August 2021 Yuri Game News Updates

Think of this as a July and early August update. Not many new announcements this time. More so reminders of previously announced games.

OshiRabu 2 CG

First up we have titles previously announced in the last yuri game updates post that are available now or later today for purchase. OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos -Love or Die-, aka OshiRabu 2, by SukeraSparo/Somero.

Akuru and Ren are dating but Akuru has yet to take their relationship to the next level. An old friend of Ren’s steps up and, this being a rom-com, Ren goes with it. How will Akuru respond to this sudden turn of events? What about her gacha life?

The game is now available on Steam and Mangagamer (18+), JAST USA (18+) and Denpasoft (18+).

Like the prequel there is an 18+ patch sold separately for the Steam version on Denpasoft and Mangagamer.

Also I only noticed recently there’s an OshiRabu Drama CD –Akuru and Ren’s Exchange Diary– set before the sequel. Check it out on Steam for even more OshiRabu goodness.

Distant Memorajo AnnouncementDistant Memorajo, aka The Expression Amrilato 2, by SukeraSparo/Somero is now available on Steam and Mangagamer.

After the events of the first game Rin and Ruka must face personal obstacles from the past and present that could have a strong effect on their relationship going forward.

Symbiotic Love CoverSymbiotic Love, published by Kikaiism. Prequel story to Melancholy Love is available on Steam.

SL tells the story about the relationship between two ladies brought up at certain parts of the ML. I won’t mention their names to avoid spoilers for readers who did not pick up ML yet.

Lewd Idol Project Ladies CasualLewd Idol Project Volume 1, by Toffer Team. This is an 18+ game with H scenes. It’s available on Steam, JAST USA, and Denpasoft.

Volume 1 stars Kairi, an aspiring idol who is lured into LIP by the manager/producer Ranko. Volume 1 will focus on her relationship with Ranko while future Volumes introduce the other future LIP members.

Due to the unfortunate Paypal lockout fiasco Toffer Team‘s production on LIP has slowed down. Hopefully they can find another way to continue to series. Buying Volume 1 is one way to help of course.

Letters From a Rainy Day CGLetters from a Rainy Day -Oceans and Lace-, by Lily Spinel, is now available on Steam.

One girl forced to date another girl via blackmail letter threatening her but of course there is more to it than that.

Heart of the WoodsHeart of the Woods, by Studio elan is now available on Nintendo Switch. By now most readers should know what to expect from this highly acclaimed yuri title.

Fatal TwelveFatal Twelve is now available on Nintendo Switch. Like the PS4 version it includes some additional scenes.

Part battle royale, part yuri main story. One of my all-time favorite VNs.

Idol ManagerIdol Manager, by Glitch Pitch, as the title implies, is an idol management simulator. Not the comic parody Video Streamer comedy meme material kind (though streamers can easily make it stupidly comedic) but the time management simulator kind.

I am not 100% sure but yuri content either involves having the idols get into relationships with each other or with the female manager. The game is now available on Steam and

Next up are upcoming games later in 2021 and 2022.

The release date of Chasing Tails -A Promise in the Snow-, by Flat Chest Dev, is set for August 13th.

  • A heartwarming yuri story with a bunch of funny moments and a pinch of horror
  • Two heroines available for romance ❤︎
  • A free 18+ Adult Content DLC with professionally done, quality Voice Acting! (❤︎ω❤︎*)
  • A mysterious and romantic winter setting
  • Japanese folklore elements and references
  • 6 various endings
  • Blinky-shiny animation effects

The game is touted as one of those ecchi stories with a deeper story. The ecchi looks pretty good so the story should be an intriguing one too.

Add the game to your Steam Wishlist HERE.

National Park GirlsNational Park Girls Episode 4: Eternal Evergreen Part 1 DLC, by Studio Coattails is scheduled for an August 6th, 2021 release on Steam and This main National Park Girls game must be purchased to play the DLC.

Eve and Yosemite go off to find answers to many questions both have while Yellowstone and Xion play a certain card game which is technically best enjoyed in video game form because playing it live is just plain confusing no matter how many times you play it.

One more episode to go after this. Will the lilies bloom before then, afterward or not at all? Fans will find out soon enough.

Death End Request 2With Death End re;Quest now available on Nintendo Switch it was only a matter of time before the sequel Death End re;Quest 2 got a Switch version too. While we don’t have a confirmed date yet it is scheduled for a 2022 release.

Unlike last time where our heroines were trapped in a cursed MMORPG this time our new group of ladies are in an all-girl orphanage/school at a mostly backwater village. This being Death End re;Quest expect lots of creepy, violent, disturbing and of course scary stuff. Also as it’s an all-girls school expect it to be gayer than the prequel. The OG ladies return too.

