Blue Reflection Ray Episode 5: Digi Princess

A particular internet blog got the attention of our heroines.

Uta will play a big role this episode.


We joined Uta itching to cause trouble but was ordered to rest since her weapon broke. She trolled on a blog but got blocked. She perked up when the host of the blog, Princess Yuki logged in. More on her in a second.

After the OP we joined our heroines having some grub as Momo explained the reason she didn’t move in to the dorms was she had some obligations back home, particularly to her deceased grandma. She compared her to a guardian ghost or something like that. That’s when a pale Miyako with baggy eyes showed up, scaring our main duo.

The reason she looked that way was because she stayed up late investigating a particular blog, though it’s more like a Discord page, belonging to one Princess Yuki. Its purpose was to welcome troubled girls in search of guidance or just someone to talk to. The interesting thing about the blog was that everyone who was personally helped by Princess Yuki had all their problems erased by her magic. Thus Miyako hypothesized Princess Yuki might be a Reflector.

While Hiori and Ruka asked girls around town what they knew about Princess Yuki Momo had a discussion with Miyako about the oddness of people sharing their troubles online, basically exposing themselves to strangers. Miyako explained people did this in hopes of finding others willing to listen to them. Both sides made a valid point.


Miyako noticed Hiori and Ruka eating ice cream instead of continuing the investigation as Momo complimented their closeness, saying their resonance wasn’t a fluke. The two mentioned how each time they touched or got close together their thoughts and feelings resonated. Momo recalled Mio and her having a similar moment last episode. This concerned her but she put it on hold for now. Suddenly a girl Hiori and Ruka met earlier came to them with some information about Princess Yuki. Another girl recommended the princess to her, someone who could erase her problems. The other girl got that information from someone named Kana.

Back to Miyako and Momo the former felt stressed. Momo tried to cheer her up but she still felt stressed. Although she moved out of her house to spread her wings a part of her yearned for her mother’s affection, hoping she’d call her to come back. She hoped Princess Yuki’s “magic” was real to erase those feelings. Suddenly Princess Yuki got bombarded with hate comments outta nowhere, calling her a liar and faker.

Princess Yuki herself appeared to be in poor condition and the stress made her feel worse. Then she got a DM from “Uutan” claiming she was there to help but of course it’s all part of her plan to slowly destroy Yuki emotionally, saying she just got all her advice by copy/pasting stuff she found online.

We got a bit of Uta’s backstory. The reason she’s a sadistic masochist was because throughout Junior High she felt surrounded by “fakers”. Girls pretending to be her friend. One evening some burglar or whatever attacked her. He cut her leg but the pain made her feel alive for the first time in her existence. From that day PAIN became Uta’s universal truth. Hence why she didn’t get what’s the big deal about friendship or love.

Our heroines could sense the pain in Princess Yuki’s heart, a pain similar to Miyako’s. Before Momo joined Hiori and Ruka she gave Miyako a pat on the back, praising her for not running away from her feelings. Thanks to that Miyako tried calling out to Princess Yuki, opening up about her loneliness. Princess Yuki, real name Yukiko, could relate. As mentioned her health was poor. It was so bad she couldn’t leave her room. Seeing other girls outside, unable to talk to them, made her heart ache. That’s why she created the Princess Yuki blog, to find people to talk to. Thus Miyako’s words healed her. Yukiko found a kindred spirit who wanted to get to know her better. Thanks to that the darkness faded, much to Uta’s anguish. Uta hated the falsehood of “happy times” and yearned to relish the pain and suffering of others but had to make do with Niina’s scolding.

Good stuff once again.

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5 Responses to Blue Reflection Ray Episode 5: Digi Princess

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Uta really has a very unhappy life to become an internet troll. Still, it’s interesting how Uta became the person she is now. I wonder what made her so unhappy.

    Still, it’s good that Miyako resolved the situation before it got worse. Also, I think that Ruka and Hiori investigation kind of felt like a date or something with the ice cream.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    seeing some potential between momo and miyako 😉

    Breaking her sword seems to be the key to getting them to be unable to run away from their pasts. I wonder if that “sickness” is the result of a red reflector being too exposed to having no sword? Like becoming a red reflector is basically a “deal with the devil”, and you’ve already lost once you’ve started it.

    But then again, that whole stuff at the very beginning makes me think being a reflector period has a serious price. I don’t think it was an issue of Hiori’s oneechan saying the “big secret” was that red got to say goodbye to their past. There’s gotta be something about reflectors in general.

    Loving this show as always ~

    Happy it’s not going to be going MotW, cause it seemed like it might have been on that path. Now we know we can get entire episodes without physical combat

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    i feel sympathetic towards Princess Yuki’s suffering, and am happy to see she was able to connect with someone in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Giack31 says:

    I like how Miyako was able to solve the problem this time proving that she is actually part of the team even though she isn’t a reflector.


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