Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 4: Looming Shadows of War

The first event of Tri-Harsh as they called it was an air glider race. Eva surprised everyone again by gaining a distant lead. Kanata again tried reasoning with her but Eva was having none of it as she made it to the finish in first with no issue. Kanata, despite her adorable clumsiness came in second.

Afterward our heroines had a discussion about Eva’s unbelievable skills. Lydia and Shelley believed she’s cheating be it via outside interference, mechanical implants similar to Shelley’s prosthetics or steroids while Yana and Dr Paglia believed it was because she’s that damn good from intense training. Lydia brought up what she wanted to tell Yana last time about the Gurtlands’ involvement with the terrorist attacks and the corporate douchebags. Kanata, being the lovable dork she was, didn’t believe Eva was a cheater or involved with shady douches. She told them about the day she found Eva and could see in her eyes she wasn’t a bad girl. Dr Paglia meanwhile had her own suspicions.

Later that day after reporting to Dr Johann Eva found a note on her door with a picture of her mom. The sender was Mr Detective who claimed to know her whereabouts. In exchange for telling her what she knew he wanted to know about her, specifically her real identity. It looked like the two were about to strike a deal when a truck armed with an explosive similar to the one in Mr Detective’s car. They escaped the explosion in time.

Meanwhile Yana ended an interview with the press. As she questioned the press’ integrity in wanting to spin her story for their own narrative she came across the sight of the explosion. She recognized someone in the distance and chased them into an alleyway. It was Yusil. The girl from her flashback. During the final stretch of a race to determine which of the two would represent the moon in the Cosmo Beauty competition Yusil slipped and fell but Yana went on without her.That along with the war loosened some of Yusil’s screws if you catch my drift. She revealed that she’s the one behind the explosions. Yana naturally confronted her. Yusil said both would find their own way to end the war. She chose the violent route. Yana tried arguing against that when Yusil questioned her resolve. Was she competing to become the Cosmo Beauty or to make friends? When Yana swore she hadn’t forgotten Yusil got to the point. “We both know how to end the war. Get rid of the Gurtlands. So you know what you have to do, right? Kill Lydia Gurtland”.

I doubt Yana would turn on Lydia and even if she did it wouldn’t last long. Good stuff.

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6 Responses to Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 4: Looming Shadows of War

  1. cirno9fan says:

    This is definitely a trial to hone their relationship.
    Since it’s a silly sports anime I’ll give it a pass, but….no implants, no genetic engineering, nothing outside of attaching rockets would make a glider go faster than any person could go. it’s reliant on the wind entirely, and lack of skill can make it not work as well, this is true, but willpower/superhuman anything (outisde psychokinesis that is moving it) would do nothing to help. NOTHING

    If this weren’t a silly sports anime with cartoony villains who eat bananas and pound their chest like a gorilla…then there’d be no way for the explanation to be anything but cheating, be it outside forces, or inside forces.

    All the other events are totally believable that genetically engineering a super soldier would be beneficial.

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  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Those dark forces are really starting to hit close to home, Yana is now forced to make a hard choice!
    The mystery about Eva deepens even more too. Can’t wait to get answers.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    Evil psychotic (possibly) lesbian appears

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