Shadows House Episode 10: Shadows Garden Finale

At last we reached the conclusion of the Debut Arc. Did it end with a bang? Let’s find out.

When we last left our main pair Emilico had rescued Kate in spectacular fashion. Kate was again impressed by her ingenuity as she had a backup plan all set were she to not reach her in time. Although Emilico was tough she still bled so they went to the nearby river to wash her up. However, time was running out and the starting line was too far to reach before it ran out.

Edward was confident he’d get at least one pair to fail but this wasn’t any ordinary pair. They were THE pair so yet again they proved him wrong in spectacular fashion.

Kate even got to repay Emilico’s awesomeness, much to the sweet doll’s sweet glee.

It appeared Edward’s scheme was a bust. However, EmiKate were the last pair to pass the Debut…but not the last pair to cross the finish line.

Despite Shirley and Rum finally making progress in their relationship it was too little too late as we would find out later.

Felt like showing Rosemary and her mistress Maryrose. I do hope Maryrose isn’t a jerk behind the scenes like a certain other selfish and abusive bitch mistress.

One of the higher rank nobles had our heroines taste the drink of greatness, coffee. Emilico’s reaction said it all.


Let’s skip ahead to the super important exposition dump scene.

Edward reported to the 3rd Floor Nobles and Lord Grandfather. To test his knowledge they had him reprise the truth of the relationship between Shadows and Dolls. Shadows start off as tiny fairy like creatures that could mimic and morph. First they observed living dolls and took their shape. Second, they’d form a relationship with the chosen/assigned doll, developing their personalities.

Third, they would develop their soot powers until they become strong enough to unify with their dolls, ultimately taking over the body and becoming the dominant being.

Back to Shirley and Rum. They took too long to reach Stage 2 and Shirley’s personality didn’t develop in time, becoming obsolete to Lord Grandfather’s agenda of raising an army of elite shadow nobles to overthrow humanity or something like that. However, Shirley dying was unexpected but of no concern to the high ranking nobles. As for Rum…she would be brainwashed and turned into a veiled doll. Remember them? How did the brainwashing occur?

They spiked the coffee.

During the Debut closing ceremony our hero shadows wondered about the fate of Rum and Shirley. They asked their dolls but they had creepy blank expressions despite shedding tears. Their hearts wept but their brains were on autopilot. Kate asked Emilico later but she too suffered the same fate. The spiked coffee was especially designed to keep dolls in line so they wouldn’t potentially encourage their shadow masters to deviate from the planned course…like Kate.

That’s why Lou and Louise were ranked the “best” pair by Edward.

I could talk about Edward’s plan and thoughts on the 3rd Floor Nobles but currently it’s irrelevant.

Yup. The Debut Arc ended with a bang. With only two episodes left and, more importantly, the main Shadows House anime page changing their banner I have a feeling we’re getting a 2nd season. Would be a waste to change it for only two remaining episodes.

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4 Responses to Shadows House Episode 10: Shadows Garden Finale

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Thrilling finish to the test, Kate and Emlico riding the wagon like a water park ride was genius.

    Finally we get answers, the secrets of the Shadows House is quite dark indeed (no pun intended)

    Ha, I knew there was a reason I don’t like coffee, it’s evil!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cirno9fan says:

    Here’s to hoping Kate’s soot manipulation ends up being powerful enough to get rid of the “coffee” effects from Emilico. Her soot powers definitely seem far more developed compared to any of the other “child” shadows. Was great that Kate got to return the favor of what Emilico did for her, but that stupid “grandfather”….

    So the “Living dolls’ are really just kidnapped children, while “shadows” are mimics…essentially. But Kate has developed a very distinctive personality, and her soot power grows pretty fast. Something is definitely different about her. I really do hope a second season is already in the works. The debut arc started to really feel like it was never going to end, but overall the show has been pretty enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Makoto Itoshi says:

    There are 3 episodes left, this is 13 episodes.

    Romantic first half and suffering second half, what an episode. Love Maryrose, even Emilico had kind of a charmed reaction to her, Kate should try to be like her.

    They constantly said the goodnight kiss is what gave the Shadows a personality and the reason Shirley faded away, and right now Emilico is a brainwashed doll with no personality, so it would be fun if Kate had the same idea, but in reverse, she tries to kiss Emilico to restore her personality, and of course a kiss on the lips would be more effective than a kiss on the cheek. Wouldn’t mind some fanart based on that, if someone here can draw. Brainwashed Emilico is very kissable after all, with those open eyes and that adorable permanent smile.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    Wow quite a revelation! It seems Kate doesn’t want to possess Emilico completely like how the “process” is supposed to work according to grandpa’s (evil) design, which is righteous of her. But would that be a problem if she remains only a shadow permanently? Like, would she eventually fade away like Shirley after certain time limit? Or maybe she can find a better survival solution without having to take over a human body? Questions, questions…


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