Magia Record Episode 14: New Timeline, Similar Meguca

It’s technically Season 2, Episode 1 but the main story continued right where S1 left off so, yeah.

We joined two very familiar faces who most likely made OG fans lose their minds while I was like “Oh. It’s them. Cool”.

It appeared Homura in this timeline had yet to become the twisted lesbian icon of the OG series. Meduka wasn’t exactly a pacifist either. They went up against Mega Mama Spider Amrs Witch that hatched lots of Baby Legs. Homura tried using her time power to help Meduka when she got a familiar message from what appeared to be multiple Ui holograms. “Come to Kamihama City, where Magical Girls can be saved”. This made her lose focus and unable to help Meduka. Luckily Sayaka arrived in time.

Sayaka scolded Homura and Meduka vouched for her. They then asked her about Mami but most of us recalled her current condition. Her frustration over failing to bring back Mami slowly corrupted her Soul Gem. She recapped the events of Episode 13 and shocking revelations made during Dictator Loli’s recruitment speech. Then OG Kyubey appeared to shove the cursed endless cycle down their throats. As the three argued Homura remained silent until Sayaka accused her of looking down on Meduka and her. She felt lost and confused, not knowing if she could free Mami or if she even wanted to be freed.

We knew the real reason Homura kept quiet. Not quite twisted yet she too repeatedly saw her beloved Meduka die as she repeatedly leapt through time to find a way to prevent it. The answer may be at Kamihama City.

The next day a gateway to Mega Mama Spider Arms’ domain appeared at the subway. Homura kept civilians at bay, or I thought they’re regular people. Meduka sensed her power and called Sayaka to help but she still felt lost. Meduka gave her a rallying speech. “It’s okay to be scared. Mami was too but as long as we’re together we can overcome our fears. I’m going to save Homura so you come save me too because if you don’t…I won’t come back.”

It’s kinda amusing how rare proper “SHAFT-tilting” is in Magia Record. Then again I don’t know if they’ve lessened in other recent SHAFT shows.

MadoHomu put up a good fight but MMSA wasn’t a pushover. Luckily Sayaka again made a nick of time save. It looked like it was thanks to Meduka’s words and Homura saving her like she said that helped her remember the power of teamwork.

But of course it was actually thanks to her.

After defeating the Witch in style Meduka revealed that it was thanks to Mami she found the courage to become a Magical Girl and now she wanted to repay her by freeing her from the Meguca Regime. Homura meanwhile thought maybe this time things would finally end well for Meduka.

This episode was for fans who wanted more than a few minutes of the OG team kicking ass together instead of fighting each other. Good stuff. While I definitely enjoyed the episode my hype for this season has little to do with the OG girls. May the main story resume next time as there are only 7 episodes to go before we have to wait again till near the end of 2021 for the rest of the show.

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19 Responses to Magia Record Episode 14: New Timeline, Similar Meguca

  1. CJ Apple says:

    Is this magia record side story season 2, because on a certain anime site, the poster and title says so? On another certain anime site, I bookmarked it, but you can still only watch the trailer, so I am a little bit confused.

    It says July 2021 and this was until yesterday.


  2. chikorita157 says:

    Not much to say about the first episode, but it was nice to see Sayaka finally doing the honors and kill Kyubey. Makes me wonder when they will go to Kamihama. Still, wonder what role Kuroe will play since she was absent for most of the first season.

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  3. Somebody says:

    I really have mixed feelings about the addition of the original characters. To me at least their story had concluded and I would rather see the new cast. On the other hand I really liked the original so seeing the characters again does make me happy. Based on the ending the next episode will probably shift focus back.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    This felt like a blast of nostalgia. It felt like meeting really old friends again. The fights were a lot better than in Magireco s1 too, hope they keep that up.
    Overall really good ep.

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  5. K says:

    It was nice seeing the OG team in action. I wonder how big a role they’ll have in the coming episodes.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Yachiyo will find a way to reach Magius HQ because it seems next to impossible at the moment. Something like that won’t stop her from trying, though.

    I thought Kuroe wasn’t going to have a bigger role. Maybe she still won’t. We’ll see.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully not big enough to take the spotlight from the MR girls, as much as OG fans would want that.

      She has a wife and babies to save after all.

      Nice to know the show reminded me of her existence because I’d forgotten in all honesty.

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  6. skydragonx8 says:

    First episode of season 2 was nice, blast from the past seeing Madoka, Homura and co together again! Also as someone who has played the Magia Record game, I am genuinely curious how this season is gonna go. Can’t wait for more!

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  7. cirno9fan says:

    Not a fan of the fake(they are not the ones we know, except arguably Homura. The others are all from one of Homura’s many failed timelines) OG cast being in this, and this episode was not my thing. At least the scene after the ED was actually something worth my attention. Hopefully we never get another episode like this.

    Already pretty much figured her imouto was the ringleader, but didn’t figure that she was going to be hospitalized during it. Excited to see where things go now that drivel is out of the way!

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  8. yurimylove says:

    Can never get tired of seeing Kyouko eat 🙂

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  9. Nick says:

    For real, I didn’t expect to see the whole OG Madoka gang in this show, but it was a welcome surprise to see. I kinda like how they’re woven them into the show, it being one of the many timelines Homura goes through. With that said though, I guess we already know how it’ll end as they can’t exactly rewrite the original anime story in this.

    I was a little lost for the finer details of what happened in S1 but they had some light recap elements in this ep so it was more or less easy to piece together what happened in S1.

    All in all I really liked this ep and it’s nice to be watching Magia Record once again. I wanted to get started on this much sooner than this, but things didn’t pan out with the sub group, so here we are.

    Also I forgot this is only 8 eps.

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