Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10: Eggs With Layers

I have a feeling this episode popped some eyes.

Neiru's new look

Embrace your sexiness Neiru. Best part of the episode for me.

Before we get to Momoe let’s go over the confrontation with the Slendermen as quickly as the episode did. Neiru knew the Slendermen were in cahoots with the Assistant. They founded Japan Plati and had their brains hooked up somewhere, projecting their consciousness as Slenderman looking weirdos in Silent Egg Zone. Before they could interrogate them Ai and Rika were distracted by Neiru’s sexier hairstyle and the bigger surprise of Momoe asked out on a date with a “guy”.

Momoe on a dateThis was Momoe during the date.

Momoe in a dressMomoe when she told the others how it went.

Momoe sulkingMomoe sulking afterward with her animal buddy Panic. Momoe had a pen pal. “He” asked her out. However, “he” thought Momoe was a guy, ruining her chances of entering a relationship, something she yearned for. Was “he” gay or a girl in disguise? Who knows? It wasn’t as important as the hatchling she’d meet.

Kaoru-kunThis is Kaoru. He’s a boy in a girl’s body. He’s transgender. Pretty cool guy. Kaoru, like many other hatchlings Momoe encountered, flirted with her. Still sour over her date she didn’t care whether Kaoru-kun thought she’s a girl or not. More on that later in my hypothesis.

Panic's true formPanic’s true form.

Samurai Wonder KillerThere is something this Wonder Killer’s appearance but for the sake of my sanity and yours let’s not go there. Same goes for what he did to Kaoru-kun to make him take his life. Let’s just say the bastard deserved to be destroyed. He somehow came off worse than previous Wonder Killers despite their similar crimes.

Momoe embraces her femininityI described this pic as Momoe embracing her femininity but it’s more like she accepted she’s a girl inside and out and didn’t care what others thought, or something like that. This came after Kaoru-kun never gave up his manhood no matter how forceful his Wonder Killer was. Momoe crushing him was excellent.

Kaoru-kun kisses MomoeKaoru-kun hoped in the next life he could protect Momoe but Momoe said some girls don’t need protecting. He was like “fair enough but promise to wait till I find you next time so we can hook up”.

Here are my Momoe theories:

1: Momoe was looking for someone who accepted her for being a girl. Haruka saying she didn’t care if she was a girl or boy wasn’t enough for her or something like that. She needed to be recognized as a girl.

Update: Someone reminded me she reacted that way to Haruka because she didn’t expect her to be so assertive. I remember that part.

2: Momoe’s bi but leans more toward boys.

3: Momoe’s straight.

I am unsure because we still don’t really know why she wore boyish clothes. Maybe because so many girls hit on her she went “screw it” and dressed like a boy despite it hurting her inside? Maybe it’s because her father left them and the Counselor was the closest male role model she had? I dunno. Will they answer the remaining questions in the last few episodes or connect it with the climax? I dunno.

Haruka vanishesThe important part came afterward. At Haruka’s “grave” Momoe was surprised to find a curtain, revealing a restored Haruka. She vanished but a strange girl confirmed she’s revived, or so she claimed.

Messenger of DoomPyramid Head’s creepier imouto here basically said Momoe had to pay a price for reviving Haruka, her own life. She also mentioned a possible mastermind named Frill. Panic tried to protect her but Pyramid Imouto was like “Eh. I’ll take this crocodile’s life instead. Here, have some meat. Heard it tastes like chicken”. #Trauma.

Counselor's PaintingThe other thing that happened continued the Ai and Counselor thing. Long story short Ai may have had feelings for him after all but she’s shut down as soon as he revealed the painting he drew was of her mother. Dejected she remembered her main goal and demanded he tell her if he knew what happened to Koito. Best we can hope is deep down she does have feelings for Koito.

Like with Gekidol this show is currently in “make or break” territory. You can have lots of cool and heavy hitting stuff but like a great wrestling match if the finish is a dud then it’ll feel like I wasted my time. Sure, het fans have nothing to worry, the show remains great, but do I look like I came here for het? I run a yuri blog. That’s why people come here. Otherwise I would have given this show a Yuri Quickie at best once it’s over. Only a few episodes left so no point turning back now. Wasn’t planning to anyway but my patience is being tested. The Momoe stuff was interesting but there are still some unanswered questions. Hopefully they get answered without the need to dig deep to find said answers.

