Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 5: Mighty Red

The hype Ranger’s time to shine has come at last. Sir Rory and I eagerly anticipated this day.

Asuka easily throws bullyI like her already.

Manatsu discussed their Tropical Ranger scouting progress. One spot left to fill. Unfortunately for Manatsu a big bully and his goons misheard her and picked on her. Luckily a cool crimson haired beauty appeared and effortlessly disposed of them. Manatsu thanked her savior. The hottie hesitated before introducing herself, Asuka.

The girls try to recruit AsukaAmazed by her speed and power Laura instantly wanted Asuka to become the 4th Ranger. As soon as the gang found her they gave her no time to think things through as Laura revealed herself and they told her about their mission. Asuka again hesitated but Laura’s haughtiness made her refuse. We would soon discover there were other reasons.

Asuka confronts the student council presidentLater as Manatsu and Sango tried to reason with Asuka they were approached by the seitokaichou, Yuriko, to discuss Manatsu’s club registration. It was too vague to approve. Manatsu offered to edit the details but the prez said there weren’t any rooms available. Asuka, who clearly had beef with President Yuriko, offered to help her kouhai look for one.

Of course I hope Asuka and Yuriko were more than friends but had a falling out and will eventually make up to continue where they left off.

Asuka and Sango carry a heavy statueA penguin statue is heavier than a big bully.

Minami lent a hand too. They found a storehouse. While carrying a statue with Sango’s help Asuka called out Laura for her haughtiness. When she asked Manatsu how she could put up with Laura she said “She just says what’s on her mind”. Sango elaborated that Laura wanted Asuka to become a Ranger because she believed she had the credentials. Asuka took it as her being a a kindhearted brat and moved on.

Asuka asks Manatsu about the clubAfter a hard day’s work Manatsu treated everyone melon bread. Asuka asked her why she wanted to join a club to which she replied “I just want to have fun with friends doing something we all enjoy together as a team” or something along those lines. The friends and team stuff didn’t sit well with Asuka.

The clues we got on why Asuka preferred being a loner were a sports team and President Yuriko. We’ll find out what exactly happened another time.

Yarane-Da 5Once the storehouse was fully cleaned our heroines headed for the recycling plant and thanked Asuka for her help. As she went to pick up her bag she spotted a mango flavored melon bread along with a thank you letter from Manatsu. Asuka was touched. The happy times were short lived as Dr Numeri summoned a totem Yarane-Da. The totem could split into four parts. There were three Rangers. You all know where this was heading.

Cure FlamingoAsuka rushed over to help the Rangers. Laura was like “I knew you wanted to join us” and Asuka was like “I came here to help them because I chose to”. That was good enough for the morpher and as expected Cure Flamingo’s transformation was cool and sexy. Cure Flamingo’s like Cure Summer but stronger. Dunno if she has a special ability like Cure Coral’s shield and Cure Mango’s eye lasers but we got to see her Finisher, Swooping Flamingo Smash. She blows an energy bubble and smashes it with a super fan. It’s cooler than it sounds. Afterward the Rangers welcomed Asuka to the team and she thought to herself “I’ll give teamwork a second chance”.

Asuka was my most hype Tropical Ranger and as I hoped she didn’t disappoint. I look forward to learning more about her and see what she’s like once she lightens up.

Asuka working outAs we can see during the OP and Cure Flamingo transformation, contrary to her serious loner attitude throughout the episode Asuka’s actually a cool and spunky babe. Again we’ll have to wait and see what happened to make her mistrust people. Speaking of this screen grab I DO HOPE we get a scene of her working out.

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9 Responses to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 5: Mighty Red

  1. Rory says:

    Asuka is a fantastic addition to the team. So glad she went above and beyond expectations.
    Looking forward to seeing what is up between her and Yuriko.
    It’d be great to see her working out, fingers crossed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Asuka so far seems to play the aloof role, although I do hope she lightens up a bit once she gets closer and closer to the main cast.
    I like her already. Like, a lot.
    Clearly something happened in the past with her and the class president. Can’t wait to see what that is.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Justin says:

    From what I could guess, Asuka was likely on the school’s tennis team (that lingering shot they had of the tennis court and her finisher made that clear to me), and I suspect Yuriko might’ve been on that team as well. Will certainly see how the relationship between those two will play out fairly soon it seems!


  4. Giack31 says:

    Asuka is the living embodiment of cool. Her appearance, her voice and even her name are so damn cool. I love her. Her transformed costume is probably my favourite one.

    That said she has a fairly standard “I don’t need friends because I have been hurt before” attitude. I’m curious to see how are they going to spin it and what’s her relationship with Yuriko.


  5. Yubi says:

    I think Asuka is the baby of Tomoe and Ran (from Bang Dream)

    Because she got the sexy look of Tomoe and cool attitude of Ran… and I’m loving it~~~

    Liked by 1 person

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