Shadows House Episode 11: Shadows League

When we last left our main pair Emilico wasn’t her usual self. What could have happened?

Brainwashed Emilico

We joined Kate pondering how to bring Emilico back. She had an inner monologue about the things taught to dolls and young shadows and knew there was important information not shared.

Kate looks at Emilico's notebookWhen Emilico was busy she went to her room to look for clues. She kinda summarized Emilico’s adventures leading up to the debut. There was a touching moment she shed a tear pining to see her beloved sunshine smile again. She found the notes on the cure for soot disease and figured it could also work on “spiked coffee”.

Kate embraces a sad EmilicoAlthough it worked it was hard to watch Emilico suffer and Kate force herself to not stop her from overdoing it. She would go on to reveal what’s kinda obvious from the start. The “dolls” were humans all along. It took a bit for Emilico to grasp the reveal but believed in her beloved mistress and would do all she could to help her.

Shadow Noble and potential dollMeanwhile we got a look at how Shadow Nobles acquired “dolls”, from a village brainwashed to worship them via chimney smoke from a “special” brand of coal. They then called the village children and picked three to drink the spiked coffee and serve as future vessels.

Back to our heroines Emilico went missing and Kate frantically searched for her. However, she needed help. She went to John first and explained the situation. We learned the figure Emilico and her saw long ago when Emilico fell off the balcony was John who fell for Kate that day but Kate wasn’t interested, so instead John tried as best as he could to bring Shaun back to his senses.

John restores Shaun macho styleWhen calling out to him didn’t work the only solution was the macho way…because boys.

Shadows LeagueAs the title indicates I dubbed Kate’s team the Shadows League. After getting John’s attention they went to Louise and Patrick along with their not yet healed partners. Louise’s soot power was using it to control Lou. Not cool but let’s not worry about it for now. While Louise wasn’t as invested in Kate to take action for justice both Patrick and her agreed to join for one reason, payback against Edward, especially after Louise noticed his hooded silhouette pushing a cart. Emilico was inside and was about to be tortured.

The hopeful 1st cour will probably end with the Shadows League rescuing Emilico and I’m pumped for it.

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3 Responses to Shadows House Episode 11: Shadows League

  1. Zack says:

    I haven’t been keeping up with the anime, but I have been doing so with the manga. And as someone who’s on the latest chapter, I have a few complaints. First of all, this episode seems to skip over several chapters from the manga. Which is a shame because some interesting stuff happens in those chapters.

    Secondly, there’s something that happens in this episode that doesn’t happen at all in the manga. I won’t say what it is because I’m not sure if this is a spoiler (does something not happening in the original source count as a spoiler?), but it bugs me because it seems like an out of character moment.

    Honestly, I would recommend people read the manga. It’s a slow burn, but an enjoyable one.

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  2. yurimylove says:

    I guess if water isn’t handy to cure brainwashing, 👊 punching works too 😀


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