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23 Responses to Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10: Eggs With Layers

  1. Ruby says:

    I dunno, I don’t really care if it’s het or not. It’s a good show, though you’re right. The ending will make or break the show. I really hope they stick the landing. That’s the risk with original anime.

    I love yuri, but I didn’t start watching Wonder Egg Priority for yuri.

    As for the guy at the beginning, I’m guessing he thought Momoe was a guy and is gay.


    • Ruby says:

      I started watching it because it’s a good show. If there’s yuri, it’s just a bonus.


      • lilmagi says:

        Just to clarify what I think OG’s point is. If it is a show without yuri, then there is no point to cover it episode by episode, but just do a quickie about it at the end of the season as an interesting show yuri fans may want to watch.
        This is a yuri blog after all,


    • OG-Man says:

      It’s a pretty good show overall. Everyone watching it knows that but you know that’s not my point.


    • k1ll1ngz0ne says:

      Well this blog does have yuri in the title, so I do believe most people here would appreciate if the show was yuri, especially since it seems to have the right setup for it, and imo, does seem to enjoy some slight teasing.

      No one said it was a bad show, but I was hoping it wouldn’t go towards the imo lazy, creepy, and pandery pet peeves I have with some of this media.

      Personally, it sucks having an all girls show seem to, in my opinion, rely so heavily on men/topics involving men.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Momo and Kaoru’s interactions, and Momo killing the boss monster of this ep, was fantastic.

    What happened afterwards though…. damn poor Momo…. RIP Panic.


    • OG-Man says:

      Momo’s fights seem to be the most intense. Even compared to Ai’s.

      Poor dear. That was not right at all.


    • k1ll1ngz0ne says:

      From the beginning, the show has been purposefully obtuse about its characters identities, and their orientations.
      Does she look like a boy? Is she a boy? Do they like boys? Mothers relationships with men. Why do most of the girls have to have some sort of relationship to the counselor? That is romantic?

      Lets not even get started with the massive elephant in the room as a whole that is the counselor.
      Like, its made these a bigger part of the narrative than they had any business being


  3. Having had several hours since our conversation, I think I’ve finally sorted my thoughts. I really loved Momo’s egg boy and his story. It’s nice that the show gave us the Trans rep that many thought Momo was going to be at the start. I thought they presented it really well too. Though her killer was beyond deplorable, and so I’m glad Momo gave him the epic takedown he deserved. I agree that Momo’s background is still a bit mysterious, mostly on the point of why she dresses like a guy despite wanting to be seen as the girl she is. I hope we’ll get a more clear explanation before the show’s end. Her ‘promise’ with the egg boy was cute, but I do still wonder of Momo is indeed straight or perhaps Bi? I think her being a lesbian is probably off the table at this point, but it’s still possible that she likes girls as well, just to perhaps a lesser degree? Hopefully we’ll find out.

    That ending though, that was interesting. So is it the case that you can bring your statue person back, but at the cost of your own life or someone dear to you? That’s actually pretty reasonable I’d say, since the laws of the universe usually have those kind of rules. Poor Panic. I hope Momo will be ok and I hope out girls won’t find themselves in serious danger. It was interesting to find out the background on the Slendermen and I do wonder what they have planned. It seems whatever it is is starting to go off course based on their last words. Curious to find out the truth of that world.

    As for the Ai side of things, it does seem that she did have a little crush on Sawaki, but I do appreciate that it wasn’t drawn out or given much weight. He was clear that he loved her mother and I’m sure Ai understood that she would have to give up and respect their relationship. However, I still believe she’s probably Bi and that she had feelings for Koito as well and I am glad she hasn’t given up on finding out the truth. I’m hoping next episode will be the time we finally find out.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode overall. It’s not among my favorites like Neiru’s or Rika’s, but it’s at least higher than that odd 6th episode. I think they continue to do a great job at handling the tough topics and exploring the character dynamics. The production and direction is well managed. Tbh, my only real grip with this episode, is that I feel like Momoe didn’t get enough focus and that I still don’t know enough about her compared to the other 3. I kind of feel like she should’ve had an episode primarily to herself as the others did, instead of sharing half of it with Ai’s developments. I can understand where you’re coming from about being ‘make or break’, but tbh for me, unless they go hard on some BS development or the plot gets too convoluted to make sense, I don’t think I’ll be able to be disappointed in this show at this point. I’ll be content enough if our girls are at least happy, though of course, the yuri is still something we’re rooting for in the end.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yeah. Kaoru-kun’s pretty cool. No complaints about him at all and Momoe showed him the respect he deserved along with destroying the Wonder Killer as brutally as possible. Bastard had it coming.

