Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 4: Papaya Power

It’s Yellow Ranger time!

Tropical Cure Meeting

Before we get to her let’s briefly checkout what our, as of last time, trio were up to. Manatsu’s still undecided on which club to join. Laura was like “Why not start your own?”. Manatsu liked the idea but didn’t know what kind of club. Laura unsurprisingly suggested a Power Rangers Club to recruit new Rangers. Manatsu and Sango both wondered what exactly were Power Rangers. Not sure if this was always the case but each time Power Rangers were brought up they were legendary warriors who defended their world from evil. This was again the case here.

Manatsu and Sango meet MinoriLaura got Manatsu and Sango to visit the library to look up information on the legendary warrior. There Manatsu bumped into Minori, a senior at their school. They noticed she had a copy of The Little Mermaid (The darker fairy tale, not the Disney adaptation) in hand. The two erroneously looked for it in the “Non-Action”, I mean “-Fiction” section. When they asked if she liked mermaids too she mentioned how much she liked the bittersweet ending of the book. Manatsu then asked if she believed in them. Minori hesitated before saying no and left.

Minori's action adventure epicManatsu believed there was something special about Minori. Sango suggested they asked a teacher what she knew. While she wasn’t a karate expert like Manatsu first thought she was involved in the literary club and even wrote a pretty cool story about a badass girl and her equally badass mermaid pal fighting evil across the ocean. There was an emphasis on fruits.

Minori recalls a sad memory

Manatsu loved the story Minori wrote and hoped there would be a sequel but Minori stopped her. She recalled a sad memory hinting a friend of hers wasn’t as stoked about her story as Manatsu. Ever since that day she locked away her passion. She politely excused herself and ran off. Later it was clear Manatsu’s enthusiasm and her story were still fresh in her mind.

Minori meets Laura

The next day our heroines visited a mermaid museum recommended to Manatsu by the aquarium director. Unsurprisingly Laura thought most of it was crap based on human misconceptions about mermaids. Coincidentally Minori came to the museum that day too. Minori noticed the exhibit and commended how “lifelike” the middle mermaid was in the exhibit. Manatsu and Sango changed the subject asking about her interest in mermaids. She went into more detail why she liked The Little Mermaid. When she got to the ending Laura broke her “disguise” criticizing “Ariel”s “touching” sacrifice.

Update: If Laura criticizing the Little Mermaid’s ending isn’t foreshadowing to something happening later on between her and “Not Ursula” I would be surprised.

Manatsu's light and Minori in the shadowClassic light and shadow symbolism.

The mermaid was naturally out of the bag. The gang told Minori about the Tropical Rangers and Manatsu sensed great potential in Minori but she again doubted herself despite clearly showing interest deep down.

Dr NumeriThat’s when the newly introduced female general of the Witch of Delay’s group, Dr Numeri, made her move. While the crab/lobster guy had a “What a pain” laziness to him Dr Numeri gave off a haughty “Ara Ara” better than you vibe. The MotW gave Cure Summer and Coral a hard time. Minori wanted to help but couldn’t bring herself to leap into action. Laura stepped in to give her a pep talk. She was like “You gotta believe in yourself more. Manatsu believes in you after all”. Basically just because one person got her down doesn’t mean everyone else will be as discouraging. Maybe there’s more to it but for now we’ll go with that.

Minori was like “This is my story!” as she washed away all doubt and declared her desire to help the Rangers. You know what that means.

Cure PapayaThus Cure Papaya made her debut. She appears to favor hip attacks, at least I hope so.

Cure Papaya LaserOptic Papaya Blast!

According to my go to PreCure Historian, Sir Rory, Cure Papaya is the 2nd Ranger in history to use eye beams as a special attack. Makes sense since Minori wears glasses.

PreCure! Surprise Papaya Shot!Her Finisher, Surprise Papaya Shot, is pretty much Bullet Seed. Very nice. Plus the animation is delightful. Obviously Minori joined the team soon after.

Great stuff. Hopefully Minori fans were very pleased with her debut. Next time however, it’s our turn to get hype Rory Old Bean. SHE is on her way.

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6 Responses to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 4: Papaya Power

  1. AirMasterHoney says:

    Another good episode. Liked Laura’s little speech and it was nice to see a return of the laser eyes. Wonder if Laura will come to change her mind about that “ridiculous ending” for a certain energetic girl if the time ever comes.
    Also, yeah pretty much every Pretty Cure series has Pretty Cure referred to as “Legendary __” with it being “legendary warriors” most of the time. It was Legendary Mages in Maho Girls and Legendary Pa­tis­si­è­re in Kira Kira. That being said, there isn’t necessarily always a past Cure (Maho girls for example seemed to suggest at first there were past Cures given the legend, but then when we get the actual history of the two worlds it seems to imply that the current Cures were the only Cures).

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I would be surprised if the Little Mermaid story isn’t foreshadowing of something going down between Laura and “Not Ursula”.

      That’s cool. Haven’t seen all entries in the franchise so I took a wild guess.


  2. Rory says:

    Minori/Cure Papaya is a welcome addition to the team.
    So excited for next time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cirno9fan says:

    I was under the impression it was the entire club that ridiculed her essay. At the very least, the club president.

    I can definitely see Laura facing a similar situation. She’s on the fast track to becoming the next Regina! Hopefully her arc can be even better than what we got there ❤

    Papaya continues the trend of unique victory poses, and the show continues tropica-shining ~

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Giack31 says:

    [Obligatory rant about taking away glasses from character with glasses]

    Other than that it was a great episode, I really like Minori. Both her later eye beam and her finishing attack look really cool. Looking froward to see if she will write more stories during the series (or most likely a sequel to her first one)

    Not sure if I have mentioned it yet but they have absolutely been killing it with the music during the fight scenes so far.

    Next up is the last PreCure for now. From what they showed us in the preview it looks like it will be really good.


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