Mary Skelter Finale Concept Art

Mary Skelter Finale, aka Mary Skelter 3, got a release date on September 30th (October 1st in Europe), 2021 on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Otsuu and Little Mermaid will return along with their exclusive teammates from MS2. PS4 owners who didn’t get to play MS2 will get to catch up with the story as all the cutscenes and events from the first two games are included in MS3.

Highway Blossoms Gold Rush EditionI mentioned Studio elan and console ports. Highway Blossoms and its DLC –Next Exit– will be ported to all current gen consoles (even XBOX) by Ratalaika Games and Sekai Project in a bundle titled Highway Blossoms: Gold Rush Edition.

No confirmed release date yet. Most likely later this year or early 2022.

Blue Reflection 2nd LightBlue Reflection: Second Light, by Gust, as the name implies, is the sequel to Blue Reflection. Like its predecessor there will be opportunities for the girls trapped in this strange new world to grow closer as more than chums such as go on special dates and several other bonding moments. The protagonist of the first game, Hinako, will return. What connection will she have with the new girls?

This time several girls are mysteriously transported to a strange world and had their memories erased. They must work together to make sense of their situation while learning more about each other, forming bonds and face potential danger in hopes of eventually finding a way back to their homes.

Also some girls from the Blue Reflection Ray anime will appear tying them with the first game and Second Light. Expect potential references with other characters from the anime.

The game is scheduled for a November 9th, 2021 Western release on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Learn more about the game, including characters, setting and gameplay mechanics by checking out this Second Light English Homepage HERE. Also includes pre-order links.

The Caligula Effect 2 PosterThe Caligula Effect 2 is scheduled for an October 19th (22nd in Europe), 2021 release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Like the first game the protagonist (male or female avatar) is dragged into an alternate world where a two faction war is waged with some musical fairy (2 this time) at the center. The kiddos also have their memories erased and engage in a struggle to either escape this world or preserve it because maybe the truth isn’t worth remembering.

It plays like a Persona game but do not go into thinking it is a ripoff. While not 100% sure there may be some yuri here too like in the prequel.

Neptunia X Senran Kagura Ninja WarsThis crossover was bound to happen sooner or later. Neptunia X Senran Kagura Ninja Wars brings together two beloved series starring sexy combat beasts with a hankering for “salad” on the side by several.

As far as I know the playable characters are the four CPUs (maybe IF and Compa too), the four Shinobi team leaders (Asuka, Homura, Yumi and Miyabi) and a third faction composed of original characters and one guest character.

No release date confirmed but it is scheduled for a late 2021 release on PS4.

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9 Responses to August 2021 Yuri Game News Updates

  1. CJ Apple says:

    Letters from a Rainy Day -Oceans and Lace is so cute.

    Played it and its really good and I guess there will be a sequel in the future, due to…. Play it for yourself to find out what I mean.

    Waiting for Idol Manager, where you can play as female manager and have romantic relationships with your idols – as far as I know. Correct me, if I am wrong.

    Actually scheduled for 27.7. but still not on Steam.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Ah yes. Idol Manager. I’ll add that one. I see it’s available now. Also players can choose a female manager so I’m sure they can hook up with idols too.


      • CJ Apple says:

        Thats odd, because I can´t find it in Steam – even with a search.


      • CJ Apple says:

        I know why, because here in Germany, its not available.

        Maybe due to the sexual content law which locks games with too much sexual content.


  2. qorl says:

    I didn’t know about Toffer Team’s troubles…that’s outrageous. So basically Paypal robbed the team and all their supporters? And honestly I feel robbed too, of a good yuri game.
    Also, I just noticed there’s a drama cd of Oshirabu on steam? What the heck dude, why isn’t that on mangagamer? Weird.
    Also Sakura Forest Girls 2 came out.


  3. Mauron says:

    Bought and beat LIP. Cute and Lewd, will by volume 2.

    Blue Reflection is a must. Bought and platinumed the first game earlier this year, and am enjoying the anime. Hopefully NIS America doesn’t make the translation mistake the first one did, and make a non-gendered character (tennis senpai) a guy.

    Neptunia is of course a must for me. I’ve platinumed all the Vita and PS5 games, most of the PS4 games, and one of the PS3 games. Give me more Uni plz!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    i’ve started reading Letters from a Rainy Day, and really enjoyed it so far. The protagonist, Shiori, is adorable. I think the (potentially iffy) premise is handled very well, though I haven’t read far enough to know all the answers yet. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the whole story when I finish.

    Liked by 1 person

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