OG’s Summer 2021 Anime Picks

Another season, another post one month in advance from your “favorite” yuri blogger on which anime he plans on watching and most likely covering. As always this may change depending on show progression and mood.

As always no manga spoilers of any kind.

Picks based on these charts:


Love Live! Superstar!!: #1 hype show. As far as I’m concerned this is Love Live! Gen 4, spinoff or otherwise. It’s more Love Live! I love Love Live! Nuff said. The hype is real.

Magia Record Season 2: Been waiting a long time for the continuation of Yachiyo’s quest to rescue her wife, cousin and daughters from the cult of the loli dictator.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: The lewd dragons and the humans they yearn to be with/want them are back for more “controversy” inducing goodness. I’m here to relish the gay dragons and ignore Lucoa’s advances on Shota the shota, just like last time. All rants about Ilulu’s design will be ignored.

Speaking of just like last time.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom X, aka HameHura (instead of HameFura). Whether I’ll cover this 2nd season fully or not depends on the same thing as last time, the spotlight shining brighter on the ladies than the guys, meaning the ladies get more development and time to flirt with Bakarina. Intrigued to see what role the new guys and gals will play.

Kageki Shoujo. Another stage girls anime to sink out teeth into, only this time there’s no demon giraffe or insane combat tournament or sci-fi B Plot. Just a story about stage girls drama. It’ll be interesting to see one without strings attached. At least I hope there aren’t any strings this time.


The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated: Not sure whether to cover this one or not. It has potential. It’s a 2-Cour show apparently so we’ll see how it goes.

Aquatope of White Sand: I’m sure for many around here this is their #1 hype show of the season but despite my own excitement don’t be surprised that a part of me is uncertain. I hope to be blown away but it never hurts to be cautious.

Leftovers include Blue Reflection Ray and Tropical-Rouge! PreCure.

Other stuff worth mentioning are the Assault Lily Shorts which will hopefully lead to a future 2nd season. Then there’s the Wonder Egg Priority Special. Will this be the finale or a bridge to a second season? Higurashi Season 5 I’ll watch on my own.

I think that’s about it unless new shows or updates pop up before July.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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20 Responses to OG’s Summer 2021 Anime Picks

  1. Good list. Several I don’t know but will also give a try. You probably have already heard about the Twitter thing going on about Dragon Maid(S2). I don’t do Twitter, but the arguments were so crazy I had to respond as follows:
    “Ilulu is a Dragon. Dragons do not have breasts. Only Mammals have Mammary glands which is why they are called (drum-roll please) Mammals. What you are seeing in the Manga and in the Anime is a Perception Blocking Illusion. What you think you see as breasts are really the scales on Dragons. The age of the Dragons is also an illusion. Most are hundreds of years old, and one of the sad times for Torhu in S1 is knowing that she will far outlive Kobayashi-san. Some people need to get their fantasy in sync with their reality!”
    Looked at another way. You’re watching a story of two guys in the Desert. They see a mirage. You see it too. It’s on the screen. Is it real? or an Illusion? Are lewd dragons real or an illusion? Why are breasts on Dragons living in Koshigaya, real, and the water in the desert is an illusion? Dragon Maid is all about love, affection, caring, supporting each other, and being together peacefully! And people are talking about their own personal hang-ups! La Viva Loco!

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  2. k1ll1ngz0ne says:

    Theres a lot of sink or swim, wait and see potential this upcoming season.
    Couple could go haywire real easily while others will be based on what their focuses are on.

    Wouldve preferred the best oppai in the world one from that author. Dont know what to expect with Jahy.

    Aquatope recently introduced a male “childhood friend” to one of the girl protagonists that, while also looking strangely kyoani lookswise, makes this an easy skip until/if more reassuring information comes out.

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  3. Alexis says:


    El tiempo avanza muy rápido ya tenemos casi encima a la siguiente temporada. Mis selecciones:
    LL Superstar! es bienvenida con los brazos abiertos
    Kageki Shoujo, me parece que hay un producer maligno (o algún equivalente), la veré con baja espectativa, en este caso hubiera preferido una jirafa, pero no quiero perderme como harán sus obras de takarazuka.
    HameFura es buena y su parodia de cierto cuadro renacentista es bueno y también la veré, mi único “pero” es el mocoso de pelo rojo que aparece en el extremo no me simpatiza nada, pero quiero ver a Bakarina siendo Bakarina.



