Blue Reflection Ray Episode 15: Struggling Hearts

It looked like Hiori got through to Niina while Ruka learned about Amiru and Ryoka’s relationship. Let’s see how they all came together.

Miyako grabs Niina

We joined Miyako on her way to the dorms to help clean up when she arrived to a sight that shook her to her core. The girl who caused her much grief before was right there. As she shook she’s surprised to see the girl was reduced to a stubborn weakened stray, not the intimidating adversary from before. Niina’s still all tsundere but was both hungry and later shown to have a fever. Thus Miyako saved face and took control of the situation, making Niina work her way to redemption. As mentioned she had a fever so her stubbornness was short lived.

Later that evening Hiori had a meeting with Ruka and Miyako, telling them about Niina’s failed attempt to give back the feelings she ripped from Amiru. They’re understandably shocked, especially for Momo’s sake.

Hiori and friends cleaningAfter the meeting Ruka got a call from Amiru asking for Ryoka and her to come over. Amiru also wanted to discuss something important with her. After a cute montage featuring Hiori and Amiru being on similar wave lengths things got serious when the 5 girls split into two teams. Amiru and Ruka were on one team so they got to talking.

Amiru tells Ruka about her relationshipShe told her about the haziness she constantly felt from her missing feelings. How she felt an inexplicable emptiness or missing functions. She then asked if Ruka could use her Reflector power to find out which exact feelings she’s missing but Ruka said only the Reflector who came into contact with the person could feel them, so no she couldn’t. Despite her uneasiness there was one thing she knew for sure. She didn’t want to see Ryoka in pain because of her so she had a request for Ruka, take care of Ryoka when she’s in deep sleep. Translation: Should I die please take care of Ryoka for me. Naturally Ryoka was nearby looking for them after the tasks with Hiori’s group were finished. Niina, who somewhat recovered from her fever was also nearby, because plot convenience.

Miyako reflects on her thoughts about NiinaWhile that was going on Hiori and Miyako had their own conversation. Hiori apologized for bringing Niina to the dorms. Miyako admitted she had yet to forgive Niina for what she did but knew she had to take a step forward by facing her and try to come to some kind of mutual understanding. She couldn’t be afraid of her forever.

Ryoka asks Ruka to take away her sadnessLater that evening as four of the five girls got ready to celebrate with a BBQ Amiru noticed Ryoka wasn’t there. Ruka found her on the roof, sensing her emotional pain. Ryoka asked her to use her power to take away her feelings. The fear of losing Amiru. She was like “She’s special to me (I love her). She’s irreplaceable. If she were to ever leave me I don’t know what I’d do.” Ruka tried to use her power to calm her down but the pain was too great. Ryoka continued “It’s my fault she lost her feelings because I didn’t act in time. I wasn’t true to my feelings for her and didn’t confess in time”. I messed up. Now, I swear if there’s a way to restore her feelings I’ll do anything to get them back”.

Niina in the darkThat night when the gang went to console Niina she confessed to her crime of taking Amiru’s feelings. Hiori and Ruka’s determination to find a way to help everyone who was suffering and foil the Red Ring Gang’s scheme grew stronger. Miyako of course was determined to help too.

Good stuff as usual.

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  1. yurimylove says:

    this is a fun CGDCT episode.

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