Yuri Quickie: Alice in Deadly School

Remember the Episode 0 New Year’s Special premiere of the Gekidol anime that included both Episode 1 and a play called Alice in Deadly School? At first it seemed unrelated to the Gekidol anime but later our heroines took part in a retelling of the play. As for the Alice in Deadly School OVA, viewers who recall it remember it ended on a cliffhanger. Turns out the Gekidol Blu-Ray included the complete version of the Alice in Deadly School OVA story.

No Byun

Alice in Deadly School is a 41 minute OVA that includes the first 20+ minutes featured in Episode 0 along with what happened next and the conclusion. Put simply it is like an abridged version of Gakkou Gurashi. It is obviously not the exact same story and does not cover the same themes but it is a story of a group of girls with their own hopes, dreams and (close enough) yuri bonds trying to survive a (what can be best described as) zombie vampire apocalypse. It is a “play” with action, suspense, scares, cute, lovely and tragic moments.

The curious who wanted to see the rest of Alice in Deadly School can now do so one way or another. I can see why it was considered one of Alice In’s best received plays.

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3 Responses to Yuri Quickie: Alice in Deadly School

  1. While watching it, at first I thought it was just kinda bad, story-wise and (partially) also character-wise. But: Just forget that it’s animated and look at it as if it was actually a stage play. When you do that, the content and the little cringy parts really feel like something made by high schoolers, with all their lack of experience and stuff. And that kinda made it feel genuine.

    I really liked that, actually.

    Also, it’s cool that they animated the Alice stage play from Gekidol in the first place, nice idea.

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  2. yurimylove says:

    after finishing this OVA, i found that this animation is actually based on a real 2016 stage play, amazing

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