Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 11: Home Stretch

We’re closing in on the end of the Grand Games. Just a few more events to go.

Eva wakes up

Fortunately the nightmare cliffhanger from the last episode was just that, a nightmare. Eva was able to recollect herself and focus on what’s important, to become strong enough to win the Grand Games and save her mom. Kanata tended to her all that time and was the first person Eva saw when she woke up.

Eva and Kanata trainAfter recovering Eva hit the track and called Kanata to train. She had to see if she still had what it took to win and challenged Kanata to a race. They were evenly matched.

Eva asks Kanata to winEva hadn’t fully recovered yet so she wouldn’t enter the semi-final event. She remembered when they first met and realized how much of an inspiration Kanata was to her. How after that fateful day she became more focused despite her rigorous training. She admired how Kanata got her power by racing for others and not just herself.  Lastly she asked Kanata one more time to become Cosmo Beauty, not just to save her mom but everyone. Kanata promised to give it her all.

By the way, for newcomers wondering, yes. The original show also featured two girls pining for the same taco.

Shelley and Kanata before the semi-finalsShelley before the semi-finals making sure Kanata’s focused on winning and not only befriending Seva.

Seva pushed to her limitTo sum up the semi-final event it’s a giant game of pool. As expected Kanata and Seva fared the best. The three douches put a power collar on Seva, repeatedly pushing her to her limit. So much so that near the end of the event she’s close to collapsing and barely got a perfect score.

Kanata in troubleAs for Kanata, she qualified too but not without a warning shot from the three douches who booby trapped the cue ball. Hopefully she’ll recover before the finals. Dr Paglia begged for forgiveness and her apology was accepted thanks to her helping with Eva’s recovery along with her concern for Seva.

Ominous message

Meanwhile behind the scenes the three douches had Johann take part in an assault on Kanata’s hometown as that too was a warning shot to her, the only threat to their plans. Johann was quickly captured by Mr Detective but he’s used as a distraction to avert the police from the secret assault.

Two more episodes to go. Looking forward to seeing how things play out.

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1 Response to Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 11: Home Stretch

  1. yurimylove says:

    They’re after Kanata’s little sister! The crooks!


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