Yakunare Mug-Cup mo Episode 5: Ceramic Detectives

It was Summer vacation and our heroines got the urge to tail their teacher.

Himeno, Mika and Naoko overheard Miss Koizumi talking to someone and thought it was her boyfriend. Himeno had the idea of secretly following her.

One of the train stops was a town called Hime. Naoko and Mika had some fun with our pink lead over it.

They went high and low doing a poor job, mainly Mika, concealing themselves. It wasn’t until they reached a stairway to a shrine that they’d had enough. Miss Koizumi was a pro hiker. Himeno revealed the real reason she wanted to follow Miss Koizumi. She wanted to be as far away from the pottery club as possible. She still hadn’t recovered from the major downer last time. She couldn’t concentrate, especially around talented people like Touko and Mika. When Touko announced there would be a break in club activities Himeno breathed a sigh of relief. Studying for exams was an excuse for her to stay away from the club.

Naoko and Mika were like “Our Himeno’s so cute when she’s all serious”. Miss Koizumi, who knew they’re following her for a while, helped ease Himeno’s worries. Hime just needed a break to recharge. Nothing wrong with that. She revealed the reason for her trip was to check out the fireflies at night before the end of the season. That and the other person on the phone was a gal pal of hers. Knowing a certain someone with the initials L.V. she knows what the teacher really meant. Point was Himeno felt relieved thanks to her friends, teacher and the fireflies’ support.

Good stuff as usual.

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9 Responses to Yakunare Mug-Cup mo Episode 5: Ceramic Detectives

  1. To be honest, after this episode, i really want Hime, Mika and Naoko go poly route, their are so cute together (OwO)

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  2. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that the girls have a really fun trip. I find it funny how the girls think they are doing detective work when Mika almost blew their cover. Eventually, their teacher found out, but still, it’s fun seeing those fireflies. Still, I hope that Himeno gotten over her what happened last time.

    Still, Mika never fails to amaze me with her energy.

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  3. yurimylove says:

    i guess the pottery club girls are not gonna make it to Tri-Harsh

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  4. Nick says:

    No pottery this week but still a fun and enjoyable ep to watch.

    I missed seeing Touko this week, she’s so good. Maybe next time she’ll join them for another outing.

    Seeing how it’s summertime in the anime, I wonder if that means we’ll get a beach/pool/swimsuit ep at some point?

    Miss Koizumi really led them on quite the adventure into the mountains. Really pretty seeing all the fireflies too. Would be awesome to see that in person. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a firefly in person before, just not something we have here.


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