Blue Reflection Ray Episode 1: Rings and Feelings

One of my most anticipated anime of the Spring season had arrived. Let’s see what we’re in store for the coming 20+ episodes. From what I’ve gathered this show borrows similar story themes as the Blue Reflection game but follows a mostly different cast of characters.

Update: Okay. It’s actually a sequel to the game but hopefully they summarize past events in a flashback that motivates people to check out the game later and find out what happened in more detail. Either that or what I hope for even more, a “Blue Reflection DX” for PS4/5, Switch and PC.

Note: I haven’t played the game (yet) so I neither know nor will recognize anything. People who have played the game or saw playthroughs are asked not to spoil anything about the world or its lore.

We began the show with what was either a flash forward or something that happened before the start of the show. The big boss up there is a Sephirot (Yes I know it’s missing one letter to spell the name of a legendary figure).

Next we see one of our two leads, Hiori, broken down with a treasured music box probably belonging to her older sister, who was a magical girl. The sisters seem to have had a falling out. We’ll hopefully learn more in due time.

After the prologue we’re introduced to the other protagonist, Ruka. She transferred to an all-girls’ school and would share a dorm room with Hiori, who was out at the moment. The class rep tried giving her a tour but she just wanted to go to her new room. While unpacking she saw one of her notes. She was supposed to become more social but failed. We would quickly find out she had difficulty socializing with people. A hint was a girl from her past.

In school she did the bare minimum in her class introduction and replies to classmates were minimal. She tried walking off and overheard the brunette here, Miyako, or rather her “friends” talk about a missing girl. They complimented Miyako’s cool phone case as Ruka looked on with a serious expression. Miyako’s like “What?” but Ruka couldn’t say anything. After school they met again. Ruka tried complimenting her cool phone like the other two but Miyako knew they actually envied her because her family was rich. She said Ruka “wouldn’t understand”. This stuck with Ruka. We’d later get a hint about what she “wouldn’t understand” as Miyako heard her parents favoring her seemingly more successful brother. They literally called him the “best child”.

As Miyako walked off the blonde from the prologue, who we saw investigating something afterward, bumped into Ruka. She’s in a hurry responding to a distress signal of some kind. As she ran off Ruka tried to tell her she dropped a blue ring. When Ruka picked it up she felt a weird sensation.

These are two of the bad girls on the show. They were seen earlier with another girl who would turn out to be the missing girl Miyako’s “friends” gossiped about. The taller girl took pleasure in “defiling” her targets. We would get a bit more clarity on that later.

Back at Ruka’s room as she felt bad for her poor communication skills Hiori tried to sneak in through the window as it was past curfew. Thus our two leads met. Hiori had a ring too. It most likely belonged to her sister. The next day Hiori cheerfully snuggled with Ruka who had no idea how to respond to her positive attitude. As they walked across the hall she noticed a girl in pain outside. Hiori rushed over to help. Ruka was confused Hiori helped someone she’d never met before. Hiori said it was because she hoped she and the girl could understand each other, just like someone else she knew (her sister). Ruka couldn’t understand how she could think that way but before she could interrogate her they heard a scream.

Leap Range, a twilight dimension where time freezes for everyone but those with rings. That’s what it looks like.

The big bad girl was attracted to Miyako’s negative feelings and was about to do what she did to the missing girl from the night prior when Hiori and Ruka came to the rescue. Before their arrival Hiori dragged Ruka along. As Ruka tried to stop her both rings glowed and seemed to answer some of her questions about it and Leap Range.

We learned from the girls’ weapons that “blue is good and red is bad” or so it appeared. The bad girl was about to strike down our heroines but the blonde arrived in time to launch a fireball to drive her away. However, she left an unconscious Miyako on the ledge who was about to fall. Hiori leapt to grab her arm but wasn’t strong enough to pull her back up.

She heard voices coming from her ring. We got a better look at them in the prologue. These twins appear to know about the rings and “Reflectors” (What the blue ring magical girls are called). They told Hiori that so long as she believed in her feelings she could save Miyako. Longtime fans of Magical Girl series have a good idea what that means.

Hiori really wanted to rescue Miyako as she leapt after her. The ring answered her call and she transformed into a Reflector.

It appears this series has a strong emphasis on girls’ feelings as we noticed throughout the episode. The OP was nice too. This is my kind of “bleep”. I’m very intrigued.

I do hope this means most of the red ring girls are very naughty, if you know what I mean.

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18 Responses to Blue Reflection Ray Episode 1: Rings and Feelings

  1. cirno9fan says:

    If you do plan to play the game….I advise to hold off on watching this until having finished the game. That’s my advice to anyone who reads this. Initially I thought it’d be only tangentially related, but then I saw the episode, and that thought has become very weak.

    Warning aside, fantastic premiere~ My only issues is the animation is….awkward. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it’ll take a bit probably. From how things were said, I’m positive the first scene was from the past.

