300 Years Killing Slimes Episode 4: My Big Fat Dragon Shindig

Wonder how many peeps got the reference without Googling it?

When we last left our lovely family Laika surprised everyone announcing she’d have to return home. Let’s see what happened next.

Turns out there was no need for Azusa to worry as the reason Laika had to return home was to attend her sister Leila’s wedding. She invited everyone to come along.

My good friend Chloe-chan mentioned wanting to see a spinoff of Laika’s days at the red dragon girls’ school where she was worshiped and still is. #LaikaOneeSama.

Unfortunately the party was ruined by wedding crashers. The Blue Dragons from Heynt led by Flatorte who was jelly Leila, a 300-something was getting married before her, a 400-something. Plus the two dragon clans had a long feud.

Azusa took her family to safety and chose to stay out of it but once a blue dragon made her babies cry it was on like Donkey Kong. She proceeded to dominate all who got in her way.

With the main forces defeated our heroines remembered Flatorte saying there was another group sent to freeze the volcano. They went to check up on the nearby village. Fortunately that area had a relaxing onsen which a certain bodacious demon lord frequented. She overheard the blue dragons causing trouble and took care of them. She’s rewarded with Azusa huggies.

To cut the conclusion short our heroines “convinced” Flatorte and the blue dragons to make peace with the red dragons and fix all the damage they caused. We can tell when Flatorte eventually joins Azusa she’ll be the tsundere of the family.

Oh right. After the wedding Azusa had a touching moment with her future dragon wife. While Laika was happy for Leila she would miss her dearly, especially her calming head rubs. Azusa offered to rub her head every now and then. Laika was elated but toned down her joy for now.

I didn’t mention her much but obviously Halkara was again glorious this episode. Good stuff yet again.

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17 Responses to 300 Years Killing Slimes Episode 4: My Big Fat Dragon Shindig

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I personally like Laika and Flatorte together, and there’s an even more tsundere family member eventually, but I can’t see the anime making it that far.

    I really like Flatorte! Her design is very ❤ And her attitude is a lot of fun (avoiding being specific about it since it hasn’t really shone through fully yet)

    I’m really enjoying the show~ Hopefully a certain devious someone is coming soon! (can’t recall the order of events in the LN, since I”ve been reading this for so long…)

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  2. opaco1234 says:

    Laika was a siscom but with Asuza she can grown up to be a proper wife, while Haikara is the affair

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  3. elkat4 says:

    Azusa: “There’s a lot of people here. Are they all dragons?”
    Laika: “Yes. Our entire clan is here….though there’s some I don’t recognize like that group over there.”
    Azusa: “That red-haired woman looks awfully a lot like Kobayashi-san…. And the one stuffing her mouth looks (and eats) a lot like Elma-san…. And that boy over there looks a lot like my old boss’s son….”
    Laika: “You’re looking a little pale.”
    Azusa: “Can dragons travel to different worlds.”
    Laika: “Exceptionally powerful ones can.”
    Azusa: “….I see.”

    Kobayashi: “Are you sure it’s alright for us to be crashing a wedding like this?”
    Tohru: “Don’t worry! I’m practically a friend of the family (my father insisted I attend in his place….)”
    Kobayashi: “Well if it’s fine….”
    Tohru, glaring at Elma: “That being said, I don’t remember inviting YOU!”
    Elma, pausing stuffing her mouth: “Kobayashi-san invited me.”
    Kobayashi: “Our boss asked me to bring Shouta along and I figured having somebody another person familiar with dragons would help.”
    Shota: “Witnessing such events is important experience for the future.”
    Lucoa: “Oh Shota, you tease!”
    Shota, blushing furiously: “D-don’t get any wrong ideas, you you succubus!”
    Kanna: “If only Saikawa was here…..”
    Flashback to Kanna telling Saikawa about the wedding and Saikawa losing her mind as she imagined marrying Kana
    Fafnir: “….I’m here only because the game I’m playing is under maintenance.”

