Otherside Picnic Episode 11: Back to the Station

Remember last time Sorawo brought up Toriko worried about the US soldiers trapped at Kisaragi Station? Well this episode was the rescue mission.

Sorawo tries on the Lady Hasshaku Hat

Our heroines went over the plan to rescue the soldiers with Kozakura. They’d go to the same restaurant from the day they first warped there and use the Lady Hasshaku hat during daytime. Kozakura doubted the hat was the key and thought it’s because they went to Otherside so many times they attracted portals. She did offer to buy the hat if it was indeed a portal but wished them a safe return in her tsundere way. Sorawo put on the hat this time and Toriko had some fun taking a photo. An embarrassed Sorawo later explained it was so she could protect Toriko should anything go wrong.

Sorawo and Toriko getting shot atIt took some time before they got warped to Otherside. Unfortunately for them it seemed that it was always nighttime around the Kisaragi Station area. Either that or as Sorawo deduced based on what Lieutenant Will said time flowed differently in Otherside compared to “our world”. Speaking of the soldier they unsurprisingly were quite wary of our heroines and didn’t give them a warm welcome back at first. Fortunately Toriko knew some morse code to communicate with them. We learned the soldier in Toriko’s family was actually her mom. Very cool.

Toriko showing a blushing Sorawo how to hold a rifleOnce both sides were chummy with each other again and our heroines explained their plan to guide the soldiers out of Otherside they began preparing. The soldiers showed off their cool vehicles and stuff. Sorawo thought it would be a good idea to warp there sometime to gather equipment for future adventures. We had a nice moment as Toriko taught Sorawo how to hold and aim a rifle as Sorawo got a surprise closer look at Toriko’s beauty.

Horned Man's EyeOnce ready Sorawo used her eye to guide the soldiers across glitches/bear traps. As they approached the forest they saw what looked like another soldier in the distance but Sorawo identified its monstrous form. Soon a horse of monsters rushed over to the soldiers. Sorawo used her eye to make them vulnerable to gunfire. By the way, after our heroines escaped last time one of the soldiers blew up the train tracks to stop the Meat Train but lost his life to killer monkeys or something like that. Sorawo deduced that the soldiers could hurt the monsters because they gave in to madness. Back to the present, Sorawo got a nice headshot of the Horned Man. However, it regenerated, giving us a glimpse of his red eye. Suddenly, the monsters stopped chasing the squad. We would soon find out why.

KankandaraOur heroines asked Luitenant Will if that was the spot they’re warped to Otherside. It was a horrifying memory the soldiers buried deep inside, thus shivering when they remembered. The ladies came face to face with most likely the nightmarish figure the soldiers encountered, Kankandra. The Funi sub forgot an “n”.

Looks like Kankandra will be the season finale boss if the next episode is the last. Should be a cool way to get viewers to rush over to the source for more.

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18 Responses to Otherside Picnic Episode 11: Back to the Station

  1. opaco1234 says:

    Sorawo and Toriko are so good duo that both can save an army

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  2. Umm, any explanation on how they got the hat back?
    If I’m not mistaken, it dissolved when they escaped during the beach episode.

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    • Kotori_Sonoda says:

      A friend told me they rearranged the story from the source, my assumption is they wanted to have this rescue arc as the season finale. It seems they didn’t edit the inconsistencies that sprout from this.

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      • cirno9fan says:

        Which makes no sense to me. The final chapter of LN 2 would have been the perfect way to close out things. Offers more on the plot, has the most terrifying encounter so far, and ends in a way that feels like the ending, and the beginning of something.


  3. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    And it’s time to rescue those soldiers!
    The military vehicles look cool, I’m familiar with the Buffalo MPV so it’s nice to see it here.
    Sorawo and Toriko having a moment as the latter gives the former more shooting lessons.
    I expect a big soldier battle next episode!

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  4. Everett says:

    Honestly, I’m disappointed. I was convinced they were gonna skip entirely this arc because in the manga it happens right before they go to the beach (that’s the reason they end up in Okinawa in the first place and that’s why they still have the hat). I thought the last 2 episodes were gonna focus on Satsuki because it’s a big theme of the series and we don’t know anything about her (is she still alive? Is she good or bad?). Apparently, that’s not the case. If they aren’t going to do a second season, I can’t help but think that this anime will feel incomplete or inconclusive.

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  5. cirno9fan says:

    Really enjoyed the episode, but Toriko in a ponytail is ❤
    Sorawo has good taste in women 😉
    Looking forward to the finale! Then it’s back to reading the LNs~

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  6. Nick says:

    Still think it’s a bit random for them to go back to the station and help the soldiers.

    Ponytail Toriko was a big highlight from this week. She’s so beautiful. Plus part Canadian too, love it!

    More creepy monsters this week. Not super scary this time even though it was after 1am when I watched this ep, it was more action packed than scary. Except for the final scene, that was scary.

    Looking forward to the finale next week!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Supposedly this part took place earlier in the novels and the reason it’s the final arc is because that’s what the anime writers wanted.

      No wonder Sorawo’s into her.

      Oh yeah. That “lady” was hella creepy.

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  7. chikorita157 says:

    It’s not too surprising to see the train killing Greg given how weird he acted when he saw Sorawo’s eye. Still, it’s good that Toriko teaches her how to hold and use the gun. Also, what is also nice that they made out without a hitch.

    Still, I wonder about that lady. She looks really creepy and kind of looks like Satsuki.

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  8. Somebody says:

    I can’t believe were at the final episode I’m both sad and super excited about next week. The whole episode had me on edge and was amazing build up for the final sexy monster lady. I doubt there will be any major relationship progress in the final but we hopefully will get some cute moments.

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  9. Giack31 says:

    Honestly the original station episode was probably the weakest of them all and this one wasn’t much better. It just feels so different from the other ones and it really sticks out.

    Still looking forward to the showdown with the lady at the end.


  10. yurimylove says:

    “How rude! We’re here to rescue them!” I guess they learned the hard way that no good deeds go unpunished 😀

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