    Genki + Distant girl is at it again, it seems. Ah well, the game gave more of a unique pairing, but the anime is going for the standard it would seem. The “villains” are pretty interesting, and I’m very curious how they’re playing into things, considering how things worked on the game. I almost wonder if this is going to serve as a bridge to the sequel game?

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    • OG-Man says:

      Better than “I bully you because I like you”.

      Hopefully we get a recap or summary of what happened back then. I’ll watch a playthrough if absolutely necessary.

      Red rings are probably the side who have noble intentions but play dirty either by force or willingly. Not evil per se.

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      • Personally, it doesn’t seem to me like you have to play the game to understand the anime (it would help but the anime seems like it will explain everything), and while there was a cameo with two characters from the game, if they aren’t the focus, then the anime shouldn’t spoil anything either.

        By the way, did you hear that Blue Reflection is getting two new game projects too? One mobile/web game (I assume gacha) and a sequel PS4/Switch/PC game which seems to be tied to the original game.

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  2. Alexis says:

    Esperaba este estreno y veo cosas interesantes, esa escena final me recuerda un poco al contrato Schutzengel y esa música de organo de iglesia antigua junto con esos velos negros crearon un buen cliffhanger.

    Veo que junto con la serie también tienen otros proyectos (sun y tie), además de que esta serie va de mas de 20 eps, veo que estan haciendo una apuesta muy fuerte por la franquicia, ojalá que triunfe porque de ser así, tal vez algún día, algún año incluso, hagan la versión anime de Night of Azure, nunca pensé que de Blue Reflection hubiera un anime y ahora podemos disfrutarla.

    Por cultura general sé que los sables azules lo usaban los jedis y los rojos los sith.

    Nos escribimos
    PD. Feliz aniversario del blog


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    • OG-Man says:

      No mencioné los otros juegos porque no sabemos cuando saldrán. Me supongo que tomarán lugar después de los eventos del anime, por lo menos Tie/Second Light.

      Un anime de Nights of Azure sería fantástico.

      Espero que chicas con anillos rojos sean malas en otras partes, si sabes do lo que hablo.

      Muchas gracias por el apoyo.


  3. chikorita157 says:

    I think with the new anime, I don’t think there will be too much anime-only watchers have to worry about as they will probably explain the same stuff over again with reflectors and such. After all, probably most people going into this haven’t played the game and it’s been a while since it came out in Japan in 2017 (I only 4 chapters and in the middle of the 5th and haven’t gotten to the climax yet). By the way, the two girls that appear in the beginning are Yuzu and Lime, which are the main characters from the game, but I won’t reveal anything beyond that. They will probably introduce themselves in the next few episodes.

    Still, the first episode is definitely something. Ruka kind of reminded me of Yachiyo. I have a feeling that she has a dark past, which can explain her difficulties of socializing with others. I have a good feeling that Hiyo and Ruka will be an interesting relationship. Also I had to lookup the names of the new characters, but they aren’t really spoilish since they were revealed before the airing of the anime.

    Aside from that, I guess I should fishing up the game before Pokemon Snap 2 takes up my free time during the weekend.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. Here’s hoping they summarize the important events of the game and motivate the interested to pick it up to learn more.

      Hiori X Ruka have potential to be a lovely couple.

      Oh I’m definitely getting Snap 2 next month.

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  4. I was very intrigued by this first episode. Can’t wait to see what this show has in store for us.

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  5. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    This was based on a game?
    Well I hope they summarize the salient points necessary.
    So we have the cheerful Hiori and the more withdrawn Yuka as our MCs, and Hiori is, of course, pink.
    Interesting setup , seems there’s good magical girls and bad magical girls.
    Good first ep, and we’re in for 24 eps of this! Let’s see where the journey takes us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. An animated recap via flashback would be nice.

      Iroha X Yachiyo but Hiori’s more cheerful than Iroha and Ruka’s more timid than Yachiyo.

      It’s gonna be a decently long one, yes.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Giack31 says:

    I have only seen bits and pieces of the game so it will be interesting to see if ti has any connection to it.

    I find interesting how they decided to go for a more “old school” kind of art style.

    I like that we have a “older” (and badass) magical girl in the 3 main characters.

    I didn’t know this was 20+ episodes but I’m very glad it does.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nick says:

    A lot going on in this opening ep and I think a lot went over my head. I get the feeling this show is a little more oriented towards those who have played the game, but I’ll stick around and watch more to see what it’s all about. I honestly doubt I’ll play the game, might watch videos for it but that’s about all. That said, good opening ep and I’ll keep watching for now.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. yurimylove says:

    evil psychotic lesbian appears!


  9. Tayumayu says:

    this got anime me granbelm or yuusha series feels all over again. i am in for a wilddd ride and yuriship

    Liked by 1 person

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