Super Cub Episode 5: Reiko vs Fuji

This was either going to be a Reiko episode or Reiko and Koguma. It was more the former.

Mechanic Reiko

We learned Reiko moved out of her home into a log cabin. Whether it belonged to her parents or she rented it I don’t know nor care. What mattered was it’s big enough to park a cub in the entryway. The reason she moved out was because she felt “boxed in”, unable to live life her way. I’m sure some teenagers and young adults could relate. When Koguma dropped by she told the story of how she spent most of her Summer vacation.

Reiko riding up a mountain trailShe read a book by a biker adventurist. There was a chapter all about motorcyclists riding to the top of Mt Fuji. Reiko wanted to take the challenge herself, specially she wanted to accomplish this feat with her Postal Cub, with the proper tweaks of course. She got a job that provided lodgings and gave her the opportunity to take the challenge.

Reiko frustratedObviously this proved to be much harder than she thought. She even got altitude sickness at one point. Her employer, a retired pro mountain climber who scaled Mt Everest with his team once before, gave her simple but sound advice.

Reiko giving it her allShe was so consumed with the need to beat the challenge she forgot about the thrill of it. Feeling refreshed she made it further than her previous attempts. She even recalled another motivation, to show Koguma that it was definitely possible to go anywhere riding a cub just like she told her. Alas she failed yet again but wasn’t frustrated anymore.

Reiko and Koguma have a fun reflectionKoguma understandably told Reiko it’s dumb to push herself like that but admitted it wasn’t impossible. Reiko revealed two Cub riders were successful and she’s determined to become the third. With only one week left of Summer vacation Reiko would spend most of it fixing her cub while Koguma would apply for a full cycling license. She had a Class 1 license before.

Reiko breaks down the myth of the cursed cubOne last thing. Reiko debunked the myth of Koguma’s “Cursed Cub”.

Good episode as always. As expected it served to confirm Reiko being the cool and sexy member of the Cub Buddies. She even had badass background music. Hopefully sometime later we’ll find out what the third member’s role will be. Next time we’ll either take the driver’s exam together with Koguma or something else.

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14 Responses to Super Cub Episode 5: Reiko vs Fuji

  1. elkat4 says:

    Koguma: “I had strange dream last night.”

    Reiko: “What kind of a dream?”

    Koguma: “I had died and gone to the underworld. There was this skeleton biker with a flaming skull.

    Reiko: “Ghost Rider?”

    Koguma: “He called himself ‘Gho Strider’ and insisted he was an ‘OC-Donotsteal’ whatever that is.”

    Reiko: “Oh really?”

    Koguma: “He told me that if I beat him in a race, I would allowed to come back to life.”

    Reiko: “Oh, like playing a game chess against death. Did you accept?”

    Koguma: “Yes. I couldn’t spend time with you if remained dead.”

    Reiko blushing: “Did you win?”

    Koguma: “I don’t remember. I woke up before the race was over.”

    Reiko: “Oh, that sucks.”

    Koguma: “But a mysterious biker with braids randomly joined our race.”

    Reiko: “A mysterious biker with braids? Was she cute?”

    Koguma: “I don’t know. She never removed her helmet or spoke.”

    Reiko: “That’s quite mysterious indeed.”

    Koguma: “It was a really strange dream.”

    Reiko: “There, there. How you sleep in my bed tonight.”

    Koguma: “You want to sleep on the floor?”

    Reiko blushing: “We’ll both be sleeping in my bed!”

    Koguma: “Oh….Please be gentle.”

    Reiko face bright red: “I-I didn’t mean like that!”

    Koguma: “You don’t want to sleep with me?”

    Reiko: “It’s not that simple!”

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  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Reiko totally needs some initial D music as she’s climbing up those slopes.
    Unfortunate she wasn’t able to make it to the top but she learned a lot and she can try again.

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s funny to see Reiko being badass trying to ride her bike up the mountain. It’s good that she didn’t get seriously injured in her attempts, but it’s kind of risky. I guess she shouldn’t be too worried since there is always a next time after learning from her mistakes. Still, it’s kind of cute how Koguma thinks she can do what Reiko can’t.

    But yeah, there needs to be more eurobeat since Reiko did all the drifting.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The cool and sexy Cub Buddy, Reiko while Koguma’s the cute and determined one. Looking forward to seeing what role the third girl fills in the future.

      I didn’t watch Initial D so couldn’t make any references.

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  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Such a fun and unexpected change of tempo. Reiko is cool and tough, and I liked how her promise to Koguma kept her trying when it got difficult.

    Koguma cooking for Reiko was lovely too. You two should become a family ^^ Koguma’s personality is cute, the way she’s shy and quiet but rather headstrong at the same time. Especially when she’s in her sleeping bag and says that HER cub would have made it to the top. Delightful ^^

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  5. Ioni says:

    She’s crazy enough to try, in several years, the Pike Peaks with a Cub


  6. yurimylove says:

    Encouragement of Cub

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  7. K says:

    On a challenging episode of “Girl vs. Wild”, Reiko attempted to climb Mt.Fuji with her Cub partner. Unfortunately, that mountain was not easy to overcome and she was unsuccessful in the end. Her last attempt was her best and most fun one, as well as her most(seemingly) painful fall, more for her Cub than herself.

    I loved how confident Koguma sounded when she said her Cub would make it to the top.

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  8. Giack31 says:

    At first the super hype music when Reiko started trying to ride on Mount Fuji felt pretty out of place but it makes sense that with a change of character also comes a change of pace and overall tone. It was still a great episode.


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