Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 7: Finding Love in a Warzone

Fans of a certain duo were eagerly awaiting an episode like this, myself included.

When we last left our heroines Yana couldn’t pull the trigger on Lydia during the race so Yucil took action and caused a rock slide. Kanata and Eva were the only ones out of range. More on that later.

Before we got to the big part of the episode we had an intimate scene between more than buddies team KanaShel. They’re clearly made for each other. Shelley promised to help Kanata as best as she could and to have faith in her. They also complimented their bodies and personalities.

Later on the two were like “I believe in my girlfriend”. In Shelley’s case she helped one her raivarus from the extreme dodgeball match. When asked the above question Shelley’s like “We’re competitors, not sworn enemies”. Once the danger subsided the other girls wondered if Kanata and Eva were okay. Shelley’s like “Of course. She’s Kanata after all.” They were like “Oh yeah”. Shelley thought “I believe in my Kanata” and vice versa for Kanata.

Meanwhile the time had come for Yana to make a decision. Once Lydia got what’s up she asked what the happiest day of Yana’s life was. Yana didn’t have one.

Lydia: “Mine was the day you became my friend. I was born of a hated family and everywhere I went I was scorned. You were the first person to accept me. I cherished our time together ever since. What about you? Were all your feelings a lie?”

Yana: No. I…

Lydia: Mine are real. I love you Yana Christopher and I’m proud to be by your side. So whatever you decide to do, I won’t hold it against you. You must choose now. Make your own decision. Don’t let destiny dictate your life.

Yana remembered their precious time together and was like “Forgive me Lydia” as she pointed the gun at herself. Luckily Mr Detective was a good shot and shot the gun off her hand in time.

Suddenly Yucil made her move and went after Lydia personally. Lydia went Yoda on her ass (She’s short but an ass kicker) and beat her. Yucil had a spare explosive but Mr Detective had a watch that jammed her trigger.

Later as Lydia approached a deflated Lydia:

Lydia: Stand up Yana. We got a race to finish. You want to bring change by running, right? Then get up and face the world head on!

Yana: I can’t.

Lydia: Will you quit moping already?

Yana: Demon child.

One sense slap later Lydia was like “We’re finishing this race together and that’s final!”

Yana: You really are a demon child. You’re so hateful…but damn it all I love you!

Lydia went Han Solo on her.

Later Yana was in a similar predicament as in the Moon Qualifier Finals but again Lydia showed her badassery and changed history for Yana.

Meanwhile in Mr Detective’s he tried to show his deductive skills and tried reasoning with her but she’s like “You think you have me all figured out. Fool. Killing Lydia would have been a bonus…but she’s not my main target.” In short Eva’s her target to stick it to the corporate douches, at least that’s what I got from her “Plan B” reveal. There’s a bomb at the finish line set to go off when either Kanata or Shelley cross it.

Great stuff.

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5 Responses to Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 7: Finding Love in a Warzone

  1. CJ Apple says:

    After Kanata confessed to Shelley – although, Shelley has still to confess to Kanata – now Lydia confesses to Yana – and the other way round – and now we have two official couples.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Yucil: sore wa dou kana?
    Quite clever of her to mislead everyone like that!

    Also our two couple this ep were sweet.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. cirno9fan says:

    Lydia continues being best girl and letting no one else take that from her, while Yucil proves that she’s way beyond a simple “terrorist”.

    Lots of great moments between the two main couples~

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    Lydia is cute and badassery all rolled into one eh?

    Liked by 2 people

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