Yakunare Mug-Cup mo Episode 8: Mug-Cup Mizugi Time!

Right off the bat viewers should know this episode didn’t advance the main story at all but for peeps who paid attention to the preview they know exactly why it was still very hype.

We joined Mika at the coffee shop. Himeno met up with her at the Tajimi local library located in the Manabi Community Park, aka Manapa. Himeno stayed to look up information while Mika went ahead to the shop. As we can see in the screen grab she had a big book with her but of course since she’s a genki could barely keep her eyes open. She picked up the book because she’s lazing around at the library but didn’t want to come off looking like a freeloader so she borrowed a thick book. She hoped Dad and Grandma would take her order and get back to work so she could put the book away but instead they reminisced in front of her.

Eventually she “politely” asked them to stop only to be surprised by a Himeno from outta nowhere followed by Naoko inside a big kappa costume…in the middle of the Summer. They went over to the club but the heat got to them. Fortunately they’re surprised to find their leader in an interesting predicament.

It was eel season at Toki River and Touko was there enjoying a parfait looking gorgeous in her bikini. Soon the gang all joined in with Mika wondering why they all had swimsuit under their clothes, including her.

Time for what people of culture have been waiting for all week.

Mug-Cup Himeno and Naoko SwimsuitMug-Cup Mika X Touko Bikini

The “L.V. Joygasm moment of the week”.

Should be obvious to readers from the moment Himeno popped up that Mika fell asleep, hence the importance of this Touko X Mika moment. Readers surely don’t need me to spell out what’s right in front of them, right?

Our heroines took a dip in the Toki River to catch eels when they got a surprise visit from a kappa. They followed it down the all of a sudden deep river.

Somehow they found the legendary Ryugu-jo. They made their way to the throne room where a woman awaited them. They thought it was Princess Otohime but it was actually a younger Himeno Grandma.

The big surprise was Mika having a sexier body than I thought. The other three, cute Himeno, sexy Naoko and Touko were expected.

After granny sang some karaoke it’s suddenly quiz time. Note that the song and quiz game both had historical significance in Tajimi, as has been the theme throughout the show. Besides being about cute girls doing pottery it’s a promotional tour of the city. At least that’s what I gathered. Back to the episode, a quiz robot asked if Mika was the cutest pottery girl of all. Mika obviously said “YES!” while the others only agreed on a whim. The grand prize was exactly what Mika dreamed of amusingly. Alas she had a “Not even in your dreams, Mr Squarepants.” shock before waking up and trying to piece together what just happened while Touko was at the club chilling with Miss Koizumi.

Again the plot didn’t progress but we got what we came for and it was wonderful. Next time it’s back to business.

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8 Responses to Yakunare Mug-Cup mo Episode 8: Mug-Cup Mizugi Time!

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    That part about Touko was the most sensuous and erotic dream I’ve witnessed for a long time. You have a beautiful imagination and beautiful desires, Mika ^^

    Liked by 2 people

  2. chikorita157 says:

    Definitely the most interesting and out of the ordinary dream. Yep, Himeno’s grandmother’s reminiscing got to Mika’s head. Still, I never expect Touko become that intimate with Mika as she reveals her swimsuit. Definitely the best moment between them, although it’s just a dream after all. This makes it obvious that Mika has a thing for Touko.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    Mika must be very fashionable because all the swimsuits in her dream are cute and sexy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nick says:

    Swimsuit time!! Yesss!!!!

    Really enjoyed this ep for the swimsuit action, I had a feeling they’d slip it in there at some point as it was summer time and they kept mentioning the heat. Thank you anime!

    Very important to note how Mika dreams of Touko and their interactions. Very important detail!! Now this needs to happen outside of her dreams next.

    Speaking of dreams, the rest of her dream was pretty wild. Their underwater adventure, meeting a younger version of Himeno’s grandmother, classic dream stuff happening there.

    All in all it was another great ep and I should mention again how much I loved the swimsuit moments as they were really good.

    Looking forward to next time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Blessed be swimsuit episodes!

      Fingers crossed they get more development in the coming episodes.

      It’s one of the wilder dream sequences I’d seen since 90’s cartoons.

      Again blessed be swimsuit segments and episodes!

      Liked by 1 person

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