Shadows House Episode 5: Debut

It’s time for the debut. Let’s see what awaited the participant Shadows and their dolls.

Mia and Emilico celebrate a victory

Emilico, Mia and the rest of Team Rosemary celebrated getting one over Barbie after the cause of the Phantom attack was found last time.

Mia prepared for Sarah's disciplinary beatingUnfortunately Mia’s happiness was short lived as we learned not only who repeatedly trashed her room but who scarred her back. In short Sarah was jelly of Emilico.

John and ShaunJohn appears to be one of the less mean shadows. I could be wrong but throughout the episode he didn’t seem as douchey or narcissistic as the others excluding Kate.

Louise and LouUnfortunately Louise and Lou’s relationship was a vain one. It’s not so much her loving Lou but more loving her “face”. I hope for their relationship to change but I doubt it.

As always no spoilers. Not a single sentence or hint.

Emilico helped Rum talk to her mistressMeanwhile Emilico helped Rum gather the courage to finally talk to her mistress during the debut.

Shadows and Dolls prepared for the debutSpeaking of the debut it’s time.

Put simply the first test was to find out how well the pairs meshed. By that I mean how devoted the dolls were to their masters, how much they focused solely on serving their masters and not bother with trivial matters beyond that, how well the master and doll copied their movements and mannerisms and how in sync they were among other categories. The judge doll, who we know had his own agenda, made all this vague as he quietly observed, added and deducted points.

Kate and Emilico not in syncThroughout the debut Kate and Emilico weren’t in sync at all. They had no time to practice as Emilico focused more on the night shift and didn’t know the debut was one day after solving the mystery of the Phantom attack.

Kate and Emilico danceFortunately when the judge had the pairs dance Kate realized the problem was she focused too much on trying to get Emilico to act like a perfect doll similar to Mia, Lou and even Ass. She thought a doll had to be an obedient “face” or make their master look good but saw Emilico’s good points more than made up for her lack of perfection. Plus she wanted Emilico to pamper her more. The good kind of jelly unlike Sarah.

The shadows on their way to the gardenAt a certain point the judge’s points system didn’t make sense to the shadows as they questioned him. He took them to the garden as an “apology” while the dolls had to wait. Little did they know the garden was labyrinthine. Their next test awaited.

Looking forward to it.

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7 Responses to Shadows House Episode 5: Debut

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I wonder if Kate knowing how to manipulate soot is either a point of her being “ahead of the rest”, or her having something that actually is special, and possibly puts her on the same level as “lord grandfather”?

    Kate is starting to see Emilico’s good points, and I think Emilico’s desire to learn more about Kate should lead to some good things.

    This “garden” is no doubt going to be quite the thing. Amusing to see the arrogant shadow pair losing points so rapidly. Interesting how the pair that no one was paying attention to is the one that is showing the most potential for “lord grandfather”s weird “master race” plans.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Kate has great potential certainly. Whether it’s unique to her among other candidates remains to be seen.

      Kate and Emilico’s bond grows more precious with each episode.

      It’ll be an interesting challenge for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. lilmagi says:

    Funimation flubbing the translation as always. You didn’t comment, but they mistranslated when Sarah was beating Mia and saying “we haven’t debuted yet”, which is wrong, they clearly did.


  3. Makoto Itoshi says:

    It’s funny when Louise first appeared on screen I was expecting things to turn gay from there, but actually we got Kate going gay during the dance, all the compliments she gave Emilico while dancing were marvelous, and Emilico looking lovingly at her while following her steps was the cherry on top.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    i wonder if all 5 pairs will pass the “debut”, or will anyone be “discarded” by the end of it?


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