Blue Reflection Ray Episode 3: Battle for Fragments

When we last left our heroines they’re in a pickle as the Red Ring Gang captured Miyako again and were about to remove her Fragment. Plus Hiori was in a 2 on 1 handicap match because Ruka couldn’t transform.

Despite this being her first Reflector battle Hiori held her own against the Red Rings as she tried to get them to explain their actions. Nina meanwhile was somewhat impressed by her tenacity but had enough of it as Uta and her combined their attacks.

The double attack bounced off Hiori’s sword and headed toward Ruka. Hiori rushed over to her and shielded her with her body. With her body banged up Nina finally took time to explained the Red Rings’ goal, to gather and “purify” as many Fragments as possible. Specifically, gather all the painful past memories of pained girls so they won’t have to suffer anymore. Hiori argued that it wasn’t up to the Red Rings to determine how people should feel or what they no longer needed to feel. People with painful pasts had it hard no question but that did not mean there was nothing valuable experienced or learned in that time. Basically come to terms with your past and overcome it by yourself or with help from others, not have others erase it all for you. Something like that.

As Ruka watched Hiori fight she tried to understand why she’d go so far. She remembered the flower girl from the flashback. That day Ruka noticed the girl was in pain but because she knew nothing about her she didn’t dare approach her to try and help. Whether it was the next day or some time later the girl most likely committed suicide.

Seeing Hiori fighting and Miyako struggling as she was weighed down by her uncertainty Ruka could finally take it no more and pushed Hiori out of harm’s way. She didn’t want to stand in the background anymore. She wanted to fight too.

The Blue Ring heard her determination and she transformed into a Reflector. She helped Hiori fight the red rings.

As all this happened Miyako fought her own inner battle. We learned she liked shiny things because their beauty attracted people to them or got their attention. She wanted to be “shiny” so her family would notice her. She made a special shiny frame but as we saw last episode her mom threw it away. The red rings’ dark energy almost made her give up her Fragment but she remembered the love for shiny things and what they meant. She faced the darkness to reclaim that feeling in hopes someone would notice her. Naturally two girls did. With the colors of Miyako’s Fragment restored the red rings lost interest and retreated.

The observant surely wondered where was Momo. Surely she’d provide backup. Well she had her hands full with the Red Ring Gang (most likely) leader, Mio. She kept her distracted as Momo tried interrogating her to no avail. Once it became clear her team failed Mio was about to leave but Momo still wanted answers. Since we know the two had a connection Mio touched Momo’s sword the same way Hiori and Ruka connected. Quick flashes of the prologue went through Momo’s head but she couldn’t piece it all together. It appeared Mio remembered Momo but Momo couldn’t remember her.

I’m sure some will have fun in the comments brainstorming the reason Mio was “erased” but I’ll wait for the show to reveal the answers. One assumption is it had something to do with her Fragment but that’s my only guess.

After returning Miyako home safely they went back to the dorms. Ruka was ready for a scolding but it was revealed that everyone in the dorms, including Hiori, planned a surprise welcome party for her. During celebrations Ruka offered her support to Hiori. She tried to act all tsundere about teaming up with Hiori but Miyako’s better at the tsundere thing than her.

Good stuff yet again.

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10 Responses to Blue Reflection Ray Episode 3: Battle for Fragments

  1. cirno9fan says:

    There’s something about this show, and I just really really love it~

    If anything, I think that organization is super shady, but I can never get down its name….ah well

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Hiori did her best holding out there but it wasn’t enough, good thing Ruka was able to transform.

    Mio using chains when everyone else is swinging a sword is pretty cool.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s good that Miyako come into terms with her feelings. There are probably other people that will appreciate her interests. Still, it’s good that Ruka finally come into terms with her regrets not saving the girl and helping to rescue Miyako. Still, I wonder this is the thing that caused her to having difficulty talking with others.

    Still, I wonder why Mio want all those fragments or why she suddenly disappeared. The mystery deepens, although I wonder how Hiyo will react if she finds out what her older sister is doing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I assume that’s the main reason she’s afraid to approach others. Could be more to it but for now let’s got with that.

      Hiori will have t learn the truth eventually.


  4. Alexis says:

    Esas chicas misteriosas tienen habilidades interesantes y me estoy convenciendo de que son extremistas “sin malas intenciones”, he estado pensando que si me ofrecieran un anillo rojo y un buen plan dental me uniría XD.

    Esperando el momento cuando Hiori descubra que su amada onee-chan se pasó al lado oscuro y se consiguió una imouto mucho más adorable y dependiente, mi predicción es que eso será en el climax de la serie.


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  5. yurimylove says:

    This show remembers the anime tradition that nudity is an essential part of magical girl transformations 😀

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  6. Giack31 says:

    At first I though they were doing the thing where they slightly change a character and then no one is able to recognise them anymore for some reason but if Momo actually doesn’t remember her that would make a lot more sense


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