Super Cub Episode 11: Winter Blues

When we last left our cub and bike loving heroines it was under worrisome circumstances. Let’s see if everything turned out okay.

Koguma got as much info as she could from the freezing Shii and rushed over to the trail she last saw her take. She eventually found her collapsed and exhausted.

One thing viewers probably get by now is Koguma’s not a social person. In her case she doesn’t consider things right away, doesn’t openly convey what she feels most of the time and is often blunt. I say this mainly because of how she treated Shii since meeting her. Shii probably noticed that hence why she never openly lashed out at her for her occasional rudeness or cold shoulder. Not a bad girl, just a blunt one. Anyway she helped Shii as best as she could without calling police or an ambulance. She did call Reiko to come pick up Shii’s now ruined bike.


We had some fun and cute moments with the gang over at Koguma’s place.

That quickly changed when they broke the bad news to Shii, who begged the cool Koguma and her awesome Super Cub to please make Winter go away. As we saw in recent episodes Shii didn’t like Winter. Many sad times for her in the snowy season. Poor dear.

On a less somber note Shii’s parents were so grateful to the Cub Buddies for rescuing their baby girl they gifted them with free coffee and sandwiches for a year. The good times were short lived however. Once Winter break was over the trio went with the motions. The Cub Buddies no longer had anything they particularly wanted to do, plus they had exams coming up. That along with Shii not showing her usual peppiness for obvious reasons.

That all changed one day at Shii’s diner after exams. The one thing Shii had left were visits from the Cub Buddies. They didn’t have any particular plans until Shii said she hoped Spring would come soon so the sakura could grow. Koguma remembered hearing on the radio that they already did in Kogashima. Reiko suggested they all go check them out but Koguma initially hesitated. Fortunately that didn’t last long, remembering what Shii’s dad said about her taking cycling more seriously because she wanted to catch up with the Cub Buddies. After all that’s happened she wanted to cheer Shii up.

Shii’s excitement from Koguma’s invitation sparked another “color rush” in Koguma. This one possibly her biggest in a while. See, besides realizing what made Shii special (Her optimism and forwardness. Perhaps Koguma couldn’t handle these things at first) she also recalled the day her life changed forever. Somehow it was Shii passing her by so cheerful and full of life that was kind of the catalyst to Koguma getting her Super Cub. The three would ride to Kogashima and escape Winter.

Great stuff as always. Will be very sad to see it come to an end next time. Expect a G-View.

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11 Responses to Super Cub Episode 11: Winter Blues

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Koguma is, as the saying goes, a man (or woman, as is the case) of a few words. Doesn’t speak much unless absolutely necessary but inside she does care.
    I can relate because I’m in a similar boat.
    Its a good thing Shii seemed to be uninjured, but it’s too bad her bike was unsalvageable.

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  2. Excellent review of EP 11! Super Cub is my number 1 anime of the Spring Season, but episode 11 is, for my tastes, very poorly story boarded. The EP raises far more questions than it answers. In the cold of Winter, laying in a pool of cold water, it does not take long for hypothermia to kick in, and turn deadly very fast. This call to Koguma may have been the only one Shii gets off, and she loses consciousness while Koguma is there with her. What if Koguma had an accident, and nobody knows where Shii is? Does nobody think to call Shii’s parents? Koguma calls Reiko to retrieve the bike? the least of anyone’s concern! I love my girl, Reiko, she is just so oblivious. Killing herself and her bike to climb Mr. Fuji? Walking around semi-nude. Helping herself to Koguma’s hard-boiled eggs which are marked for each day of the week on Koguma’s tight budget! Then its snowing that night. Where does everybody sleep? Koguma only has the one little bed. Would have liked to see that part of the story fleshed out! And then the product placements in this episode. Everyone is constantly talking about their bikes, and attributing saving to the Cub. Gimme a break here. But they entirely save this episode with a magnificent and beautiful ending, where Koguma realizes how important Shii is to her own growth, and then Shii rushes Koguma, opens her chest and touches her heart. Suddenly the wind comes up and life for Koguma turns day-glo, pastel, eye-popping, gorgeous, rainbow colours! Absolutely wonderful and brilliant ending. And now we all go to see the Cherry Blossoms.
    OMG, I am in love with “Super Cub” and do not want it to end. Next week is going to be hard.

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s good that Shii didn’t get seriously injured, but it’s sad that her bike didn’t make it. Still, it’s funny to see that cute moment with Shii and Koguma. Also, it’s obvious that that Reiko is trying to get a reaction from Koguma trying to walk out of the bath with only her panties on.

    Still, it’s interesting how Shii is the girl all long that motivated Koguma is Shii. Yes, it’s very subtle, but it’s not too surprising. Even so, Shii is precious and I wonder if Shii and Koguma will ever be a possibility. I think Koguma might have a good small female harem if Shii has a chance.

    Also, when you have the time, read my posts.

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  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Koguma, when someone is freezing and wet, you take your coat off and put it on them… But what can I say, you’re still amazing ^^

    Otherwise a lovely episode. Maybe this is when Koguma finally opens her heart a little more? It’s fascinating how much Shii clings to Koguma, I would have expected her to turn more to the friendlier Reiko. But the mysteries of attachment/respect/love are unfathomable.

    I hope Koguma’s realisation will result in some personal growth, after all it looks to me that the story is as much about her growth as it is about the lovely scenery and the heroic Cubs.

    I love the dynamic between Koguma and Reiko. Both of them seem to have no problem helping themselves to each other’s personal space, belongings and homes. Move in together already ^^ And perhaps you can bring Shii in too. Her parents would be happy (“Here is a gift card for free coffee and bread for a year, so come as often as you like, and please, would either of you marry our daughter?”) ^^

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    • “Move in together already” You would think that would be obvious to everyone. Reiko seems to have more means than Koguma, she can easily replace her Cub after she destroys it on Mt Fuji and she lives in that big house. Koguma lives day by day, egg to egg. She could seriously save by moving in with Reiko, and paying her the rent. The way the story tellers chose to tell this story leaves a lot on the cutting room floor. We have never had a back-story on Koguma or Reiko, although Koguma’s might be very sad. With Honda behind this project, you would think that they could manage a second season.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    “this episode is a demonstration of how not to rescue a fallen cyclist” — public service announcement from your friends at Honda Motors Corporation 😀

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    • Honda actually said that, Huh? Is Honda Motors financing some or all of “Super Cub”?

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      • yurimylove says:

        nah, i was joking, but this whole series sure looks like an elaborate Honda TV ad for their Super Cubs right? And it’s a darn effective one too 😀

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      • Been thinking all along that Honda Motors must be connected to this project. Does not bother me in the slightest that “Super Cub” comes across as a giant product placement ad! Although EP11 had way more script references to the Cub as if saving Shii was all due to a bike! And the people writing the script keep opening sinkholes in the plot and they never go back to fill them in. Still “Super Cub” is the one I really look forward to each week. And that blast of wind and color in EP11, just blew me back in my chair. Just beautiful. But just a shame that Honda is not behind this project. If they were, we would be seeing a Season 2 for sure!

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