300 Years Killing Slimes Episode 2: Slime’s Revenge

We began our journey with Azusa in her new life 300 years later. Despite not asking her coworker Miss Kobayashi tips in her past life on how to date a dragon woman she managed to hook up with Laika just fine so far. However, Azusa would soon meet other girls in her life.

We joined Azusa and Laika taking down Slimes. As Azusa explained her long but simple method of Maxing out her level Laika was determined to pour all her blood and sweat to equal her Master/future wife’s  power level. Azusa was like, “It’s best not to go all out just to show off your power but to get stronger at a steady pace. As Laika took in Azusa’s words of wisdom an angry girl with an ominous aura watched from a distance, promising revenge.

After having a meal fit for a dragon (but a bit too much for a human despite its tastiness) Laika brought up the village’s weak defenses against invaders. Azusa thought it was the same everywhere and that there wasn’t any reason for enemies to attack the harmless village. Still, Laika taught her how to cast an evil warding barrier she learned from attending an all-girls school. Pretty sure some people I know had a big smile on their face when they read/heard that. The barrier worked its magic right away immobilizing a thief. The villagers praised their guardian witch but she made sure to give major props to her pupil Laika. Thanks to Laika receiving Azusa’s seal of approval the villagers officially welcomed the dragon woman with open arms. Besides, having a dragon on your side had its benefits.

The next day our heroines celebrated the fortified peace of the village. However, as Azusa was ready to continue relishing her peaceful life…knock knock. Right on cue, much to her dismay.

To Azusa’s shock the visitor was a girl named Falfa who claimed to be her daughter. She took her out of nowhere daughter’s introduction well. Once both sides calmed down Falfa warned her mama her sister, Shalsha, was on her way to kill Mama.

It wasn’t long before Shalsha made her presence known, ready to claim vengeance for all the fallen Slimes. See, Falfa and Shalsha are Spirits born of the Slimes killed up to 50 years ago. Killing Slimes for 250 years created two vengeful spirits it would seem. Well, only Shalsha wanted revenge. Falfa wanted to be with Mama Azusa. She was a powerful opponent able to counter and disable all of Azusa’s magic and abilities thanks to her Smite Evil spell. Long story short it’s an incredibly powerful ability that would be considered OP but had multiple catches.

That’s why Laika who bravely protected her dearest Master beat Shalsha with barely a touch. Smite Evil had many drawbacks and very specific conditions in order to be effective.

There’s no need to go into detail on what happened next so I’ll keep it brief. It’s made clear quickly that Shalsha’s revenge was pretty much pointless and thanks to Falfa accepted Azusa as her mom too. Cuteness ensued as Azusa accepted her 50 year old babies in her life. Laika even foreshadowed future new family members shown in the ED. There’s one in particular I look forward to. Longtime fans of mine can guess which one.

Good stuff yet again.


The way Aoi Yuuki spoke this line reminded me why I still love her after all these years.

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20 Responses to 300 Years Killing Slimes Episode 2: Slime’s Revenge

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    If the spirits of all the monsters I’ve killed in games resurrected and came after me I’d be dead lol
    Fortunately for Azusa she’s gotten two daughters out of it instead!

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  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Such a loving family. I still wish that Azusa would look more like she does in the manga, but I’m getting used to the change, and Laika and the twins are absolutely adorable in this style.

    All-girls school… Laika, you’re so gay ^^ But we’d noticed that already.

    I know that the girl you’re looking forward to is the tanned one ^^ And I’m certainly curious to see how they present one of my favourites who likely won’t show up until later ^^

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that Azusa’s reaction when she saw Falfa was funny. I find it funny how Laika finds out that Azusa have daughters. Still, I guess Shalsha should know that revenge is never the answer. I guess this is another successful befriending, although Laika did the honors.

    Still, it’s nice that Azusa’s harem is growing. I find it funny how Laika already foreshadowing the next members that Azusa will befriend. Befriend as in beating them up of course.

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  4. cirno9fan says:

    it’s so great seeing all of this in motion~

    Shalsha and Falfa are adorable as I imagined them to be ❤

    The family’s going to be lots of fun as it grows!

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  5. K says:

    Azuza’s quiet life got less so with Shalsha and Falfa’s addition but hey, it’s a different method of easy living and she doesn’t see her growing family as a nuisance therefore, win-win.

    Shalsha’s defeat was so funny. She was like a normal, powerful Pokemon when facing Azuza but a Shedinja when taken out by Laika.

    I wonder, did Shalsha want to avenge slimes in general or just the good slimes that may have been killed by Azuza(since she wouldn’t have known the difference between them) because she has no problem killing evil slimes?

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  6. opaco1234 says:

    With this episode, Asuza become a single mother.
    Is quited obvious that serie fallow initially the introductor of Maid Dragon, introduce her maid/lover and then a kids to be her daughter even when is obviously older

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  7. Mauron says:

    And the slime twins have arrived! Azusa bringing in the #gaymom points for this season.

    The anime has caused me to change my mental image of Azusa as Kobayashi to being Azusa being a blonde Kumoko of Spider fame. Must be the VA.

    Season 2 when? Next LN when? I want more.

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    • OG-Man says:

      They’re both dating lesbian dragons and adopted old babies so the similarities remain intact.

      Enjoy the first anime season before thinking about S2 or more chapters.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mauron says:

        And at one point overworked office ladies who can sometimes snark at the nonsense around them. I just have a constant visual reminder that she’s blonde and curvier thanks to the anime.

        I’ve enjoyed 9 volumes already, I’m always ready for more.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. yurimylove says:

    my little slime can’t be this cute!


  9. Tayumayu says:

    what made me so glad that it brings the tears out of me, the daughters…..yes. still not over the whole yuri as in assault lily (yes u could have made it something like this and i would gave it a score of 20 out of 10 for real pure bias review *wink)..watching a happy gay family like this just chilling and living the to the fullest…ah. how wholesome :3


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