Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 2: Race of Races

Last time we joined Kanata as she enrolled into the University Satellite to become the next Cosmo Beauty along with an introduction to her partner and rivals. Let’s see what’s next for our country girl heroine.

Sleepy Kanata cuddling Shelley

After a recap of the first episode we joined Shelley getting cuddled by a sleepy Kanata who’s used to cuddling her imouto every morning.

Kanata and Coach Tama-chanKanata tried to get to training on time but something prevented her from doing so. She got an earful from Coach Tama-chan.

Kanata reimagines the kangarooShe tried telling Coach Tama-chan a kangaroo blocked her way and it was thanks to a detective she was able to make it. Naturally Coach didn’t believe her despite it being true.

Kanata and Pagli runningThis being 2021 viewers are blessed with more detailed animation than in 1998.

Dr Paglia used her knowledge to help relief Kanata of her stress from what happened at the end of the last episode with a certain acquaintance. Speaking of said acquaintance…

Mystery woman againShe surprised everyone with her great speed and stamina easily passing everyone when they ran a bit more seriously. Plus she didn’t break a sweat. We quickly learned that it’s because she’s genetically enhanced. That and she’s indeed involved with the corporate douches, against her will obviously. The scene with her, Dr Johann and the douchebags is best left not discussed. Trust me. Its sole purpose was to remind viewers they’re douches and our supergirl wasn’t representing them because she wanted to.

Kanata proud of her enduranceShelley's arm malfunctioningBack with our heroines they got ready to compete in some kind of space dodgeball match, which was like dodgeball mixed with Blitzball. Kanata took some time to get used to it but it being a 3 set game gave her a chance to adapt. Plus her country girl endurance came in handy. Shelley though had trouble due to her prosthetics malfunctioning. She did well until the last set where it became tough for her to play at full strength. Fortunately Kanata pushed on and got the win for the team.

Lydia and Yana arguingWhile things went well for the team of Kanata and Shelley, it was the complete opposite for the team of Lydia and Yana. Yana wanted to work together with Lydia but the ojou-sama insulted her at every turn. We found out later it was because Yana came from the moon. The moon was in a state of civil war over religion among other things and Yana, being a refugee from the moon, was discriminated against for that reason by Lydia and others. However, Lydia wasn’t innocent either as she’s a Gurtland. The Gurtlands funded the weapons used in the lunar civil war so naturally they had their critics. Lydia accused Yana of intentionally sabotaging the team out of hate despite Yana wanting to work together with her. Kanata, ever the nosy peacekeeper she was, was like “Let’s settle this with a contest, not a deathmatch”.

Yana helps LydiaThe three had a parkour race on the school roofs with the chosen loser doing whatever the winner said. Lydia appeared to be in the lead when Yana took a surprise shortcut catching her off guard. This caused her to almost fall off the roof but Yana grabbed her hand. She again tried to reason with Lydia proving she had no ill will toward her because of her lineage. Lydia finally yielded.

Yana orders Lydia to become her friendSince Yana won the race she chose Lydia to do whatever she said. Her order? To become her friend. Lydia begrudgingly accepted, much to Yana’s relief. Hopefully they’ll become a great team now and because Yana’s a Christopher…I won’t get my hopes up but ya never know.

Good stuff.

Oh right. There’s a terrorist plot and the aforementioned detective alluded to one of our heroines being the target of the attacks. Plus the episode ended on a cliffhanger with the detective probably getting axed. We’ll find out next time.

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7 Responses to Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 2: Race of Races

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    The best way to settle your differences is, of course, a sports match. This is a sports anime after all.
    Dark forces encroach the tournament and I’m worried how it will clash with our heroines.
    That was a direct blast but I really hope detective is okay.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    Those two I hope for much progress! I think they’ll be my favorite duo by the end!

    The villains aren’t even grey-area villains, they’re just straight up “we evil” villains XD

    The budget isn’t the strongest, but I enjoy the show all the same~

    Not super invested in the terrorist plot tbh, but I’m sure it’ll provide some good moments.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Two potential pairings already. Fingers crossed their relationships grow stronger.

      I prefer them be token baddies than complex antagonists. The focus should be on the ladies and their competition instead of backstage politics.

      Only if it ties into supergirl in any way. Otherwise we wait for the big reveal.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    not a good start to the morning when a kangaroo with boxing gloves is blocking you way 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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