  4. philipbaxton says:

    Jahy I’d gonna be great. She’s basically what you get if you combine Gabriel’s douchebag personality with Satania’s habit of being the butt of every joke. Her life isn’t all bad and I’m sure you’re gonna love her relationship with all the girls, especially her obsessed fellow demon (girl on the left). I’m gonna put money that she’ll end up everyone’s favorite.

    As for Maid Dragon lets just say if not just her design people don’t like. It’s a certain thing she does to Kobayashi that people don’t like. Though a joke it was in really poor taste. Overall she’s not bad, but unfortunately nor really gay either. Luckily Kobayashi and Tohru have that covered.

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  5. CJ Apple says:

    For western cartoon picks, Owl House S2 starts on June 12th.


  6. Nick says:

    My list is quite similar for the Must Watch shows of the season, minus the Villainess show.

    After so many sci-fi/supernatural/battle/whatever, I’m interested in a normal stage girl anime, at least that’s what Kageki Shoujo looks so be. I honestly wouldn’t mind a normal stage girl show without all the extras. Let’s keep it grounded this time for a change. It’s easier to follow that way.

    Interested in The Great Jahy as well. All I know of that it just art from the artist on Twitter and Pixiv, so I really don’t know what to expect from that one. It being 2-cour right off the bat seems pretty ambitious, hopefully they can keep up that energy for the entire length.

    It’s so hard to contain my excitement for the new P.A. Works show. On the one hand it looks absolutely gorgeous, but on the other hand I haven’t really enjoyed too many of their shows as of late and I don’t want to get burned by another promising show that fails to deliver. Huge qualm I have is original shows that have a very interesting plot but just completely fail to execute it in coherent way and in the end it’s just one big mess. Also I need to stop getting my hopes up so high for anime, you’d think after 10 years of doing this I’d have figured it out by now. Apparently not.

    Excited for the summer season to start now, we’re not that far off from it!

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’d say give Villainess a try. It’s a good bisexual harem show and the isekai stuff plays an important role. It’s up to you of course.

      Could be similar to Action Heroine Cheer Fruits, except not about a Power Rangers style play.

      Don’t know what to expect from Jahy but hopefully it’ll be consistently fun. Same goes for Aquatope but in wow factor.

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  7. refbn123 says:

    Is it weird my most anticipated ‘yuri’ of the season is Higurashi? :p I sure hope they go all out with it because it has some huuuuge potential


  8. Somebody says:

    Pretty much the same as my list excluding the Villainess and pa works shows. Few other shows get me as excited about a new season like love live does. And I still cant believe we have two love live series running concurrently. Having another series hold us over until nijigasaki S2 is like a dream. That alone would make my summer but dragon maid, stage girls, demon loli, and more blue reflection as well is just fantastic. On the non yuri side that slime show is coming back and should fill the void left by the spider show.

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  9. Mauron says:

    Love Live: ’nuff said.

    Dragon Maid: Here for the gay dragons, ignoring Lucoa’s antics and half the fanbase. Curious about any legitimate discussion that pops up before getting buried by manufactured outrage. Also #gaymoms

    Villainess: My second favorite Villainess themed isekai. Will watch more.

    Not Starlight: Looking forward to it.

    Jahy: All signs point to checking it out.

    Sand: I had forgotten about this one, but will be watching.

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  10. yurimylove says:

    Yes a stage girls show without a dumb universe reset ending would make me happy.


  11. chikorita157 says:

    Finally shared my summer preview, but I never expected the second season of Magia Record to happen so soon. Still, I kind of hope, although it will most likely not happen, Iroha and Yachiyo going on an ice cream date just like in one of the Memorias in the game. Still, hopefully there will be a nice reunion of some sort. Also, curious about Kuroe who is missing from most of the first season.

    Also, looking forward to Dragon Maid and Love Live Superstar (reminds me I need to finish Nijigasaki). I might watch Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! and Shiroi Suna no Aquatope, but won’t be covering them since I have a lot to cover already. Yep, it’s another packed season, which pales in comparison to Summer of last year.


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