Blue Reflection Ray Episode 7: There’s Something About Mio

I sensed a big face-off coming after the last episode.

We joined Momo still shocked from all the memories she had with Mio but there’s something about that which we will get to later. Back at Red Ring HQ Niina was still in a daze from seeing Mio’s memories. Uta teased her, trying to piss her off for some maso sugar but no luck.

Cut to our heroines worried about Momo. More so Ruka and Miyako while Hiori’s less panicky. She’s just happy to see how much the two cared about Momo.

The next day Ruka asked Hiori about Mio and we went back and forth between Hiori telling Ruka about her and Niina recollecting the same memories. It was on a rainy day as Mio tried to cheer up a worried Hiori clinging on to the hope their mom would return. Both shared this wish. Ruka got a nice impression of Mio while Niina grit her teeth the more she thought about it. It was clear what’s eating her before she hinted it later. She left to do her thing and Uta got a delighted expression. She too went off to cause trouble.

Our heroines detected another girl in danger of losing her fragment. As Ruka was about to hit the scene the dorm leader had her get supplies at the store. Conveniently the store she went to was the one Momo worked at. She heard her reprimand her superiors over the phone, mainly when she mentioned Mio. Ruka asked her why she wouldn’t tell Hiori about her past with Mio or her association with the Red Ring Gang but Momo didn’t have the courage to tell her, especially because she had no idea she had these memories of Mio in the first place. Basically she doesn’t remember ever being friends or partners with Mio even after their last encounter.

Speeding through the following events, Uta got her hands on the fragment, Hiori confronted her, Niina showed up and blasted Uta like “Piss off! She’s mine.”, fought Hiori and had a clear “Mio Onee-Sama is MINE! DIE BITCH!” vibe to her. Hiori heard her say Onee-Sama but had no idea who she meant until a moment later.

Mio used some powerful dark energy to immobilize everyone as she plucked the fragment from the girl as Hiori could only watch in shock begging in vain for her to stop.

After the battle Miyako rushed over but everyone were too shocked to answer her. Then they were surrounded by girls who lost their fragments, “grateful” to have all their painful feelings “removed” and being like “You can go away now. We don’t want remember the pain ever again” as Hiori was still flabbergasted.

Good stuff.

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3 Responses to Blue Reflection Ray Episode 7: There’s Something About Mio

  1. Alexis says:

    Imaginaba que Hiori se pondría mal cuando se reencontrara con Mio, pero no esperaba que Niina se pusiera tan violenta al saber la relación entre Mio y Hiori. Sobre las flores, tengo la impresión de que no es tan fácil desprenderse de los sentimientos negativos, debe de haber consecuencias, espero que pronto nos expliquen más.
    Lo que necesita Niina es amor, mucho amor.



  2. chikorita157 says:

    Definitely not a good day for the blue team. Still, I wonder why Mio decided to create the red team and hide her intentions from her little sister. Still, it’s obvious that Niina has strong jealousy towards Hiori, especially now since she knows that she is Mio’s little sister.

    Still, AASA hiding what happened to Mio is very suspicious. Who knows what are their intentions or if they are the ones that created the red team. Even so, I wonder how Hiori will deal with what just happened since she will end up clashing with her older sister again for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    Poor brain washed fragment-less girls…


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