Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 6: Tropiclub

At last the end of “Manatsu’s Club Search” arc had come.

Manatsu's Club Ideas

We began with Manatsu holding the first club meeting. Asuka’s appointed club president because she’s the oldest, coolest and strongest (and sexiest). Asuka accepted mainly to ensure Laura wouldn’t. The next step was to decide what the club would be about. Manatsu, being a genki protag, was like “EVERYTHING!”. President Yuriko shot down that idea. Minori suggested scheduling everything but that too was rejected.

Manatsu about to chomp Asuka's armAlas, poor Rory, it wasn’t exactly what he hoped. Still a funny gag.

Laura sleepingNext idea was for the other club members to write their own suggestions on what they thought would be “tropical”. To spice things up Manatsu wanted them to be anonymous, which quickly proved to be pointless. Minori’s idea was a book club but Manatsu’s a genki so no. Laura suggested “Queen classes” but it was all “Laura 101”.

Asuka's RPG GameAsuka’s idea was to play her favorite mobile game, an Animal Crossing-ish JRPG. She liked cute games basically. Alas, no video game clubs allowed. Finally was Sango’s idea, a cosmetics club. Everyone agreed to this one but yet again Prsident Yuriko was all like “No. You have one final chance tomorrow. If you cannot present a viable activity by lunch period then your club registration request will be denied”.


Meanwhile at The Witch of Delays’ castle we were introduced to the third General, the brat of the group, a shrimp maid named Elda/Elde. It’s Elde in the subs but I heard Elda. Anyway Dr Numeri was up again but she lost her last Yarane-Da Orb.

Middle-School Graduates

The next day our heroines still couldn’t figure out a definitive club activity when Manatsu noticed four women searching for something.

Asuka and Sango carry a heavy statueRemember this penguin statue? The ladies were graduates of the school our heroines attended. They stored a special treasure inside it. Laura remembered they took it and other stuff to the recycling center. Manatsu decided to help the lovely ladies despite the activity deadline fast approaching. To no one’s surprise the Yarane-da Orb was inside the statue.

Tropical-Rouge PreCure 4 PoseWe got to see the Tropical-Rangers’ group pose for the first time. Very nice. The Yarane-Da was a rogue with none of the generals in sight so they made quick work of it though Laura was sad she didn’t get to push the button this time.

That’s when Manatsu got an idea for the club thanks to the ladies’ long lasting friendship: The Tropical Club. Its main activity? “A club that does what is most important now”, or something like that. Yet another vague description. To be fair Manatsu explained what she meant. Basically it’s a club centered around doing what’s most important to you right now. “Live your life to the fullest now so you won’t have any regrets once you’re older”. Something like that. President Yuriko was about to shut the folder when the ladies presented a strong case for our heroines. Finally Yuriko was like “Fine, whatever. You can have your club…for now”. We’ll see her again at some point.

By now longtime PreCure fans should know that because every season is over 40 episodes long not all of them will progress the main story or provide much development for the characters. Some are simple and fun like this one. Next time the seal mascot will make her debut.

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2 Responses to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 6: Tropiclub

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I see lots of people who think the president’ll be the next precure, but I still am all in on Laura. Especially when she had that moment of “where’s my time to shine?” and next episode a mascot is showing up. Which will likely further lower her viability to help with things. Interesting how no motivation power was stolen, yet a yaraneder was there.

    The fun does not stop! Quite the idea for a club. Should be fun to see how they pull off activities!

    Liked by 1 person

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