Shadows House Episode 2: Life of Dolls

We learned more about the duties of the dolls and even a little something about the Shadows.

Kate haunted by the soot

From what I understood about Kate’s anxious introduction she felt disturbed that every day she awoke to a room covered in soot and everything she touched sullied with soot. Emilico later arrived to clean the room and all was well. Kate told her she’d soon start help cleaning other parts of the mansion with other dolls. Emilico was surprised but willing to give it a go.

Emilico, Mia, Rosemary and LouThe next day Emilico was picked up by another doll, Mia, who showed her to a main hall full of other dolls happily working. Mia introduced them to the head maid, Rosemary and a quiet doll, Lou. Rosemary touted how much fun it was cleaning up the mansion and serving the Shadows. They even had a song about it that instantly sent bad vibes. Yeah, no way the Shadows were all so benevolent that working for them was a privilege. The song even included a line about not worrying about trivial matters. More on that later.

Kate angry with EmilicoEmilico happily returned to Kate after a “fun” day of work. However, as she sang the freaky song she accidentally knocked water on to Kate’s stuffed doll. Emilico asked if she should throw it away like other broken things but Kate lashed out at her accusing her of not treasuring anything. Emilico was distraught but also determined to fix her mistake. Poor dear did nothing wrong but she’s devoted her mistress.

Kate and Emilico both have toys nowEmilico sneakily fixed Kate’s toy and even made one for herself. Kate apologized for her outburst while Emilico thanked her for the lesson on treasuring something. Later as Emilico cleaned the window outside her toy slipped out of her pocket. She fell trying to grab it. Kate rushed down to rescue Emilico. It was easy to tell it wasn’t something Kate did often or she wasn’t allowed to do as she snuck her way to the courtyard. There was another shadow running too but it wasn’t the one we’d soon see.

Mia and SarahOnce Emilico showed she was okay the two tried sneaking back to Kate’s room when they’re met by Mia and her mistress Sarah. Emilico happily introduced Kate to Mia but she didn’t speak a word, only emulating Sarah’s actions and mannerisms. Remember when Kate talked about human dolls’ main objective being to become their Shadow Master’s identity? Mia showed us an example of what she most likely meant. Sarah talked down our heroines calling Emilico a failure of a “face” and Kate expressionless, saying Lord Grandfather would discard them were he to see this. Afterward Kate cheered Emilico up saying her caring for the toy was a good sign of becoming a great “face”.

Emilico's don't fret notebook

Emilico tried writing everything she considered “trivial” in a notebook so they wouldn’t get in the way of her work. However, she couldn’t help but think about their encounter with Sarah. After the ED we saw Sarah return to her room dirtied with soot. Was it vandalized by a Shadow? Could it have been the other one seen during Kate’s run down to the courtyard? We may find out next time.

Good stuff.

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4 Responses to Shadows House Episode 2: Life of Dolls

  1. cirno9fan says:

    It was obvious things were going to get pretty dark, so I wasn’t surprised…per say, but that song creeped me out o_o

    It’s good that Emilico seems “broken”, because Kate doesn’t need a “face”, and Emilico is slowly helping her prove that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My guess is Mia’s own shadow did it. The show overall from the OP and ED screamed sinister, so when the first episode was almost a comedy, I was just waiting to see when it would turn dark, but now we start to see some signs.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    Kate’s little stuffed doll is actually quite cute… though not as cute as Emilico of course


  4. Giack31 says:

    Great episode.

    I really like all of the new dolls introduces and their designs. I also like that you could see some of the other people shown in the op in the background of the first scenes.

    That songs was just straight up bad vibes and quite creepy.

    I love that Emilico trying to get rid of her “trivial” thoughts by writing them has the exact opposite effect

    I feel like despite what Mia says she does bear resentment towards Sarah and the other Shadows


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