      Precisely. We don’t know if she’s bi (but leans more toward guys) or straight yet.

      The mystery of what the Slendermen’s true objective is and who this Frill person/entity is. Hopefully the other three won’t suffer a fate as traumatic as Momoe. Poor Panic.

      Fingers crossed Doc, fingers crossed.

      Precisely Doc, precisely.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. opaco1234 says:

    Kaoru theme was well treatment by Momoe,, however, apparently this game system didnt take Kaoru identification as serious, because it was the cause, Momoe wont rescue him because is only for girls.
    But also if seen an abused system after all


  5. QueenKuvira says:

    A friend of mine and I were talking about how the show had a lot of questions that needed to be answered and the absence of gayness. This episode definitely answered some questions and for that I.. guess not necessarily enjoyed this episode but it got the show back on track.

    Ai’s crush thing seems kinda outta place but I guess she’s young and sensei is a nice and good looking guy so it makes sense. I’m also glad the big reveal of what happen to Koito seems to be next she the only persons death who we don’t know a lot about.

    I kinda saw the Momoe stuff coming while her part was shocking it’s kinda this show MO to deal with young girls problems. R I P Panic.

    Neiru and Rika just chilling was my favorite they look so good together and have great chemistry one can dream.


    • OG-Man says:

      Still more questions left to be answered. Will they be answered, I dunno. Hopefully.

      Typical “You annoy me but deep down I really like you” dynamic. Seen it way too many times to ship Neiru X Rika myself.


  6. Yuu says:

    Intense episode with the Momoe stuff at the end. The Ai crush didn’t feel like anything in comparison to the angst they built around it, almost like the tension is more on Ai’s fear of what Creepy Counselor might reveal as the reason Koito took her life rather than either girl’s relationship to him.

    Momoe has received interest from a lesbian seeing them as a girl, and from a gay guy seeing them as a boy, seemingly uncomfortable with both notions. They seem to try to fit their gender expression to either or, which is in conflict with their gender identity. Momoe then seems to only feel something when Kaoru is like: boy/girl boy/girl norms, I don’t care, you’re great as you are. Which leads me to believe that Momoe is non-binary and attracted to men.


  7. Kaylee R Smerbeck says:

    Og man this is called t4t


  8. Giack31 says:

    What an episode.

    I found it funny how they brushed off the big revelation from last episode in favour of Momo’s story

    The Wonder Killer of this episode was so awful. Why does Momo have to get all the really bad ones ?The fight was amazing as always.

    That kiss was very unexpected.

    Talking about unexpected the fact that Haruka was actually resurrected (as far as we can tell) was a genuine surprise.

    The whole scene at the art gallery was so weird. Every time the teacher is a scene I can’t shake this creepy feeling I have about him. At least we’ll know what happened to Koito next week.

    That last part with Momo was so scary and so well done. The part with her on the bed was like straight out of Course Party.


  9. Nick says:

    Once again they opted to go another route after a big reveal last week. I guess it works.

    Lots going on with Momoe this week. She had a rough time, especially by the end. I had a feeling all along that this whole battle to bring back a friend who died wouldn’t play out exactly like that. Nothing is ever that simple. Looks like Momoe is learning the truth about it now.

    Finally getting back to Ai and her return to school in the ep. Still not really making too much progress in that front though. The teacher doesn’t seems like he’s a bad guy, I mean unless things take a turn in the final few eps. Still searching for answers about Koito and what her relationship was with the teacher. Guessing next time we’ll start having more big reveals as the show nears the end.

    I just hope after all this the show can end in a good note. There is a lot going on right now and a lot of loose ends that still need to be tied up.


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