    meanwhile meanwhile
    Yuna: “So this is how dragons get married….”
    Fina: “Thank you bringing me along.”
    Yuna: “It’s no problem! I though be awkward to attend a stranger’s wedding alone. (Who knew that random person I saved that one time was a dragon….)”
    Fina: “This is second wedding I’ve been to since mom and uncle Gentz got married.”
    Yuna: “Don’t worry! I’m sure one day, you’ll get married yourself….”
    Fina, blushing: “Yes….”
    Yuna: “I suppose I’ll be getting more use out of this bear-tux.”

    meanwhile, meanwhile, meanwhile
    Catarina: “It’s such a shame that the guys couldn’t come.”
    Mary: “So true (I was planning on having Catarina all to myself, but for some reason these two are here. I thought they would be delighted to eat ‘Catarina’s special cookies’.)”
    Sophia: “My brother sends his regards. (He was fine until he ate one of the cookies Catarina-sama made for him.)”
    Maria: “I was so excited about the wedding, I left the cookies you made for me at home.”
    Catarine: “Cookies?”

    meanwhile, meanwhile, meanwhile, meanwhile
    Adele, stuffing her pouch with absurd amounts of food: “Wow! This is way better than the last time we had to deal with dragons!”
    Reina: “Don’t remind me. I still have nightmares.”
    Mavis: “I know what you mean. Seeing the way those women are looking at me is kind of making uncomfortable. It’s like they want to me eat me….”
    Adele: “If you’re lucky, they’ll loose interest once they realize you’re a girl.”
    Mavis: “And if I’m unlucky….”
    Adele: “Well, let’s just say I’ve read alot of Sayurihime.”
    Pauline, abacus in hands: “I thought it was weird that there was such a high ranked quest to coordinate a wedding, but the payout was too much pass up!”

    Yusha: “Wow! A dragon’s wedding!”
    Seiran: “Everyone remember to be on your best behavior! That includes you, Fai!”
    Fai, between mouthfuls: “Don’t….worry….about….me….”
    Mei: “I hoping to acquire the legendary ultra rare Wedding Cartado.”
    Seiran: “Is there a Cartado for everything?”
    Mei: “Yes.”
    Rona: “You look so pretty in your dress, Yusha! I must keep this in mind when I plan our wedding.”
    Mao: “I don’t know whose more delusional, the princess or a certain lolicon.”
    A certain lolicon: “You look beautiful in that dress….”
    Seiran: “I still can’t believe Chibi is a friend of the family (or that she ate the wedding invitations….).”

    Okay, you should get the joke by now
    Elaina: “Thanks for inviting me, sensei”
    Fran: “Don’t worry about it. I figured this would be an important experience for your journey.”
    Elaina: “I didn’t expect you to be here, Saya.”
    Saya: “It’s destiny! Let’s get married here, Elaina!”
    Elaina: “No.”
    Saya: “Oh Elaina! Playing hard to get!”
    Sheila: “Saya, don’t forget you’re here upon my request.”
    Mina: “Seriously, Saya-neesan! You’re grow-up! (If only she fawned over me like that….)

    The joke that won’t die!
    Akko: “When you invited to come to a wedding, I didn’t think we’d have to travel another world.”
    Diana: “Don’t get the wrong idea! Barbra and Hanna just happened to be busy, so I had no choice but to invite a hopeless idiot like you!”
    Akko: “Well excuse me! I didn’t really want to come anyways, but apparently Sucy went off to collect mushrooms and Lotte is at some nerdy convention, so I had no choice but to come!”
    Ursula: “Now girls, please behave! As your escort, I’m expecting you to be on your best behavior.
    Croix: “This wedding’s pretty nice, but I think we can do better….with drones.”
    Ursula: “Dear, I thought we agreed to not use drones at our wedding.”

