Shadows House Episode 4: Night Shift

Emilico ended up getting a night shift this episode. Let’s find out how and why.

Barbie the star bearer called a dolls’ meeting to get answers on what caused the Phantom attack last time. When it was Team Rosemary’s turn she talked them down. Mia argued she’s unfair since the group featured rookies and others inexperienced at dealing with Phantoms. Barbie was having none of it.

Emilico was next to question her cruelty. As she ran her down for her “annoying” kindness Shaun, a male doll, “accidentally” tripped Barbie. He said it’s because he had poor eyesight. When asked about glasses he said his master didn’t wear any. An ass kissing boy doll kicked Shaun down. Didn’t care to remember his name.

The next victim of Barbie’s wrath was this poor doll. She seemed to be clumsier than Emilico and couldn’t stand up to Barbie at all, especially when her own teammates threw her under the rug. Emilico again stood up to Barbie, saying there surely had to be another cause for the Phantom appearance. Because of that Barbie sentenced Emilico, Shaun and the sad doll to a night shift to find the supposed cause.

Emilico didn’t mind the night shift too much as it meant she could work with and befriend Shaun and the sad doll. There was one drawback but we’ll get to it in a bit. They searched for six nights with no cause to be found. The night shifts affected their sleep schedule.

On the seventh night Shaun had lost interest in searching and suggested the trio got some sleep as their lack thereof affected their roles as “faces”. Emilico agreed to take a break but the sad doll started crying, blaming herself for the Phantom appearing and accepted other dolls calling her a failure. Emilico was overjoyed to hear sad doll finally talk to her. She told her she’s called a failure too but assured her everyone was needed by someone. Sad doll introduced herself as Rum but before Emilico could properly befriend her someone or something was approaching. Rum immediately ran away before the entity was revealed to be a veiled doll. Not a threat.

After the veiled doll left the two went in search of the runaway. They used the map Mia gave Emilico and checked out the front door hallway, a forbidden room. They learned why that was when Emilico triggered and arrow trap. Shaun questioned why it was there, to kill runaway dolls who tried to escape the mansion perhaps? Best to not think about “trivial matters”.

They heard Rum scream but couldn’t find a nearby door. That’s when Emilico remembered the revolving doors and needlessly leapt through one. Still a fun sight. After finding Rum and teaming up to beat a scorch they discovered the cause. There was a leak in the soot pipeline and a trapdoor broke so the soot accumulated. The trio shared some yummy bread afterward. Shaun and Rum were put off by Emilico’s joy at first but of course they got to know her coolness.

Meanwhile Kate felt a mix of loneliness and anxiousness without her precious Emilico around no thanks to the night shift. The loneliness was obvious while the anxiousness came from The Debut fast approaching. In fact, it will happen in the next episode. Should be quite interesting.

No spoilers from manga readers please.

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4 Responses to Shadows House Episode 4: Night Shift

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    The entire damn house is creepy, especially now that we know there’s a death trap for guys that want to leave. Don’t worry about trivial matters indeed…
    At least Emilico got some new friends.
    Shaun, you really should wear glasses! Especially since you’re cleaning the house a lot and the Shadows family don’t seem to believe in safety standards….

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    the “veiled doll” could very well be shadows too no?


  3. Giack31 says:

    I like how we are slowly starting to get to know the other dolls from the OP.

    Poor Kate is staring to feel lonely when Emilico is not with her.


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