Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 5: Champion’s Light

We got the sea event of the Tri-Harsh and something more.

Let’s go over what happened to Eva this episode. Like last time she had no problem in the kayak race but when she had to fire a tracker on the white whale she hesitated the first time. She’d later hit it the 2nd time. Fortunately the tracker was more like a plunger than a dangerous weapon. The douches and Johann didn’t approve of Eva showing emotion during competition. They wanted an ice cold perfect athlete to become the Cosmo Queen. Should Eva show “weakness” again she would be replaced. The only reason I can think of for her putting up with Johann’s crap was because he knew something about where her mom was. That’s my current guess. Otherwise I don’t get how a genetically enhanced super athlete, or a “designer child” as Dr Paglia deduced, like her couldn’t snap Johann in two right there though I imagine the douchebag has a failsafe in case of betrayal. Speaking of Dr Paglia she was interested in the technology in hopes of it enhancing medical research back on her home planet.

As was hinted in the 2nd episode, Eva’s genetically enhanced.

That’s Eva done with for now so let’s check on the others. Yana still felt torn after her encounter with Yusil, made worse due to Yusil handing her an “Invisible” pistol. It’s a single bullet stealth pistol manufactured by the Gurtland conglomerate. We know why she gave Yana this lethal weapon.

Lydia’s like “You dare take the Great Lydia’s kindness for granted?”

To her surprise Lydia came back to check up on her. Yana put the pistol away before noticing Lydia’s boat. Yana was again surprised Lydia didn’t go on ahead without her for the greater good (the greater good). Lydia cared for her partner.

Next was Shelley. Once again she tried her best to catch up to Eva, pushing herself harder than before. So hard her prosthetics shocked her body real bad. Kanata tried to stop her but she kept going, only stopping when she saw a “divine light” coming from Eva. More on that in a bit.

While in critical condition Shelley dreamt about that dark day. She’s a great athlete ready to represent Venus in the Cosmo Beauty competition. However, on a rainy day a relative of the “Isekai Truck of Doom” didn’t pay attention to the stoplight and readers can guess what happened.

Shelley: Keep up that sweet talk and I might want your taco.

Kanata: Go ahead. I’ll unwrap it just for you.

Shelley: Why are you doing this much for me? Is it because I’m your partner?

Kanata: It’s because I love you.

That’s the short version. Long version? Dr Paglia injected some medicine into Shelley. Mr Detective arrived to take her to the local hospital where she was treated in time. Kanata stayed by her side. When Shelley came to she lost the will to race after seeing Eva’s divine light. That light could only be seen in champions blessed by the gods. Perfect athletes such as a few names familiar to fans of the original series like me. Once she saw the light come from Eva she felt like no matter how hard she tried she could never beat her. Kanata’s like “Nonsense. You have the divine light too. Perfect athletes don’t have to put in the effort. We put in the effort because we’re not perfect yet still strive to be the best”. More sweetness followed as Shelley realized she had the light too all along.

Now we know why they’re together in the ED.

Good stuff as usual. Next time it’s the final event of the Tri-Harsh on land.

By the way. During the scene of Mr Inspector coming to help, Yana was wary of him. Lydia noticed. Later on he told the headmistress there was an arrest warrant for Yana. Could she have been framed for Yusil’s attacks? Probably.

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7 Responses to Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 5: Champion’s Light

  1. Christian Appel says:

    I think that Shelley has already fallen for Kanata, because she is blushing like hell. That piggyback ride is so cute.

    AND we have a (love) confession of Kanata to Shelley “Daisuki dakara” style.

    Its official: Kanata X Shelley are now girlfriends/a couple and want to be together forever living at Earth when its all over.

    OP and ED makes it already crystal clear but we have the confirmation now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Other people get isekaied but Shelly got heavy injuries instead.
    Still it was sweet Kanata was there for her!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cirno9fan says:

    Highly suspecting the trinity of evil ™ are the reason Shelly has those injuries. They’ve probably been trying to mess up everyone who had actual potential so their “doll” could have as weak competition as possible. But they ignored a simple girl from a potato farm, thinking she was nothing. If you really think about it, for “some reason”, they pitted two extreme enemies as “partners”, then you have someone who was hit by a truck that was said to be extremely promising. and I don’t think they’re giving much mind to a doctor.

    Such cute scenes though~

    I wonder if tech is at the point where they could have a kid together?

    Yana still hasn’t come fully clean with Lydia, so I expect that to play out in more drama to come. Lydia really is best girl ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out the douches were behind everything. We know they’re using Yusil and framing Yana so paying a truck driver to ignore a traffic light or disrupting a young doctor’s medical research wouldn’t be an unexpected twist either.
      When will villains learn to never ignore even the least threatening looking adversaries for they could become their biggest threat, in this case an adorable potato farmer.

      I’d like to think it is.

      Lydia’s short, cute and a tsundere after all.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    Lydia is really cute this episode. Also Kanata that “divine-light” you saw on Shelly was just her short-circuiting 😀


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