Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 7: Fairy Seal

The mascot of the season made her debut but she wasn’t the only one who got to shine.

Asuka finds Kururun

We joined our heroines led by Asuka for morning exercises when she saw an adorable little seal washed ashore and dizzy. Laura recognized it as Kururun the sea fairy.

Minori guessed what Kururun feltNaturally everyone assumed Laura understood Kururun but alas her efforts to feign understanding failed. To their surprise it was Minorin who guessed right. We would later find out her secret. Right now Kururun was hungry from its long journey delivering a special parcel from the queen. After feeding it Laura assumed the parcel contained a Ranger power up.

Tropical Cures imagining their power upI have a feeling this was a rib on Ranger Finishers having unnecessarily convoluted attack names or something like that. Whatever the case it was funny. Unfortunately Kururun lost the parcel during its journey to find out heroines.

Minori reveals her secret to understanding peopleAs the Rangers and Laura searched for the parcel they assumed it was somewhere near the sea or under it. Minori again surprised everyone by not only searching in the forest but finding it there. When Laura asked how she knew Minori revealed her secret, books. This of course sent a message to viewers that despite the vast resources available online sometimes books contain more knowledge and can greatly enhance one’s imagination and understanding of people. That’s how Minori used her imagination to piece together what could have happened to the parcel by combining knowledge of sea currents and local tradition.

Laura and Kururun meet EldeIt was Elde’s turn to attack the Rangers. I have a feeling she’ll be Laura’s #1 raivaru because Laura must go on a journey of maturity to become queen whereas Elde doesn’t want to grow up and prefers staying a brat.

The parcel's contents revealedLaura planned to use the supposed power within the parcel to fight Elde but it turned out to be sweets from the queen to Laura.

Cure Papaya beats the Yarane-daElde made fun of the “useless” parcel but Cure Papaya defended its contents saying the showed how much the queen cared for Laura. She proceeded to beat the Yarane-da. My favorite part of the episode, besides Minori finally getting to shine again since her debut, was that whenever something happened she just stared, as if laser focused on what was in front of her and nothing else. The others had to talk to her for her to react. It was cute.

Bubble photoWe ended the episode with the reveal of the Aqua Pot’s bubble camera feature. Laura sent a special group photo to the queen to show she’s doing well.

Good stuff. Kururun fulfills the role of token mascot and Minori got some overdue time to shine. Next time it may be Asuka’s turn again.

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4 Responses to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 7: Fairy Seal

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I mean, I already kinda saw Elde as being the main rival for Laura, but I didn’t notice that parallel. It definitely seems likely.

    MInori goes to show you that reading is important, even if it’s a work of fiction.

    I really like how their fights are more co-ordinated so far, and aren’t devolving into just punching and kicking till the thing is down. Hopefully it keeps up like this, even when they get new finishers!
    Elde-chan is cute~


  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    As an avid book reader (or was, sadly), I can really relate! Books help expand your horizons.
    Go Minori!

    Liked by 1 person

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