Kageki Shoujo Episode 4: Finding the Path to the Second Step

After a difficult to watch for some episode last time how would they wrap up this dramatic arc?

Ai's rare smile

When we last left our heroines Ai thought the fanboy she “crushed” long ago came looking for revenge. She ran away leaving Sarasa alone with him. Despite his poor approach he quickly showed her he wasn’t a monster, just socially awkward. Uncle-Sensei was obviously nearby and revealed himself when needed. Creepy Fanboy explained himself. He’s a hikikomori who one day saw Ai on TV and was mesmerized by her ice queen contrast to the other members. However, when Ai showed a rare smile he was so touched he had to meet her in person. Because of that he made friends with fellow Ai fans and even got a job. He wanted to thank her in person at a handshake event but we all know what happened.

Sarasa sees great potential in AiUncle-Sensei told him and Sarasa that Ai didn’t exactly hate him. He’s simply the one she let out all her bottled up discomfort of the handshake event on. She had no particular interest in neither JPX or the Kouka Troupe. She just wanted a safe space away from creepy guys. Sarasa felt bad as she saw great potential in her to become a superstar from the moment she first saw her.

Sarasa easily does the Matrix dodgeMeanwhile Ai felt bad leaving Sarasa behind so she did her best to go back. That’s when Hijimi arrived with a photo of Sarasa and Creepy Fanboy. Ai grew more concerned as she rushed over…only to find the two in a dance-off. Her envy hit a boiling point as she lashed out at Sarasa. Later Sarasa tried getting Ai to explain her anger, again her envy towards her tenacity behind a wall of blame. She’s like “I was really worried about you that when I saw you, Uncle-Sensei and the creep fooling around it pissed me off!” Sarasa countered “If you’re worried about me you should be glad I was okay”. Feeling Sarasa made her out to be in the wrong Ai pushed her away again. Both sides had some good and bad points in their arguments. Sarasa asked dem boys for help. Big Boy, pretending to be Little Boy, said to take it slow but not get her hopes up on things going her way or something like that.

Ai at a pierTo get away from Sarasa and calm herself Ai played hooky. Sarasa and Uncle-Sensei looked for her. Sarasa got a clue while being interrogated by the 2nd years for a “scandalous” photo of her and her “boyfriend” Creepy Fanboy (taken by Hijimi). As Sarasa calmly explained the misunderstanding she got an idea on how to find Ai. Knowing Creepy Fanboy was a devoted Ai stan she called him for leads on potential Ai hangouts. She mentioned in an interview going to the sea when she needed to calm herself. The duo pinpointed her location.

Sarasa anime referenceI assume this is a Jojo reference.

At the pier Ai was out in the open and she’s spotted by two punks. She wasn’t strong enough to defend herself and crumpled, begging for mercy. Fortunately Creepy Fanboy and then Sarasa and Uncle-Sensei arrived to chase the punks away, specifically Sarasa. She’s like “I know I said we’re through but I wanted to help you just once. Creepy Fanboy helped find you too”.

Ai doing her best to thank Creepy FanboyAi did her best to swallow her fear and thank Creepy Fanboy while he did his best to apologize and thank her for helping make him a better person. He also promised to come see her when she’s on the big stage, confident she’d be there. Afterward as Sarasa and Ai went back she asked the big cutie what she would do if there’s a bad memory she couldn’t forget. Sarasa was like “I’m only 15 and I don’t know much about life yet but I think the best way to drown out bad memories is by making lots of good and fun new ones”. From that day Ai hoped to slowly open up to Sarasa.

Ayako unwellBased on the last scene the next episode will focus on Ayako’s struggles with her forced diet. Methinks it’ll be an arc about what many women in the entertainment industry go through to, shall we say, “look the part”. Obviously men go through similar struggles with their bodies too but I’m pretty sure women have a harder time looking good for the camera than men. We’ll see what happens.

Good stuff.

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6 Responses to Kageki Shoujo Episode 4: Finding the Path to the Second Step

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Another great episode!

    Yup I can confidently say Sarasa is definitely my favorite! Her dance with Fanboy was amazing! And as someone who loves Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, that Jojo reference was also amazing!

    Looking forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CJ Apple says:

    Frozen reference: ice queen letting it go.

    JPX48 could be a reference to AKB0048.

    Good to see that Ai x Sarasa slowly open up to each other.

    Forced diet isn´t always the best thing to lose weight, because like in Ayako´s case, it can makes you really tired and you lost a lot of energy – like at the training session.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    this is me 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  4. opaco1234 says:

    The two ladies are finally connecting, they need to be closer for they futures works

    Liked by 1 person

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