Super Cub Episode 8: Revving up for Winter

With Winter fast approaching our favorite Cub Buddies had to get ready to ride in the cold fast. Still, there was time for to make a one stop.

Reiko tries Koguma's barley tea

As I said the girls discussed preparing their cubs and themselves for the Winter cold. Out of curiosity they exchanged hot drinks, Koguma’s barley tea for Reiko’s coffee. “Insert indirect kiss reference” here. Despite neither drink tasting all that hot they wanted to go without vending machine coffee for a while. Suddenly Koguma spotted Shii in the distance. She wanted to invite them to her family cafe, “Beurre”.

Shii's Alex Moulton BikeWe got a better look at Shii’s bike, a “Castlebuilt” UK Alex Moulton. Papa insisted she bought that brand of bike and she became accustomed to it.

Koguma warning ShiiKoguma warning Shii not to accept Reiko’s offer to pull her to the cafe. Translation: Koguma be jelly.

Shii's Family Cafe, BeurreWelcome to “Beurre” (French for butter): A British Sandwich stand (whose specialty appears to be German bread) with an American diner inside a Tyrolean building.

Shii shows her coffee machineShii is into Italian stuff. Still fascinates me how short she is considering her parents as we’ll soon see.

At first Koguma thought the cafe was unorganized as she and Reiko couldn’t decide whether the setup was transnational or scattershot but they freely admitted the coffee was excellent. So much so Koguma had another “colorful” moment. Reiko said cafes were an essential part of some bikers’ lives. So much so they’re called “cafe racers”. Shii’s parents moved from the big city to the calmer town because dad got tired of the hectic life. However, even here there were times they got a lot of business but they got used to it.

Koguma getting Reiko to focus againAfterward the Cub couple continued on their quest to prepare for Winter. Yet again Reiko got distracted and Koguma had to make her focus. That was until Koguma saw a Trangia bento box, a pricey trangia.

Koguma refusing to let Reiko have the last laughKoguma refused to let Reiko have the last laugh.

Koguma happy with her new handle coversKoguma had another “colorful” moment. As she stood her ground on the bento box she noticed a cub driver with handle covers. They were the right purchase. Even Reiko who thought handle covers cramped her Hunter Cub’s style later admitted they were rad.

The last surprise of the episode came one day as our heroines again dropped by Cafe Beurre. The clock struck 3:10 PM. For some reason this caused Shii to panic. She claimed the cafe got hectic around that time and asked the Cub Couple to leave. However, she was too late.

Shii's MomMeet Shii’s mom. Muricana ran through her veins.

Our heroines agreed the cafe and its owners were definitely transnational, Koguma again seeing Shii in a new light. She also found a great pit stop should she have an urge for a good meal on the road.

Great stuff as always. Next time Winter comes.

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12 Responses to Super Cub Episode 8: Revving up for Winter

  1. opaco1234 says:

    Koguma seen become dominant in they relationship

    Liked by 3 people

  2. chikorita157 says:

    I find Reiko drinking out of Koguma’s drinking container interesting, definitely an indirect kiss. Also, it’s nice to see Shii’s cafe/bakery her parents run. I find it more interesting that her mother is only slightly taller thank her daughter, but still short. Also, I wonder what pickup she drives, a Ford F-150?

    Also, I find it funny how Koguma drags a distracted Reiko, when she becomes distracted by a shiny object and actually buys it. Yes, it’s quite obvious that she is in control.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Little Viktoria says:

    Indirect kisses to start the episode ^^

    Koguma, you know, you could save a lot of money by moving in with Reiko. You two are practically dating already and this episode you spent so much time just looking into each other’s eyes (like at the cafe waiting for the coffee) ^^

    Koguma taking Reiko by the hand or arm are always my favourite moments, as are Koguma’s silly expressions when she’s feeling torn about some decision. And the cute jealousy here and there. “Don’t you start flirting with other tiny girls” ^^

    Papa used up all the “become huge” genes and left none for Shii.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, I was also thinking along similar lines. Both of them apparently have no family or group attachments. And Reiko lives in this very large house. Koguma is already spending time and nights there. I would think the idea would naturally occur to them, especially Koguma who appears to be on a tighter budget. Also for the fans, a plot change like that would make the story even more interesting! But both of them are such loners!

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I knew all the KoguRei moments made you go bananas.

      I find Shii’s shortness fascinating.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. One issue that has been bothering me is Koguma’s treatment of Shii. Koguma seems very stiff and almost hostile to Shii. She has several times lectured Shii about wild ideas like Reiko pulling Shii with her Cub. Is Koguma jealous of Shii coming between Reiko and herself? Or is Koguma envious of Shii for having such a wonderful Mom and Dad. Or is Koguma just acting like a big sister? The introduction of Shii into the Biker Gang, has been moving at a glacial pace, and with only 5 more EPs to go, can the storytellers make the threesome work to everyone’s satisfaction? And as others have commented, why did they make Shii so short?

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Nick says:

    Another comfy ep this week. Nice to learn more about Shii and her home life too. Her parents have such different tastes and Shii does as well, but it all comes together for a nice mix of cultures.

    As expected I wasn’t the only one to see the indirect kiss to start off the ep. Now we just need a direct kiss.

    Fun times with Koguma and Reiko preparing for winter and getting all the right gear. I can only imagine what it must be like to ride year round. You’ve gotta have so much gear!

    Unfortunately no swimsuit action during their summer time, but maybe we’ll get an OVA or something with them enjoying the warm weather!

    Looking forward to next week!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Shii and her parents are cool.

      The KoguRei moments were delightful.

      At least we got a taste of their sexiness in the recent scan. Dunno if we’ll get a beach episode but we can hope for an OVA.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    Haha poor Shii’s so embarrassed by her mom she tried to hide her from her new friends.


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