Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 1: A New Era of Athletess

Here we are with the “kinda sorta” sequel to Battle Athletes Victory, in that it’s set a couple generations in the future from what was hinted in this premiere episode.

Kanata finds an injured girl

In the first 10 minutes we switched between the Grand Games and something that happened in Kanata’s childhood. One night while heading home a spaceship crashed near her. She rushed over to the crash site and found a girl in trouble. Her one request before passing out was for Kanata to enter the Grand Games and become Cosmo Queen in her place. Kanata, in the heat of the moment, accepted and rushed over to get help for the girl but when the rescue team returned the ship and girl disappeared. In the present we saw how serious Kanata held the promise but more on that later.

Kanata saying goodbye to her sisterKanata, rather than being a genki, is more an optimistic klutz. I should mention as her imouto tried to wake her up in time to catch a train for the University Satellite she got a Star Wars style hologram message but was too sleepy to notice.

Kanata meets ShellyAt the University Satellite she felt overwhelmed by the hugeness of it all and almost fell when she’s saved by a passing Shelly Wong. She noticed something was up with Shelly’s right hand and left leg but when she offered to help carry her suitcase she took offense. Kanata forgot to take the bus with her and ended up taking one that stopped at the far end of the city. Fortunately her country girl stamina allowed her to reach the academy in time for her interview with Jimmy K. Not sure he’s related to the first series’ reporter. He sure looks like him so I assume he is.

Yana Christopher and kangarooThere’s a reason why I highlighted the lovely Yana Christopher here and it’s not just because she’s dark skinned and has a pet boxing kangaroo. Whether she’ll play a similar role I’m not sure.

Kanata wins an arm wrestling contestWhile she made it for the interview she didn’t for the introduction and tour of the academy. Inside Kanata got lost and asked a passerby for help who thought she’s beneath her. Fortunately she met up with Shelly again who showed her where to go. She also explained athletes needed a partner/raivaru or they’d thrown out. Kanata asked Shelley to become her partner when the jerk from earlier interfered. She was like “Why would you want a disabled partner like her dragging you down?” They wanted to shut her up and she challenged Shelly to a “loser leaves the academy” arm wrestling contest. Kanata took Shelly’s place and thanks to her country girl lifestyle had no trouble winning. Of course because Kanata’s a fair and just protagonist she’s like “Let’s forget about the stipulation and be buddies instead”. The jerk admitted defeat and let them be.

Kanata and Shelly partner upShelly again took offense to Kanata’s actions and threatened to beat her up if she ever pitied her again. Kanata didn’t pity her. She didn’t want anyone to accuse her of cheating or anything like that due to her prosthetic limbs. Shelly got the hint and became her partner.

Familiar faceWe end the episode with Kanata recognizing a familiar face. It was the girl from the spaceship crash years ago. She wanted to show she hadn’t forgotten the promise to become Cosmo Beauty but to her shock the girl didn’t recognize her at all. Betcha she was brainwashed by an evil corporation she tried to escape from that day. Yup. Forgot to mention there’s an evil corporation behind the scenes with wicked plans that involve the Cosmo Beauty.

Good stuff so far. Looking forward to the competitions like the marathon we got glimpses of at the beginning.

Shelly's prosthetic limbs and bootyPS: Cute booty there Shelly. The other athletes have nice bodies too.

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9 Responses to Battle Athletes Victory ReStart! Episode 1: A New Era of Athletess

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    How are anime little sisters always so gorgeous? I hope she will be around regularly.

    I think it would have been better to leave the potatoes next to the burning spaceship and carry the girl to safety… But oh well. I also re-watched the first episode of the original series for comparison and was reminded of how silly and amazing 90’s anime is ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    So this is kind of a sequel? Might check that one out too.

    Random space girl: join the contest for me

    Kanata saying she’s built a house at age 10 when she’s in the middle of the arm wrestling was funny.

    Didn’t catch that Shelly had prosthetic until they said it.

    Overall a nice first ep.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Just know anime Akari has self-confidence issues. OVA Akari not as much.

      Ash Ketchup would be proud of Kanata’s willingness to help regardless of the circumstances.

      You could tell one leg was different from the other.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. cirno9fan says:

    Very fun first episode! I honestly didn’t get that it was a prosthetic until it was flat out stated XD I was pretty confused about how things were going at first….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    a boxing kangaroo?! now i just have to watch this 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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