OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos ~Love or Die~ Review

While I was aware of the Drama CDs this sequel took me by surprise. When I learned of its existence the day of release was but a month or so away. Now with the Visual Novel available for most to purchase is the continuation of Akuru and Ren’s romantic comedy life worth experiencing? Let us find out as we take a look at OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos ~Love or Die~, aka OshiRabu 2, developed by Sukera Somero.

Review of the first OshiRabu HERE.

Oshirabu 2 Cover

Genres: Age Gap, Comedy, Office Lady, Otaku, Romance, Visual Novel, Yuri

Themes: Gay Marriage

Length: 4 hours (Give or take). 5 hours with the 18+ Extra Story DLC.

G-Rating: Good

Plot Summary: One year after getting together Akuru and Ren lived life as usual with Akuru pining over her favorite bishonen mobile game husbando while Ren, still loving Akuru with all her heart, tolerated it. One day as Ren worked on her future goals post-graduation Akuru noticed #1 was “Marry Akuru!”. Akuru had no desire of marrying…until an old friend of Ren’s offered to assist her with certain needs. How will Akuru respond to this challenge? What about her beloved 2D husbandos!?

OshiRabu 2 CGLike last time the CGs and character designs remain excellent.

Let us begin with the presentation as it is the quickest to go over. The CG, background and character art are the same as the first game, meaning of excellent quality and the soundtrack is for the most part the same with only one new background tune alongside the great new OP and ED.

OshiRabu 2 seeks to answer a simple question: What would a devoted otaku/nerd/geek/super fan of something considered “nerdy or geeky” by the masses do if the time ever came to tie the knot with their significant other? Specifically people who do this as a hobby and not an Internet content creator job for example. Did this game take the (I assume) controversial “40 Year Old Virgin” route or go in a different direction? It is an interesting look in the life of Akuru, a diehard fan of her favorite series and husbando, who at the same time loves her girlfriend Ren very much despite not always showing it. Her concerns are valid and actions taken, some depending on the choices made, are reasonable. Whether they lead to the happy end she imagined is for “plreaders” (play-read) to see for themselves. Ren meanwhile may be seen as Akuru’s bubbly gyaru girlfriend who is head over heels for her older sweetheart but to the surprise of few she puts as much thought into things as Akuru with equally reasonable desires and concerns. The two have some things to work out and as mentioned I leave it to “plreaders” to find out if their newest journey ends with the two saying their vows or something else.

OshiRabu 2 CG 2Meanwhile we have the two other key players in the story. Shino, Akuru’s short but “powerful” best friend who takes a keen interest in the latest development of her bestie’s fascinating life while showing an equal amount of curiosity for the new lady on the block. Let us go over her thoughts on the development of the former. As a fellow otaku Shino also goes through relatable development, getting a bit more spotlight this time around. Then there is Aira, Ren’s old friend. Without giving away too much her interest in assisting Ren goes further than helping prepare a possible wedding. There is more to her than her prim and proper ladylike beauty and mannerisms. Oh yes indeed.

Like the first game expect amusing shenanigans from everyone involved along with some drama near the climax and in between.

The gameplay is standard VN fare with two choice options. This time there are two main endings. Without spoiling anything Ending B may be shorter than Ending A but it nicely fills in gaps despite going in a slightly different direction. Think of it as the “blank filling” ending.

As for the 18+ DLC, while the development is not as integral to the plot as the last DLC it still delivers some nice character progression along with the expected quality steamy goodness though this time there is a little extra yum in the main story too for readers who purchased it or the full version on certain sites.

The reason I kept this review shorter than the first one was because it is a simple sequel to talk about. Most of what I said about the first game can be applied here. Also it is a bit shorter. Readers who liked the first game will definitely enjoy the second. The presentation is the same, meaning as good as last time. The main and secondary characters are still wonderful, Aira is a great addition to the cast and our main couple’s development is as lovely as last time. The 18+ content is as spicy as before too.

Should there be a third game there is only one life development left to face. As this is a story that briefly but openly acknowledges lesbian relationships readers who enjoyed the game can guess what I am alluding to.

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  1. qorl says:

    “one life development left to face”
    Sc…science babies? Akuru imagined it in the first one…


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