April 2021 Yuri Game News

Another month, another batch of yuri themed games to anticipate.

Update: Added Chasing Tails -A Promise in the Snow-

Symbiotic Love Cover

Let us start with the two heavy hitters from the get-go. First up is Symbiotic Love, developed by White Dew Games. and published by Kikaiism. It is the prequel story to Melancholy Love. Without giving away anything readers who enjoyed ML have a good idea who the main protagonists are of SL without looking up screen grabs as their story was brought up at certain points in the game.

There’s nothing new under the sun. All stories go like this: Encounter. Curiosity. Attraction. Love

Two girls meet in a garden where the spider lilies bloom.
One girl seeks the devil’s gentleness.
The other denies that the devil is capable of love at all.
Will the spider lilies grow in a symbiotic relationship, or will they become like the higanbana, and part ways for good?

Symbiotic Love is a coming-of-age Yuri Visual Novel set in an All Girls’ High School, between two people fated to meet, become acquainted, friends, and eventually, lovers. Yet, what has fate in store for love so perfect, so symbiotic, that they could only live, and perish together?


  • An emotional Yuri love story

  • Full Mandarin voice acting

  • Over 10+ Beautiful BGMs

  • Over 10+ High-Resolution CGs

  • Choice matters with different endings

Symbiotic Love is scheduled for a Summer 2021 release. There is a Demo available and the interested can Wishlist it on Steam.

Perfect GoldNext up is the surprise release date of Perfect Gold, by Yangyang Mobile. I talked about the Kickstarter last year and it was a successful one. The wait for the release is upon us. April 19th, 2021.

Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness is a short, coming-of-age yuri visual novel about two former friends who escape detention in order to celebrate the Sunflower Festival. Set in the magical city of Castlecoast, readers get to know Audrey Clary, an alchemy student and heiress who secretly dreams of a different life, and Marion LaRue, a rebellious elemental magic student in search of someone she once loved.

As the reader, your choices affect the outcome of Audrey and Marion’s day together.

💛 A WLW (women who love women) story for WLW: Follow a heartwarming, slice-of-life story between two girls as they get a second chance at love and friendship.

💛 A short and sweet story: At around 30,000 words and with 2-5 hours of gameplay, Perfect Gold is just the game for those who like to relax with character-driven visual novels.

💛 2 Playable Characters: See the story unfold through the eyes of Audrey and Marion.

💛 Fully Voiced: Features a cast of talented professional English voice actors that help bring the characters to life.

💛 Vibrant and Animated Visuals: Immerse yourself in the magical city of Castlecoast, brought to life by animated characters, backgrounds & illustrations.

💛 Interactive Dialogue Choices: Your choices influence the characters’ actions and will determine which of the two unique endings they will get.

💛 Original Soundtrack: Listen to beautifully composed music tracks that accentuates the story’s most emotional beats.

Remember, Perfect Gold will be available for purchase on April 19th with a 10% launch discount. A demo is available and the interested can Wishlist it on Steam

Another Yuri game scheduled for April. Chasing Tails -A Promise in the Snow- by Flat Chest Dev, creators of the delightful yuri eroge, Lucy Got Problems. They return with a horror comedy about a woman, a haunted house and two love interests in a strange beauty and a mischievous fox girl.

Trying to get away from trouble, June moves to a small town… to find even more trouble! Oh my, why do these embarrassing situations just keep on happening?!

It appears June’s new house is haunted! And if that wasn’t bad enough, seems like she’s being pursued by a female stalker! The strange girl is sure looking good, but what about her intentions? And what’s up with those strange dreams June started seeing since she moved in? And, most importantly, are there fox-girls involved?!

Uncover the town’s secrets and make girls’ hearts connect in this comedy/horror yuri visual novel

  • A heartwarming story with a bunch of funny moments and a pinch of horror

  • Two heroines available for romance

  • Official Steam 18+ DLC on release

  • Multiple endings

Chasing Tails is scheduled for an April 30th, 2021 release date. The interested can add it to their Steam wishlists HERE. Other PC stores may follow at later dates.

Synergia new CoverThe cyberpunk yuri VN that made a solid impact in 2020 on PC went multi-platform recently. It’s Synergia, developed by RadiArt. It is now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch too!

For an idea of what to expect check out my review of the game HERE.

Mary Skelter Finale Concept ArtMary Skelter Finale, aka Mary Skelter 3, is coming to the West in Fall 2021, bringing together the protagonists of the previous two games along with newcomers to the final chapter of the series. Naturally the main reason I mention this game is because Otsuu and Little Mermaid from Mary Skelter 2 return. For PS4 players who missed out on the Switch exclusive Mary Skelter 2, Finale will include BEFORE STORY mode which features every cutscene from both prequels so players can catch up on the story so far. The game will be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Death End re;Quest CoverThe Nintendo Switch release of Death End re;Quest is scheduled for April 27th, 2021. This more than likely means a 2022 release of Death End 2 so interested Switch owners can enjoy Lily Hopes’ grand debut as they prepare for her return in the gayer sequel.

To learn more about Death End 1 check out my review HERE.

Fatal TwelveFatal Twelve is coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2021, meaning a Western localization is more than likely imminent. It is still one of my favorite visual novels of all time. The interested can find out why by checking out my review HERE. The game is currently available in the West on PC and PS4. PS4 version includes extra scenes.

This is all I can recall for now. Should there be other big Spring yuri game announcements I’ll add them later.

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3 Responses to April 2021 Yuri Game News

  1. yurimylove says:

    “Fatal Twelve… PS4 version includes extra scenes.” The extra scenes should include what’s sorely missing in the true route, a blemish on an otherwise excellent and engaging yuri VN.


  2. Giack31 says:

    Really looking forward to Mary Skelter 3 and Death End re;Quest for switch. I hope it sells well enough to also port the second game on switch.


  3. There was one VN that just released on Steam called Sutekina Kanojo no Tsukurikata. It’s a short kuro yuri VN with a fair amount of objectionable content and multiple endings, but was review bombed by people that didn’t like how messed up it was.


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