghost site the boys in the group kept getting sidetracked by playing games. At first Riko was annoyed by them but each time the game favored her in some way. The first one was a stepping game. The winner would get to lead the group. Kanna won. Her first order was for Riko to give her a hug.

One of the best things about this season was Riko no longer ashamed to openly proclaim her love for Kanna at every opportunity. She didn’t care what others thought, for Kanna she’d go ham all day every day.

On to the next game. Torn shoe football. Again Riko wanted to focus on the assignment but the boys were like “Losers must admit who was their crush”. Riko thought it was pointless for the reason I mentioned above but the boy was like “Don’t you want to hear what Kanna would say?”

Game on.

Riko tried to sabotage her team but one of her teammates was Kanna so no luck.

To be honest there’s little reason to reveal what they found when they reached their destination. I’ll leave that for viewers to find out themselves. The important thing was Kanna too was asked what she thought about humans. She loved them. We know which two were her favorites.

Good stuff as always.

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6 Responses to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S Episode 7: Among the Huumanns

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic Episode!

    The first part was funny.

    Elma looking cute in her casual clothes.

    There’s another very important reason for sleep Tohru. You get to cuddle with your sweet heart!

    And here we were thinking we weren’t getting any Kanna x Riko this episode, and look it here, more Kanna x Riko greatness!

    That vision Riko had was no delusion, it was a scene from their future! They are destined to be wives after all!💕👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

    Can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. chikorita157 says:

    Yep, Shouta is going to be Shouta as always. Not too surprising how Lucoa’s book sold out. But I find it funny how Tohru and Elma still don’t get along after all these years, especially when Tohru calls Elma a pig.

    But yes, it’s nice to see more Kanna and Riko. Yep, Riko went there with imagining herself marrying Kanna. Still, I think if Kanna lost, we know what the answer will be, maybe.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    poor Fafnir, nobody cares for his “treasure”

    Liked by 2 people

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