Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 8: Tensions Flaring

The Tri-Harsh Arc comes to a close in a big way.

Let’s go over the developments one by one. First was Eva recovering more of her memories during the climax of the race. We saw she was made to train to become the perfect athlete from an early age. The only source of comfort she had was her mom. Eventually mom rallied some peeps to help Eva escape before being captured. Eva was meant to give the bracelet to someone on Earth. We all remember what happened there.

Back in the present two of the three corporate douches forced mom to watch “Eva” (the clone) show off how much of a perfect soldier she was as she took attacks from trained fighters suffering no damage and easily broke the hand of one. Mom tried calling out to “Eva” but no dice.

Next up was Yucil. As Mr Detective hurried to the stadium to stop the bomb he continued trying to reason with Yucil, eventually succeeding when he mentioned a suicide note from Yana he found. In it she basically said were she to have killed Lydia she’d have taken all the blame and not name drop Yucil at all. That’s when she remembered a moment she shared with Yana before competing in the Moon qualifier. Long story short Yana believed in protecting and cultivating life on the Moon despite the civil war. She wasn’t aiming specifically to become a Cosmo Beauty, rather to use her influence to draw attention to the war on the moon in hopes kindhearted influential people would take notice and send help. We’ll get back to Yucil later.

Lastly we had Kanata. It looked like she wasn’t going to beat Eva and she’d almost given up but thanks to the power of love, friendship and support from everyone she cared for Kanata remembered what her grandma taught her and she too found the Champion’s Light along with familiar looking buns. Could she be related to the legend? Could the legend be a certain elderly inspiration? So yeah, she just beat Eva to the finish line.

The bomb didn’t go off yet. Mr Detective released Yucil to show him where it was but she took him down. Apparently the bomb wasn’t under the finish line but at the winner’s podium. She pulled out an Invisible and fired warning shots forcing everyone out of the stadium as she knelt on the podium, praying to her god for forgiveness, ready to sacrifice her life as repentance for her sins. She wished Yana all the best before supposedly going bye-bye.

Afterward we learned from Kanata and Shelley that Lydia and Yana dropped out of the competition, the former to care for the latter as she helped her through grief counseling. Meanwhile Dr Paglia disappeared with Johann. Shelley was ready to continue the competition with Kanata when the latter surprised her with a new ally. Eva joined the party. She had a message from Dr Paglia, who tended to her after the Tri-Harsh to help with her “flashback headaches”. As mentioned she left with Johann because she believed he had the means to access medical research that could help the people on her planet. She also warned Eva the corporate douches were coming for her. Since Eva lost the race the douches were like “Let’s replace her with the clone”. Johann probably agreed to help Dr Paglia because he knew the douches would axe him too because that’s what megalomaniac villains do. Lastly she finally remembered the bracelet she gave to Kanata.

Good stuff.


I only realized this episode the girl sitting next to Kanata’s imouto was the one Kanata helped climb the mountain in Episode 1, meaning that race was actually the Earth qualifier and not a flash forward event.

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4 Responses to Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 8: Tensions Flaring

  1. CJ Apple says:

    Shelley is a little bit jelly about Eva, but Eva knows that Kanata x Shelley are lovey-dovey and will not interfere in their relationship.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    Does Eva’s hot mom konw she’s looking at a clone now?

    Liked by 1 person

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