Shadows House Episode 6: Shadows Garden Part 1

Yup. The Garden’s more than one part.

Emilico having tea and crumpets

When we last left our heroes their shadows were led by the judge doll to a labyrinthine garden while their dolls were locked in the debut room. This after Ass and his master lost a point. They figured the reason was because the pair were the first to dance when the judge played the piano despite him not saying they were to do so. As the others wondered what to do next Ass ran his mouth and Shaun stepped in but Emilico the peacemaker calmed them down. Ass mocked Emilico for her joyfulness but she’s like “Mistress Kate said I’m fine the way I am and that’s good enough for me”. As she had some tea and crumpets she found a feve, a good luck charm hidden in sweets. They agreed to eat all of it and found the key to the garden.

There we saw the judge doll scheming. His plan was to sabotage as many of the Debut pairs as possible to raise his judge rank, especially Kate and Emilico for some reason. Obviously he did it discreetly. When our heroes arrived they were instructed to enter the labyrinth and find their masters before time ran out. Of course there’s a time limit. He presented them tools to aid in their search. The dolls got to choose based on their current ranking with Lou going first and Emilico last.

Lou's chosen toolRum's toolEmilico's toolThese were the ladies’ picks. Shaun chose a tool set and Ass a protective suit.

Emilico and Rum push the cart up a slopeEveryone split up but Shaun was the only one who was solo in Part 1. Lou used her scissors to run into Ass while Emilico and Rum met up. We’ll focus on the cuties as Lou had Ass under control for now. Emilico encouraged Rum to team up but she wanted to take the lead. When they reached a slope Rum wanted to help Emilico push the heavy cart but she insisted on doing it herself. Once it’s clear Emilico struggled Rum surprised her with her sudden insistence complete with cool winds of change effect.

Emilico and Rum hear an explosionTired but victorious the duo along with the others suddenly heard an explosion in the distance.

John finds Kate in a cageThe cause was John who used his own soot power to break out of his prison. It appeared to be part of the test. Kate was in her own cage when John found her. He asked her to marry him but she wasn’t interested, instead telling him to not make it harder for Shaun to find him. Kate felt somewhat relieved to know she wasn’t the only one who could control soot though it made the test look like a spectacle as if they’re being watched by others above the judge.

Shadow Nobles watching the DebutShe was right. Throughout the episode there were sounds and camera angles inside the house as if the dolls were being watched. They were indeed, by the higher ranked shadow nobles. They were of the judge doll’s scheming but chose to continue watching because it’s entertaining.

Interesting first part. Part 2 next time.

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3 Responses to Shadows House Episode 6: Shadows Garden Part 1

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Emilico’s choice sure is a unique one. No doubt it’ll prove to be very useful, especially since everyone thinks she’s useless. Lol at Lou just cutting through the maze literally XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Lou cutting through the maze

    Insert the “wait that’s illegal” meme here haha

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    good thing no one accidentally swallow a piece of the key.


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