    I thought I ran out of references, but we’re not complete without….
    Nanoha: “I remember our wedding.”
    Fate: “It was beautiful. I remember how your father was trying his best to not cry while he walked you down the aisle.”
    Hayate: “It wasn’t just your father. Alisa refused to admit she was crying.”
    Vivio: “Alisa?”
    Nanoha: “She’s one my old school friends from Earth. You met here when we visited your grandparents.”
    Vivio: “You mean that angry blonde lady?”
    Nanoha: “Er, yes.”
    Fate: “As I recall, she was upset that we got married before she did. Suzuka was so embarrassed.”
    Taena: “Talking about crying….”
    Subaru, sobbing: “This is so beautiful.”
    Erio: “It’s kind of embarrassing being around so many lovey-dovey people….”
    Caro: “Y-yeah….”
    Einhart, blushing: “A wedding….”
    Fate: “Now that I think about it, I realize I’m probably going to be one walk Vivio down the aisle when she gets married! Sniff
    Nanoha: “Now dear that won’t be another ten years at least.”
    Vivio, blushing: “Fate-mama! Nanoha-mama!”

    Okay, I think I’m genuinely out of ideas now….

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’m pretty sure you do this every time you’re inspired but I do hope every time your brain juices go crazy your comments here are all copy/pasted. It’d be sad if all your crazy crossover ideas weren’t documented in the annals of fanfic history.

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  4. chikorita157 says:

    It’s good at Azusa gives Flatorte another brutal befriending. I find it funny how she reluctantly gives a rose to Leila after being brutally defeated. I have a feeling that there is something in that treaty that she doesn’t realize as she is seen in the ending theme. Still, I like the moment with Laika and Azusa. Of course, Azusa being a bit close to Beelzebub is cute too.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    I got your title reference right away since I’ve watched my big fat greek wedding and the sequel. I like both, the first one more.

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  6. ArcaJ says:

    What a lovely episode! We get to meet Laika’s family, and Beelzebub shows up again.

    So, all dragons are this cute? I love it when Ausa gets to flex her power. She’s so O.P. that she’s like my team of Melia, Dunban and Fiora in Xenoblade. 😃 I use them to murder world bosses.

    That final axe kick was LEGENDARY.

    I get the feeling Beelzebub is going to drop in even more often.

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    • OG-Man says:

      As I predicted last episode Beelzebub will drop by every now and then. Personally I’d love her to appear in every episode from now on but that’d be asking for too much.

      She’s about as OP as many other isekai protagonists. Were it not for her Mama Bear rage I wouldn’t have cared much personally.

      Speaking of JRPGs, Did I ever add you to my Nintendo Friends list?

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      • cirno9fan says:

        Without spoiling anything, Beelzebub definitely has a lot of screentime (or is it page time when it comes to a book???), and I don’t think your wish is too impossible to grant.


  7. K says:

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with more action, basically.

    Halkara: I think I actually wouldn’t mind being kissed by you.
    Me: Not after puking your insides out she would!

    Azusa’s surprisingly strong in the physical department. I suppose that’s a benefit of a basic RPG-like system, a magic-user at max level being able to hit like a truck (not as hard as a warrior, but still).

    I have a feeling that Beelzebub will conveniently be in the neighbourhood whenever Azusa and co. go somewhere. That way, she can get plenty of Azusa hugs that she totally does not want.

    After crashing her wedding, Leila’s barb towards Flatorte was well deserved in my book.

    Azusa wouldn’t mind being Laika’s lap pillow but Laika not wanting to be too indulgent is also understandable.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I figured you too would get the reference. You sound like a movie buff.

      As usual fantasy isekai anime include JRPG elements.

      Yup. She may not live with Azusa but she’s definitely part of her harem and will show up pretty often.

      Yup. Flatorte had it coming.

      Take it slow. Gotta prove she’s a worthy wife after all.


  8. Giack31 says:

    It was cool seeing Azusa flexing her max level to protect her family.


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